Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Putricidal Thoughts

The weekly on our server (Lothar) this week was Lord M in ICC.  Fortunately, we were able to run a second night this week to go in and wipe the floor withe first wing, which left last night as another learning night.  Rotface is still a bit of a challenge, but after some initial struggles, we clicked and downed it pretty easy.  Festergut is definitely "on farm" for us, so we're trying to learn Putricide. 

The short story here, is that we may want to go learn some of those other fights :-(.  Putricide sucks.

Here are some things I've learned so far:
  • Malleable Goo is awful.  I had totally forgotten about this mechanic.  It sort of gets lots in the deluge of exploding, glowing, gooey shit.  Suddenly I was all like: wtf happened to my cast times.  Oh yeah... MG.  Ugh, avoid it at all costs.
  • We adapted our initial strategy of basically running across the room, to staying more or less in the middle.   We move based on clear space, but the goal is to stay grouped together and at max range of the green experiment spawn point.  We're still working on this level of coordination.  It's great in Phase 1.  Phase 2 gets quite messy.
  • I'm thinking the Prof should be tanked closer to the GreenEx (TM) spawn point to facilitate a faster switch over.  I mean, if it's in your view already it's easier.  Getting on the GreenEx right away is a pretty big deal in this fight, as those extra seconds of being able to DPS can make or break you.  We're still a little slow on DPSing because there is just so much damn dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodging.
  • I'm also thinking we should go with like a "three point movement" system.  I think I'll illustrate this one.  The key is that trying to stay in one area means you get a lot more of the crap in the same area in phase two, and you can find yourself quickly out of room. 
  • We have yet to see phase 3.  No thoughts on that at this time.  
  • For the record, we're doing this without the buff.  That's a big difference.  We're currently using the buff on "farm" content (the first wing), and then switching it off for the newer stuff.  I think this gives us a great balance of being able to go fast, yet still really tackling the full challenge of the raid.  How are the rest of you guys using the buff?  I sort of like the hybrid approach, but at some point we may have to admit that we're too timed starved to pull it off.  We'll see.  Cataclysm still seems a long way off and there's no reason not to make this last.
Okay, picture time.

It's a rough representation of the room.  No cheesy clip art this time, sorry.  You can see the table represented by a black rectangle in the back.  The room is vaguely circular, with two concentric circular patterns in the middle.  I try to use floor patterns as reference.  You can also see the GreenEx and OrangeEx spawn points denoted by small colored circles. 

The remaining rectangular, numbered zones are what I was referring to above for a "three point" system.  Currently, our strategy has all the ranged in zone one for a majority of the fight, with the Prof tanked sort of in zone two, skewed a bit towards the GreenEx spawn point.  It's great for phase 1, but phase 2 gets messy.

So here's what I was thinking.  For the first GreenEx, we start in zone 1 at roughly max range.  The Prof is tanked slightly to the left of the spawn point to facilitate quick switching.  Until the first spawn, we remain loosely scattered in 1.  Upon spawn, we all switch immediately to the GreenEx and let loose.  When it chooses a target, we collapse on the target and resume DPS (at this point any melee would engage).  Currently, we try to stack on a designated person for the duration of the fight.  However, the strategy breaks when either that person dies or they take a particularly bad bounce from the GreenEx.   For instance, there were times when "the" person was bounced really far away from everyone else with slime in the way.  Why have everyone else run to the one person?  Instead, the goal is to have everyone find the same zone, which doesn't move. 

When the first GreenEx dies, we'll probably be a bit scattered.  At that point, the group heads for zone 2, trying to group in the small inner circle (when possible).  The DPS open back up on the Prof until the OrangeEx spawns.  Then, we all switch to the OrangeEx and the chosen individual can kite along the outside of the circle.  That is their Kite Path.  We've had some trouble with keep stuff in range during the OrangeEx part, so this should solve that problem.  Depending on the path of the ooze, the person might have to run a bit wider or something, as makes sense, but at least there is a rough idea of where to be and work back towards.

When the OrangeEx dies, we go to zone 3.   Zone 3 is just a mirror of Zone 1, and the same strategy applies.  Afterwards, head back to the middle and zone 2 for the next OrangeEx, then back to 1.  Rinse Repeat. 

The benefit here is not only that you're all heading for concrete zones, but also that you're using more of the room.  A lot of the strategies I've seen advise very precise spots, but what happens when a goo gets dropped in your lap?  Maybe it's just because we're still learning, but it does seem like there is a TON of crap on the floor that prohibits us from coordinating well.  I want to try to minimize uncertainty and thereby maximize time spent DPSing without having to stand on a single, "point" location.  It takes time to find a character and then figure out how to dodge through the crap to them.   Assigning a zone allows for some predictive maneuvering.

Any thoughts or suggestions out there? 


  1. I'm not sure how much use this is as a comment but we had a lot of putricide issues at first, but we are now using the buff, whereas the first time we tackled him we weren't.
    We ended up skipping him and took down the BPC (still buffless), and then a couple of weeks later BQL (with the 5%).
    We then went on to Valrithia, and downed her, before returning to Putricide with the 10% buff.
    We took him down second try.
    How much of that is down to the buff, and how much is down to gear/comfort with the place, etc, I don't know.
    As for strats, ours is still a little rusty but we start a way away from the green pipe, run to the person with the green ooze and stack til it's DPSed down - we usually get it down before it reaches the second person and usually before it reaches the first.
    Phase 3 is just "watch out for the thrown things and DPS him before your tanks get too many stacks". :P

  2. We're trying Sarth 3D zerg. That last 30% is a shit show.
    We got him down to 30k. 30 freakin' k.
    0.9%. Zero point nine freakin' percent.

