Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wherein I Try To Fool You

So, I rolled a mage last night and...

No really, I was playing on my mage and I Topeka'ed their rotations and...

Okay srsly, it wasn't that bad but...

Oh, you're no fun.  Mages are awful.  I can't lie about that.

What can I lie about?

Jbelle called me last night.  She's done healing, wants to roll a real toon and DPS.  Well, she didn't call, because she hates phones, but she did text.  Or maybe it was MSN messager.  Yeah, we actually use that.  Maybe we'll Tchat in our Tmail about that today.

Hydra slapped me.  So I hacked her account and rage deleted her toons.  Except for her Warlock, she's still allowed to play that.  But only if she doesn't cry.  THERE IS NO CRYING IN WARLOCKERY!

Abi isn't back.  I've been writing on his blogs.  All 27 of them.

Samodean came by last night to chat.  In a drunken stupor he guiltily admitted that he's never played a video game in his life.  All his info, he got from reading fanfic.  That and gamer magazines like IGN.  He is IGN. 

Saresa is actually married with 5 kids and lives in Kansas.  Google, Kansas.  It's not a flat and boring as you might think.  She's not a school teacher either, as she claims.  Rather, she's a farmer.  Soy beans, not corn.  She tweeted about it on her super-secret farmer name: @Soyresa.

Grimm didn't take a break.  He just kept right on playing through it, but he wanted to seem dramatic and deep.  /tear.  That is, he plays when they allow him time at the nut house where he's being treated for Dissociative Identity Disorder.  My aunt works there, I know.

Nibuca isn't actually human.  Fim and Bre created an artificial intelligence co-host back in the day and named it Nibuca.  Like sky-net, she may slowly be taking over the World... of Warcraft.  We won't know until Judgment Day.  Fim is working on a second AI host named Syrana.  However, a faulty flux capacitor has lately left the second fembot dysfunctional and mute.  Hence, lack of posts.  Also, Stop is the first of Nibuca-net's self-aware creations.

Larisa actually runs a dungeon over in Europe.  Americans don't always realize, but most Europeans still have real dungeons in their fiefdoms, and Larisa is the DM.  G


  1. We know you couldn't handle magery. All that pet demon dependence.

    I know, I know. "Curse you, Darthregis!" That's what you silly 'locks do!

  2. People who think Mages are awful don't get Focus Magic.

  3. My evil twin, actually. Freaky scary part? We share a first name IRL.

  4. IGN. Of all the dark, dank places of the internet, frakking IGN?

    Hell, I would have preferred 4chan over IGN.

    That's low. Revenge... will be mine.

  5. lol awesome.

    @Samo - Well, you were drunk.

  6. I got chains, lots of chains... I come from a convict country... chains were our primary import for 150 years.

    The good news is I have diversified... I now do whips too.. give me a call when your summoned blowupdoll wears out her whip... I give you a good price!

    Trolla and Out!
    Trollaggedon's Coming!

  7. @Fulg: At least you didn't tell them about what happened... after that.

  8. I'm also a vegetarian robot who sells bottled celebrity bath water on eBay, but that doesn't surpass the achievement of having 27 blogs.

  9. Why am I going to the effort to comment on my own blog under Abi's name? Man I'm really dedicated to this April Fool's thing.

  10. I have a loaner flux capacitor, which is allowing me to comment.

    Nicely done ;)

    I should be un-muted soonish. >.>

  11. Just make sure not to run it above 1.21 jigawatts this time.

  12. Back to the Future jokes are always better than the movies themselves. Trufax.

  13. Man, we so had them going. Now you gave it away: Trufax is totally your word. :-)