Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Musings

I'm in and out of meetings all day today, so you get the random musings I have time for in between.  There are three topics I want to quickly touch on today.  First, why I'm fail at "community".  Second, some overdue link love.  And third, when farm is not farm.

So, for topic number the first.  I guess I just wanted to say some things about the whole greater community thing.  For the record, I often feel like I'm completely fail when it comes to that.  My bestest blogger friend, Jbelle of Miss Medicina fame, is really the win at community.  She's reads probably over 200 blogs and comments all over and is always "in the know". Me, not so much.  I have, oh, maybe 50 blogs in my reader.  I come in, write my post, clear out my reader, and that's about all the time I have in the day.  It doesn't help that nearly everything is blocked for me at work, so I'm stuck in google reader.  There's this whole phenomenon by which I read an article, have a good comment on the tip of my tongue, but then by the time I get home in the evening (a land where any commenting is possible!), either the conversation has passed me by or I'm just not keen on my initial thoughts.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who stews on initial thoughts only to have them sour later.

In any case, my whole situation right now really hinders my social forays.  Also, to be quite honest, I really don't put in the kind of community effort the Jbelle does.  I'm not ashamed of this.  She's the awesome.  But I do feel like a failure quite a bit because I pretty much chill here in  my own little corner of the world, do my thing, and enjoy the blogosphere.  It is what it is.  I guess I just wanted to sort of put this out there to get it off my chest.  I know there are several other awesome bloggers who lurk around here, and I wanted to assure you that I lurk as well. 

Which brings me to topic number the next.  I love the kind of comments I get around here and try really hard to follow all the links given to me either in the comments or in the names to see where you're coming from.  I added With Great Suffering to my blogroll last week, and I wanted to call attention to Poneria at Fel Concentration and Elkagorasa the Casual today.  These are just a few of my fellow warlock bloggers that have been lurking around here for a while and leaving droppings.  Good droppings.  Evil droppings.  Yay warlock bloggers!

Anyways, I just wanted to give them some proper, if overdue, link love and add them to my blogroll because they are all certainly worthy reads.  If there are others of you that I'm missing, I apologize.  I just sort of waft through at my leisure, so be patient with me.  It is certainly not a knock on you; it's fail on me.  I'll do  my best to try to keep up, but always feel free to send me an email slapping me upside the head and saying: "Hey! Check this out!" 

Finally, in topic number the last, I mentioned when farm is not farm.  I posted about ICC yesterday and our normal weekly run was last night, so I wanted to mention a few things.  We reset, so Fuu didn't get to trial her PP learnings, but it did mean that I got two huge gear upgrades that I'd been needing.  If you'll recall, I accidentally sold my OH in a freak fishing accident.  I also haven't gotten a trinket drop in, well, ever in Wrath.  Thus, two of my biggest, leakiest holes were plugged last night with the Baton from Lady Ddub and the Spyglass from Gunship.  (I'm going for boat imagery, not, um, other kinds).  Awesome upgrades.  Shot my DPS up a good couple hundred.  The stacking spell power trinket thingy is pretty awesome.

We did really well in our reset.  We flew through the first wing like a well oiled Scourgelord's... machine.   We definitely have that part on farm.  We have Festergut on farm too, one shotting him handily.  Rotface... not so much.  We did eventually get him down, just barely.  One of those holy-fel-the-MT-is-dead-quick-burnburnBUUUURN-win type of fights.  Definitely not farm.  But, one and two thirds wings down?  I'll take it for a two-hour session.   We can jump right back into learning next week.  Good stuff.  You have to reset every now and then for the gear opportunities (huge pay off for me last night, though Fuu's still waiting for a damn shield to drop ANYWHERE.  She got some nice pants tho, so she can't complain too much).

So two things I want to talk about for the rest of the week is our sort of "hybrid" strategy for using the buff (there are pros and cons, but I like it) and explore the concept of group retention rates (something our group is stellar about, but isn't always the case from my experience).  Could be some interesting stuff (could not be too, who knows), so stick around.  We'll ride out these pre-x-pac blues together. 


  1. I got the spyglass last week and yes I love it. My RL likes to remind me that I have to refresh my DoTs for it to take the full effect. I like to remind him that I refresh all of my DoTs every few seconds so I am aware of how the buffs work with DoTs.

    I did notice a huge spike in DPS from it though. Much better than the blue ilvl 200 trinket from Heroic HoS that I had equipped.

  2. Stupid spyglass -- stupid OH -- no helm...hmph *folds arms in self pity*

  3. Yeah, the spyglass is deceivingly good. At least I didn't expect the size of boost I got.

    And don't worry Havoca, we'll get you a helm... with emblems. :D