Wednesday, December 3, 2008

(Shadow)flame On!

So I dinged 76 last night and spent the 100+ gold to train all my crap up. Then, I noticed I got a new spell: Shadowflame. Apparently I missed that I was getting a new spell at 76, because this surprised me. Maybe I'm just not as well read as I thought, but I don't believe there has been much said on this spell.

What the hell good is it? Especially for an affliction 'lock. It's an instant cast, conic spell with initial shadow damage and a fire damage DoT tacked on the end. If you took every warlock spell we have and mixed it in a giant cauldron, then dumped the contents out, I'm pretty sure you'd get this spell.

So, I ask again: What good is it? How am I supposed to work this one in? I have a few thoughts...
  1. Being that it is an instant cast direct damage spell, it could be useful in tagging mobs. The DoT isn't so useful here, but it doesn't hurt. The short range could be a problem here, but its better than other choices.
  2. AoE attacks. This would seem like an obvious use for it, but where would I throw it in and what makes it better than my previous two choices of SoC and RoF? I suppose an AoE DoT application is pretty cool. I could see doing this on trash before resorting to my heavier hitters. The problem here is getting close enough to use it. I like to sit back and watch the carnage, not run up in its business. Also, wouldn't direct initial damage be bad, as you want to let your tank build up some aggro? I guess for solo purposes this wouldn't be an issue.
  3. It looks cool. Yeah, the crazy head pops out and spits crazy colors at you... I'm not complaining about the looks, its a fun thing to do when you're evil. Heck, I'll run around SW and do it just to freak people out. Yahoo!
All those reasons are well and good, but does it justify a place on my action bar? I don't know, I've let it clickable for now. My complaint isn't at getting a cool new spell, its just that I don't see how it fits. Perhaps I'm missing something here, so please inform me if you know better. I suppose I could see how it works better for destruction people, as they love the fire. Fire and shadow mix to do special things for them. As an affliction lock though, I'm not so sure. I've tended to shy away from fire. I don't use Immolate. I've said it before. It just isn't worth the thought and time to cast, imo. It isn't a question of the math, it's just that it doesn't seem to add a lot to my rotation.

Which brings me back to this shadowflame. Is it just another of those wacky spells for those zany destro 'locks? If so, maybe I'll become more friendly with it when I get my dual speccing figured out. I'm still not sure how useful it would be to other 'locks as well (more than what they've already got that is), but whatever.

What is the point of this spell?! It is deliciously fun though...

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  1. Someone mentioned that it's great for AoE grinding but so far that is about it. DoTting everything like mad, Shadowflame while they're in a group, Howl of Terror.. but I haven't gotten to try it lol.

    I think it would be more useful if it had a knockback or at least a glyph that added a knockback to it. It would be a pretty stellar melee defense which is what we're lacking right now in PVP. LOLmonic Circle maybe.. but I'd rather have the knockback.