Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Melting Faces with Mass Confusion" or "Is that Shadow Priest Drunk?"

Hey gang!

So Fulguralis & I have got the case of the burns.... well that didn't come out the way I wanted.

*Clears throat*

Let's try this again. Fulguralis and I are a bit burned out right now with regards to Raiding, instancing, Mail box dancing, etc.

"What shall we do Fulguralis?"
"I don't know Fuu? What do you feel like doing today?"
"Let's have a Sexy Dinner Party"

/dances around the room

3 hours later:

So we've come to the conclusion that we are going to begin the Ultimate Game! PVP!

Fulguralis is bringing Decedereful the DK & I'm Sporting Abigora the Shadow Priest.

"But Fuu... you don't know wtf you're doing! Isn't that a DPS spec?"

OMG I know!

Here's the thing, I don't really like pvp'ing on Fuubaar because melee is boring and I don't understand lolret. I've really enjoyed pvping on Abigora because Priests, in general, are fun because they have so many unique tools to use for healing & DPSing in pvp.

I started off Healing as Disc in pvp but I've decided that I want to melt faces and become giddy with excitement when my DoTs crit their faces off. Here's the thing... I'm a total Newb!

I need a new spec & a clue as to wtf I'm doin out there. Right now, Decedereful & I are just running the Daily Random Battleground and trying to work on exchanging our PvE gear over to Resilliance gear. Right now, I feel like a sitting duck where I'm getting murdered by Rogues and two shotted by Mages. It's ugly out there. Over the weekend, I had enough honor to buy two new pieces (neck & bracer) that put me over 22k health & 390 Resilliance.

I know that I'm no where near where I should be but I'm really enjoying myself even if I'm a free HK. I need to learn how to work with a DK as well as on my own.

Here is usually what I've been encountering while I'm doing my thing:
I buff everyone & mount up. I've been letting Decedereful pick the location & I just watch my back. Once we arrive at our location, we have been trying to pick as even of fights as possible. 2v2 or something like that. Either I get sapped by a rogue or a warrior stuns me instantly completely ignoring the DK. I use my trinket to get out of it & instantly try to blow my Fear bomb. If it's a rogue, I'm sapped immedietely and because splat. If it's a warrior, I've feared him and I try to throw a few DoTs on him. By this time, I'm around 15-50% of my health. I try to throw a bubble on myself and a Renew but it's usually too late.

Rince & repeat until time is up.

Sad & Pathetic I know.

This is a picture of how I want to roll into battle!

Can I be team leader? No? Fine just don't make me stand behind the Gas officers... who feeds these guys anyways?!

So here is my QotD for all of you:
Where is the "best" place to find out about Shadow Priest PVP? I've had a look over at and at some of the specs that they offer but I want your opinion.

DISCLAIMER: By me asking for your opinion, here are a few things that I'm NOT looking for
~ l2pnoob (I'm trying to l2p ;) hence the question)
~ lolwut? u sux (Well duh, I do sux but I want to unsux now)
~ Re-roll Horde (not sure how that helps but ok?)
~ Or anything that doesn't actually answer my question

Any help that is offered though is greatly appreciated since I'm such a clean slate.

<3 Fuu


  1. as a spriest, when you trinket out and have a rogue on you, use dispersion to save your butt till the dk can peel for you. The dk should be using chains then deathgrip to peel, the chains will apply a disease to help prevent the rogue from re-entering stealth. The rogue will most likely blow either trinket or vanish to get out of the chains and get back on the squishy.. then you fear bomb to get the rogue away from you and start dotting him up. Incredibly important to slow him as much as possible with Mind Flay, once you are able to gain some distance.

  2. As a similar "clothy" lock, I've been slowly progressing through PVP also. I found that the random pvp finder is a great way to try (almost) all the various battlegrounds and get some coveted "arena" points. Just spent 700 arena points on a new pvp legs.

    My suggestion is look into all the options for PVP gear. Beyond honor gear from your Hall of Heroes, or whatever those darn allies call it, check the vendors in Wintergrasp, the Arena vendors in the Dalaran sewers, even the triumph badge vendors (inc Threads of Fate) sell parts to your class specific PVP set. Now that I've stacked stam and resilience, I've seen 34,000 health fully buffed (vs. 27,000 PVE raid buffed).

    That site helped me out a bit especially with gear choices. I am at 1100res at the moment and though still squishy I can cause quit a bit of pain before I bite it. Just yesterday I held off an advancing party of five by myself for 3 minutes in a BG until help arrived . That was sweet!

    Don't forget Improved Shadowform Rank 2:
    Your Fade ability now has a 100% chance to remove all movement impairing effects when used while in Shadowform, and reduces casting or channeling time lost when damaged by 70% when casting any Shadow spell while in Shadowform.

    I also put Psychic Horror on my hotkeys
    Instant cast 2 min cooldown.

    You terrify the target, causing them to tremble in horror for 3 sec and drop their main hand and ranged weapons for 10 sec. Full of win!

    As stated fear is great but be careful not to fear enemies out of AoE as it can save them and give them a chance to focus fire you at range.

    If I do fear them I try to make sure I dot up as many of them as I can as they run away so I can maximize the health I get back from Vampiric Embrace.

    All in all it is tons of fun and a welcome break from PvE DPS and healing.


  4. From the little PVP that I did on Abigore as Shadow, Silence, Dispersion, your Bubble, Fear Bomb and whatever the name of that disarm spell is saved me numerous times.

    If I went full-on attack mode, I'd usually get wrecked by any DPS class out there. I had a lot more luck playing a more defensive game, DoT'ing up, snaring with Mind Flay and then using your "oh crap!" buttons to stay alive until the DoTs did their job.

    I wasn't a pro on my Spriest in PVP at all and usually went Disc for more survivability, but I still had a bit of fun as Shadow.

  5. Don't get frustrated by the deaths. I use to play my spriest in Warsong Gulch and would walk out with top kills, but I'd also be in the top three for amount of deaths. It's frustrating, and takes time to figure out a good strategy. I usually would run with the flag carrier, fearing and doting my way across the field. As for gear, I'm as SOL as you, I've not yet played my priest to 80.

    My suggestion: tab, dot, tab, dot, tab, dot as much as possible.

  6. As a shadow priest, I think the main trick to surviving is to know what a wound up burst looks like, and dodge it however you can.

    You almost never want to fight people head to head - just load up dots, and move on.

    Rogues are obvious. Unless I have a healer, I dispersion (or trink->fear) as *soon* as they kidney shot me.

    You want to keep your health high, always; don't react to it getting low, anticipate and keep it high.

    Never be afraid to close. You get more, not less, effective up close - and some classes really don't. Casters will run from you, whether or not Scream is off cooldown, and you can deadzone hunters and warriors.

    Any caster who is running around is doing less DPS than you (yay, dots).

    After dotting, and before nuking, dispel spam a bit.

    And, yes, resiliance will fix it. 1k resiliance, 26k self-buffed health, a 5k shield (twice), shadowform, glyphed inner fire, vampiric embrace ticks, and four cooldowns for dodging damage make you a seriously tough target (That's honour-only gear, by the way - higher is obviously available) especially once you learn that the attention of other people is fire, and you should not be standing in it.

    Aggressively dotting anything that moves makes for ferocious damage output - focus on survival.