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(Guest Post) Tenuring the Professor

Got a treat today: a guest post!  I'll have to admit that the title is mine.  I'm not sure that "tenuring" really works for what we want to do, but I wanted to make a clever quip with him being the Professor and all.  Aside from a sure fire way to find a daytime nap, my Profs were often the source of constant frustration.  Whether it be the dirt napping or the frustration, this dude is no different.  I'll let the poster introduce himself and will only preface it to say that he is indeed the one who got me started in WoW.  Also, he's regularly been a great person for me to chat strat with (and plot items if you happen to be writing a novel or something, but that's another story... literally), so when he called me up to let me in on his Putricide thoughts and offered a guest post strat... well, I'm all ears.  So below is a faithful reproduction of what was sent to me.  I think both of us would love for any and all comments pointing out different options or opinions on what needs to be done for this fight... it can be quite complicated.  Without further ado...  - Ful

First off, let me say hi and introduce myself.  I’m Finwe.  I’m a friend of the Fu’s.  I’m pretty sure I was the one who got Ful started in the game.  Maybe I just think too highly of myself.  Anyway, I play a druid tank (mainspec), or healer (offspec).  I’ve been playing this same druid since day 1.  (Well, I actually didn’t get the game until the 2nd or 3rd week it was out, but five years is a long time.)  I am a casual player.  I like to raid.  A lot of people throw around casual to mean many different things, so I’ll explain.  I play usually one day a week…for as long as I can manage (sometimes 6 hours).  It took me a whole year to level from 1-60, and I didn’t have any alts.  I healed at level 60.  I tanked at level 70.  Now I can do both.

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to PUG into another guild’s ICC10 run.  It was a great group of players, very skilled, patient, and nice people.  We had a great run.  Prior to that, their guild had killed everything up to Sindragosa, and they were getting close on that fight.  I stepped in, only having seen the first 6 bosses.  I’m not sure why, but they decided to make me the main tank.  In our slightly less than 3 hours together, we took down everything up to and including Dreamwalker.  Out of all of that, Professor Putricide was the hardest boss.

Despite having never seen the Putricide fight before, they still wanted me to main tank him.  It did take a few tries, but in the end, he fell.  I believe that everyone else in the group had killed him before, so I (as the main tank) was the only one who was new to it.  They took the time to clearly explain everything to me and dealt kindly with my failed kiting as I learned the fight.  But by the end, I feel like I can explain it pretty well.  Since I’ve got some good friends who are currently struggling on this one, I’d like to share what I learned.

A huge part of this fight is the movement.  That was absolutely the biggest thing for me to learn.  Since boss placement is key to safe transitions, the main tank really needs to understand this well.  So here is the Putricide fight from the main tank’s perspective.

When you walk into the room, it looks like this.  (It’s a crude drawing, I know.  And possibly inaccurate, but it’ll get the point across.)  The boss (red circle) is standing near a table at the far end of the room.  There is a large somewhat circular pattern on the floor with lines pointing out toward the large orange and green tanks along the side walls.  The group can stand in the middle of the room as you finish buffs and explain the fight.
Since my drawing is designed to help Fuubaar learn the fight, the tank will be represented by the pink circle.  To start the fight, pull the boss toward the top of the circle in the room.
Shortly after the pull (5-10 seconds maybe), the boss will drop a big green puddle on the floor.  That’s your signal to move him to the next position, under the orange tank on the left side.
You will continue to tank him there until he casts the first unstable experiment.  Don’t jump the gun.  It’s a slow cast time, followed by a slow travel time before the experiment actually comes alive, picks a target, and tries to kill them.  As soon as it finds a target (DBM should warn you at that point), it’s time to pull the boss around the circle over toward the other tank (green).  I found it easiest to turn and strafe toward the bottom of the circle to get him out of the way, then I could face him again and back peddle around the edge of the circle to the point where the line comes out.
The same thing will apply here.  You’ll be tanking him here until the next unstable experiment.  In my group, he often transitioned to phase 2 (casts tear gas and stuns the raid for a few seconds) while we had him here.  If the unstable experiment didn’t go off, keep tanking him here after the phase transition.  Phase 2 is just like phase 1, except now you’ll have to watch for when he drops little orange vials on the ground next to him.  Pull him away a few yards and continue tanking.  You don’t want to be near those when they explode.   (They do damage and reduce chance to hit by 75%.)  Anyway, when he decides to cast the next unstable experiment, it’s time to kite him back over to the left side.
Phase 1 and 2 will just continue like this as the DPS whittles down his health and kills off the unstable experiments.  Meanwhile, the off-tank will be worrying about the big green slime pools on the ground and help with the unstable experiments.  If you’re the main tank, you don’t need to worry about that.  Just try not to stand in the green puddles or kite the boss through them.  You can go around.  The actual boss positioning isn’t nearly as critical as when you move him.  Like horseshoes and hand grenades, close is good enough.

