Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Laziness

Because I'm still being lazy for Christmas, I went around looking for good post material to link this morning. That's right, link, not write about, because I'm lazy. :-)

I came across a really good affliction warlocking guide over at the The Warlock's Den, which I suggest you take some time to read if you are interested. As with all guides, you will need to apply a bit of brain power and make decisions for yourself on how YOU want to play, but I felt this lays out the information nicely for you and minimizes the editorials.

As I am growing more comfortable with my rotation now, I may even give immolate a try. Probably not, but maybe.

A major point to note is the existence of the "Glyph of Siphon Life". I seem to use this spell quite a bit as it is instant cast and returns health. This is useful both in PvP and PvE. Thus, I could see where the Glyph improving the spell might be quite useful. The maths seem to support this. I will probably go out and pick this one up to replace my Glyph of Shadowbolt since mana is not really an issue. I'd rater have the DPS boost for a spell I use so much.

Oh, and if you visit the den soon after I post this, you may see the nice little dual spec Q&A with blizz on there. I didn't feel the need to repost it, but it is mildly interesting, though its nothing concrete yet.

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