    Anyway, we use the buff in ICC. We're not raiding allstars and it's still a challenge for us, even with the extra 10%. Our focus is mostly on seeing the content and fights, anyway.

  3. The strat SR uses is this:

    Start on the green side, burn down the Prof until the Green slime comes up. Then everyone run to it and dps it down. The OT in the abom needs to hit it too. We usually have it down before it reaches the 2nd person.

    Once he gets to around 85% we stop dps on him (warlock DoTs FTW) and make sure an orange slime is not spawning. Transition phases with a slime up is no bueno.

    Mages and rogues can invis and vanish during the tear gas phase and get some extra damage on him.

    When the orange slime is up the person who gets targeted needs to run like hell away from the slime. The OT in the abom needs to slow down the slime and dps it too.

    When he gets close to 30% everyone stops dps again and moves into position. We tank him near the doorway and kite him around the slime puddles. Ranged DPS stands in the middle and pew pews him down.

    I hope that helps!

  4. We stay on the green side through P1 and P2. Ranged switch to the volatile ooze as soon as it's targetable. Melee switch as soon as it's chosen its first target. Melee soak the first explosion, have a hunter throw a snake trap down to soak, as well; it should be dead before choosing a second target. If anyone's standing too close, they fail. Warlocks put their circles in the northern-most corner of the room, so we can stand closer to the volatile ooze, and just 'port away if we get dinged.

    As Koalabear said, you have to watch DPS approaching the transition: either make sure that dots will kill the orange ooze during Tear Gas, or just hold DPS until it's dead, then burn before a volatile spawn. If DPS can't or won't switch, they're failing.

    For P2, if people can't avoid failing at Malleable Goo, take a look at AVR and AVR Encounters, which make it trivial for ranged, irritating for melee. Your Abom should not be leaving a puddle up in the P2-P3 transition. Again, make sure adds are dead before pushing PP over to P3.

    During P3, ranged stack in the middle, and move as one for malleable goo and the new puddle spawns. PP is kited around the room as puddles and gas bombs go down.

  5. The strat we use is basically the same as KoalaBear and Ralimenua use. It seems to be the easiest strat.

    We have the tank stand under where the green slime spawns and the melee go in and dps once it is up. If you have only one melee this won't work b/c if a slime picks a melee there won't be enough people standing there to split the damage. We usually kill the slime before it gets to its second target, and range always stand at max range.

    Phase 2 is pretty much the same with the fun goo. If the group is having issues with it, make them turn their DBM up. It definitely freaks out when a goo is coming into your range. Don't run back just strafe either way away from it. Have someone in your group call out when to stop dpsing so that there is no goo up when he hits phase 3.

    Phase 3 is basically a huge burn just stay grouped up, stay out of goo, move away from malleable goo, and don't let the goo trap you away from your group. If one of your tanks die then you have huge issues and the few times we let this happen we had 1 or 2% wipes.

    Raid make up seems to help on this fight more than any. We had shaman/shaman healed most of ICC except for Sindy and Lich King and this one was one that was really rough on us. Shamans don't have great mobility for healing and it was much easier for us to heal with a shaman/druid combo. Even with my druid geared waaay behind my shaman I noticed healing on my druid was much easier for this one. So as long as you have mobile healers you should be able to do it. You are only using two healers right? Using three will really push your dps and make this one harder imo, might want to make it two heals if not already.

  6. I know Kayllnn was saying how they send the melee in right away and for a couple of you others... how many people do you normally have "sharing" the GreenEx hit? Are you guys using the buff or not? I think that makes a big difference on this fight. Thanks for the advice though, they are all helpful. I think the strat for this fight is very interesting in that there are a lot of "trade off" decisions to make.

  7. The snake trap thing can *really* help mitigate the first of each volatile ooze's explosions. Putricide's floor should be littered with dead snakes.

    We don't have all ranged stand at max range - especially warlocks who stand in range of their circles. Another trick is to have a mage ooze target ice block to confuse it for a couple of GCDs while it finds a new target. It means they don't get to DPS the Prof. during Tear Gas, but whatever.

    Ranged attack *immediately* but melee wait until the ooze has cast its Volatile Ooze Adhesive on someone before charging in. Your raid leader should be yelling at ranged who "just get that one last cast off", or don't switch at all. They're killing you.

    I should have checked, since it can make a huge difference on 10-man, what's your comp?

    Given that progression on a server is relative, why wouldn't you use the buff, except masochism or misplaced pride? :shrug:

  8. Fulguralis said...

    @Rali - Mostly Masochism. I mean I am a Warlock, it's sort of what we do. ;-P

    In all seriousness, we raid for the challenge, why cheapen it? We're not in a hurry right now since Cataclysm is still a ways off and we were never in the running for a "top raiding guild" spot or whatever (we're actually in two different guilds so it wouldn't even show up on a website). The point being: there's not really a reason for us TO us the buff besides to clear stuff more quickly. It's not like a "pride" thing. Once we get a solid date on Cataclysm and if we're still not done, we'll definitely start using the buff.

    That's kinda awesome about snakes, I'd never really thought about something like that, we'll have to give that a try. :-)