When his health starts getting down close to 35%, you’ll need to be ready for the transition to phase 3.  Again, he will cast tear gas, stun the raid, and run over to the table for a few seconds.   The difference here is that you want to be near him at the table, so you can begin phase 3 tanking him right there.  So as his health get’s down to 35%, try to position yourself a bit closer to the table so you can pick him up quickly after the transition.
In phase 3, you will need to kite him around the perimeter of the room.  It doesn’t matter which way you go, but I went counter-clockwise.  The key here is that now all of those green puddles aren’t going to disappear because the off-tank is not playing the role of abomination anymore.  Now you just need to slowly kite him whenever he drops a green puddle or the orange vials.  Don’t go too fast or you’ll eventually run out of room on the floor.  This is going to be the DPS burn phase.  Fortunately, you probably won’t run out of space on the floor, because if he doesn’t die fast enough, the debuff that’s now being applied to you (the tank) will kill you soon.
This debuff stacks once every 10 seconds (I think), and it does AOE damage to the whole raid.  The more stacks, the more damage.  So it’s time to play the taunting game again.  (You’re taunt is hit-capped, right?)  When you (the main tank) get 2 stacks of the debuff, it’s time for the off-tank to taunt off of you.  He will continue Putricide on the kiting path around the room.  (You should stay with him, since you’ll be taunting back soon.)  Let the off-tank build up 3 stacks, then it’s time to taunt back off of him.  Your stacks won’t be gone by this point, but that’s okay.  Now, you pick up 3, then 4 stacks, and it’s time for the off-tank to taunt back.  He gets his 4th and 5th stacks, then you taunt back.  (If your off-tank happens to be a girl, pretend I said “her”.)  Hopefully by this time, the boss will be dead.  If not, it’s time for a wipe.  But most likely, unless you’ve got multiple DPS dead, you’ve probably got enough raid DPS to get through this phase just fine, assuming it’s the same group that killed the first 6 bosses.

Just one more note about the transition to phase 3.  I don’t know why, but on my first couple attempts at it, I (the main tank) died at the start of phase 3.  The boss didn’t hit that hard (about 12k melee), so I can only guess that I wasn’t getting enough heals because of 1) I was out of range or 2) there was a lot of raid damage that was being worked on from the end of phase 2.  Either way, keep an eye out as the tank and be ready to pop some cooldowns here to help out.  And it might be a good idea to have one of the healers follow you over toward the table as he get’s close to 35%.

Hopefully, I’ve prepared you well enough to go in there and polish off the 2nd wing of Icecrown Citadel.  Good luck!

Thanks Fin!  I know Fuu appreciates it and it's always good to understand an encounter from multiple perspectives.  I'd like to point out a few things for the DPS/Healers out there that seem to be key.  Definitely let me know your solutions to these "key thoughts":
  •  In Phases 1 and 2, having the raid stack up to mitigate green "blowup" damage is key.  We usually mark one person as the "stacker". 
  • It's also important in those phases that you stay close enough to the spawn point opposite of the tank position to be able to take advantage of the long (5sec) cast time prior to the ooze choosing a target.  This is valuable DPS time!
  • Finally, it's imperative that any orange kiting path be kept in range of your healers or you're going to get squished.  Keep that in mind when running like hell.  
That's all I've got for now, maybe a follow up as we continue to learn.  Thanks again to Finwe for providing this tank's-eye-view of the PP fight!

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