Monday, December 8, 2008


Last weekend, we went and ran Gundrak, making it the highest instance I've completed to date. To the left, you can see the sole picture I took of the encounter, but it really is another gorgeous instance.

If you don't know where Gundrak is, head to Zul'Drak and look for the huge temple with a giant rhino wreaking havok out front. Its pretty hard to miss.

The instance itself has two entrances; a front and a back. This will probably only be apparent if you die, because the graveyard is near the back entrance. Otherwise, the instance is laid out in a large circle, so starting from either door will end you up in the same place.

There are three bosses you must face before you unlock the way to the final boss. Each of those bosses are pretty much tank and spanks. The hardest one, imo, is the large golem looking guy (Drakkari Colossus), who will spawn a large "mojo" (elemental looking thingy) at two points in the fight. You just have to switch between the two targets, but there is an aggro drop, so you must take care as a DPS not to invite the wrath of the destroyer. We got squished once because of that... oops!

Otherwise this instance is a cakewalk. You'll face the final boss who switches between a human form and a rhino form (no aggro drop), but is otherwise a tank and spank himself. If you have a good tank and healer, this is easy mode for DPS. The suggested level is 76-78, and you should be more than fine anywhere in that range.

I didn't feel the need to go into detail because it really is that easy. Don't get me wrong, its a really fun instance, the fights just aren't so gimmicky as to warrant explanation. As long as your DPS is up to snuff and you play with basic tanking principles, there isn't much to read up on. Each boss has a talent to watch out for or heal through, but nothing that will blow your mind.

So, in an effort to blow your mind, check out EXTREME GEEKDOM at Typhoon Andrew's and puzzle out your code. You've probably seen other references to this, but I'm the only one who is giving it an all caps link. Oh, here, try to figure it out before you head over there:

M:HuWl78-Af, Alt:HuDK60-Bl S:Lothar-US-PvE, G:Generations, PvE+, Y:2008.2, D++C, Ori-BRD, TBC-SSC, WLK-Gun, L+, C:Pa+, RP, :-D, V0.1

Yeah, your mind was just blown by my geekiness.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Gundrak myself. It was pretty simple in normal and heroic was a lot of fun. I'd still like to know where that long tail leads...