Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Short Strat: Eye of the Storm

Welcome to the Eye of the Storm edition of The Short Strat, the show where we take complicated battleground strategies and condense them into one easily pasted message. I'm hoping that by making these strats simple and copy-able, it might provide a reference to get people on the same page.  These strats are not meant to be comprehensive by any means. 

As always, if you have an alternate strategy, please submit it via comments and I will include it in the strat reference section of this post.  Please keep in mind that all explanations need to be kept under the 255 character limit for the default WoW chat box.

I also wanted to point out a great link given to me in comments on another post.  Cynwise runs a great battleground/PvP oriented blog which can be found here.  Not only is she a fellow 'lock, but she has some great posts about strategy here and PvP gearing here.  Definitely worth a trip over there. 

If this goes well, then eventually I will clean these up and provide an index page on here to facilitate quick reference, but I don't want to put the cart before the horse.  Let's see if anyone finds these actually useful first.  So, without further ado...

Eye of the Storm Brief Overview
The Eye is a contested floating piece of rock in Netherstorm in the Outlands.  The battleground itself is sort of a mash up between base defense and capture the flag.  A base is denoted by a flag and there are four of them here: Mage Tower (MT), Draenei Ruins (DR), Blood Elf Tower (BT or BET), and Fel Reaver Ruins (FR or FRR).  You capture a base by having the highest amount of bodies in close proximity to the flag return location.  This location is observed as a small, dark circle that sits directly in between two base flags.  Over time, the faction bar in the default UI will swing red or blue depending on the number of folks nearby.  There is a gray "transition" area that will make the base neutral.

In addition to the base capturing, there is a flag spawn in the direct center of the battleground.  A right click on the flag will capture it for you, then you will have to return it to one of the return locations held by your faction.  Death drops the flag where you are and allows anyone nearby to pick it up and advance it.

Teams of 15 players (3 five-man groups) attempt to accumulate points over time until a maximum (currently 1600 as shown in the default BG user interface) is reached.  The more bases you own, the faster you accumulate points.  Additionally, each time you return the flag you gain points.  The amount of points you gain per flag return scales with the number of bases you have.  Having more bases yields more flag point per flag return.  First to maximum wins.  There is no time limit.

For reference, here is the map of the Battleground:

Short Strat Reference
Be sure to type /bg before pasting to make sure it goes to the battleground chat channel.  My first two are basic mirrors of each other, the first being more Alliance friendly while the second is more for Horde due to the proximity of the bases to the start points.
  • G1 to MT, G2 to DR, G3 to BT or FRR (whichever has fewer enemies). Always keep three to protect, extra two help where needed. Always fight near the base! Call out incs. Ignore the damn flag until we have three bases capped.
  • G1 to FRR, G2 to BT, G3 to MT or DR (whichever has fewer enemies). Always keep three to protect, extra two help where needed. Always fight near the base! Call out incs. Ignore the damn flag until we have three bases capped.


  1. I believe mounting also drops the flag, but I am usually the one throwing fears on all the attackers, letting the metal wearers.

  2. I know you cannot mount, but I forget why and it's been so long since I've tried. It's either that you drop it or that it just won't let you... I forget which.

  3. Had to do this tonight for School of Hard Knocks. Turned on my Pally ret spec for the unmounted speed buff. I know bubbling makes you drop the flag. Didn't try to see if Sacred Shield would screw me over or not.

    As an aside, I believe Fuubaar was in my AV BG today. Hope she got that part out of the way. There was a very nice Hordie recapping Tower Point for us Alliance folks trying to get the achievement. :) There was also a very not-so nice Hordie warlock throwing out Howl of Terror. :p

  4. Won't let you do Nitro Boosts either :-(.

    And yes, that definitely was us... I was on my DK doing it with her. ~700 Resil pwns during Children's Week :-).