Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Nothing nifty to post today. I have a couple great vertigo inspired screenies for tomorrow, but I forgot to load them up to the storage in the sky today. Thus, no access at work. Or, as my old German teacher used to say:

"Es ist verboten in der Schule!"

...only sub "Schule" with "Arbeiten" and you have it. If you know any German that is. I thought that always sounded really intimidating and final; German is not the language of love. Of course, my teacher was a very short, old, white-haired, grandmotherly type. She was extremely nice, cute as a button, but grew up as an orphan during WW2. As you can imagine, she had some spunk! Awesome lady. Used to tell us stories in German about getting in fights in the school yard. Imagine Mrs. Claus fist fighting in her youth and you about have it.

That all has nothing to do with WoW though, other than maybe my German roots are what draw me to my appreciation for the castles in WoW. Icecrown is quite impressive, hence the new picture of my character even though I don't really like the hood. It is cold out there though.

Also, Fuu and I picked up our epic flight skill/mounts last night. Wow, they're fast. For someone who was used to doing every quest on the slow old bird... ZOOOOM!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled dailies in Icecrown to try and afford a cooler looking mount. Maybe even a magic carpet!

I picked up glyphs too: Major Glyph of UA and Minor Glyph of Souls to round out my glyphs at 80. The majors are pretty useful with Corr, SB, and UA all adding to some better DPS. The minors are pretty useless with Enslave Demon, Souls, and Unending Breath. They're situationally nice, but that's about it. I hope we see some cooler ones eventually.

Oh yeah, and if you're doing the holiday stuff, perhaps the easiest hat drop to get is from the Grand Magus in Nexus. We ran through there with some 80's and no healer like $#*! through a goose. Good times. Sucks she only drops one that you need to roll on though...

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