Thursday, December 11, 2008


In honor of dinging 79 last night and finishing "The Empire of Zul'Drak" Achievement, I'm sharing a series of screenies that depict the story line in the latter half of the zone:

Mmm. Catfood.

It's not that the zone is bad, far from it, the story line is quite interesting. You're just kind of at the whim of numerous "gods" doing whatever they think up. For once, there is no cameo by the Lich King here. It was kind of a nice change of pace, to get away from being taunted and "spared" by the hulking ice man. It's also interesting to see the effect of the scourge on other civilizations besides the few we've grown used to. Apparently we're not the only ones getting all messed up over his royal lichiness.

Fuu and I are moving over to Icecrown now for the final push to 80, which will be completed this weekend with any luck. I really really really want to get my epic flying mount, but I'm just scraping even in costs right now with leveling crafting and questing. I'll be happy again when quests just give a straight pay out.

Random Thoughts
  • Is the achievement for the dragon riding quest impossible or what? There seems to be no way I could do that in under two minutes.
  • Like I said, we're heading to Mordor next... I mean, Icecrown... right Icecrown.
  • Spend enough time in Zul'Drak and you will be sick of people clearing the Amphitheater of Anguish. Does he really have to yell every time someone wins?
  • Azjol Nerub is really short. Especially when you are over levelled. This also really shows a glaring difference between affliction warlock on trash and OP hunter on trash. He was hitting numbers like 4k DPS using AoE, I was struggling to break 1k. :-( I know, I know, incoming nerf... I'd rather they buffed me than nerfed them though.
  • Any of you think the Skybreaker in Icecrown resembles something from a Final Fantasy game? Being an old FFXI player, I kinda like it.
  • That rhino outside of Gundrak can really lay down a beating when he's pissed.
  • Fuu is ill but was working on another post, this one is more of a commentary about why she actually likes replacing gear, even though she's put in a lot of time to get it in the first place. I can see both sides, it is really hard for me to hit the "DE" button on some of my better epics when a greenie is taking its place :-/


  1. LoL I love that set of screenies!

  2. I haven't gotten the achievment as of yet but I was told that the dragons will die from doing 1 nuke and 1 dot and moving on to the next. I have yet to try this but hope it helps in your future attempts.

  3. Without spoiling anything, the Lich King makes a cameo in Zul'drak at the end of a pretty hefty quest chain at the Ebon Blade camp. This quest also offers a pretty stellar neck (especially for tanks) with a socket.

    Icecrown was mind blowing. I hope you two enjoy it!

    You're right, I remember that now. The disguises and all. I guess I was happy then that there was ANOTHER non-lichy long quest chain.

    Yeah, it seems like so many of them get marked by people doing that before you can which makes it hard. Plus, the big dragons gang up on you and are more deadly.