Monday, April 19, 2010

I Reject Your Rules And Substitute My Own Reality

This is completely off topic today, but something I came across that some might find interesting.  Let me preface it by saying that I'm pretty terrible when it comes to the whole "i before e except after c" thing.  If you were raised in an English speaking country, you probably know the rule.  At least, it's something prevalently taught here in the states.  Still, sometimes to me it makes no damn sense, and maybe that has a little bit to do with my background in the German language as well since it's handled a bit differently there. 
Am I the only person that finds being bilingual confusing (not that I'm all that fluent in German any more or ever was, just that the fact of attempting to get there has probably screwed up my English to some extent)?

Anyways, I always feel ashamed of myself when I misspell an "i before e" word because, hey, it's Elementary my dear Watson.  Right? 

Well... NO MORE shall the mistake shame me.  Check this out.  Hardly a reputable source, I know, being but another blog.  Still, I <3 blogs and there are several notable exceptions listed even if the dictionary numbers aren't spot on.  I will believe!  (whew, got that one right first try).

Why do we still teach this rule?  Well, as noted, for most commonly used words, it holds.  It's a great "rule of thumb" but hardly an Absolute Rule.

For what it's worth (fwiw, I know: short hand rules), the worst culprit in my lexicon is... wierd.  I mean weird.  Gosh, that damn word is so screwy.  I feel like Elmer Fudd at a typewriter when trying to hammer it out.  Wewah-wewah-wewah...odd, you wascally wabbit. 

Got any other rules that suck?  Bonus points if they're WoW-related.


  1. "Weird" and "their" both drive me buggy. There is comfort in numbers.

  2. Why is it the new 'Celestial Steed' mount will run at 100% speed if you are in a no flying zone, but if you are running with it in a zone you may fly in, it will only run at 60%? Must get tired.

  3. Because it's staring longingly at the sky too. Star ponies do not belong on the ground!