Monday, April 5, 2010

Made A Pact With D.Pact Yet?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I know Fuu and I are both kind of worn out from travel/eating way too much. My family loves to eat. I think that's pretty common though. We have so many leftovers. Fuu's happy because she probably won't have to cook for a week.

We returned home in time to catch a Sunday Night Weekly Raid run with our raid group.  It was my first real chance to try out Dark Pact since I wrote about it last week. In my opinion, it went rather well.  I'm not sure if my healers noticed it, but I felt a lot... healthier?  I was at 100% for a lot of the fight, and the innate self-healing of an Aff'lock really kept me topped off with what I hope was minimal attention.  Not that I was life tapping a whole ton before, but I certainly think it's noticeable. 

The amount of mana back from each Pact seemed pretty sizeable too.  I didn't find myself going OOM or having to tap a lot extra (and I always have Life Tap on backup just in case).  I didn't notice my Felpup going OOM either, and I was easily able to keep the glyph buff up.  All in all, I'm thinking this change is all win.  My question today is how about the rest of you?

Dark Pact: Win or Fail?

Is it as much mana as you expected?  Is anyone noticing excessive tapping or going OOM as a result?  Are you living through stuff you used to die on because you don't have to Life Tap?  Last night was more of a dress rehearsal for me, as our 10 man ICC raid is scheduled for tonight.  That will be the real test.

If you're an Affliction 'lock and you haven't respecced to grab Dark Pact yet, I say "do eeet!"  If you're like me, you probably have an extra talent point hanging around that you're not quite sure what do with anyways, and you can always keep your LT on backup.   I don't really see a down side to it, and the Felpup is really well-synergised with Affliction to make use of this talent.  I suppose it's what you would hope from a deeper tree talent.

I have to say, I'm rather pleased with the state of Affliction Warlocks right now.  It's a pretty solid spec all around.  It makes me a little concerned about the re-working we're set to get for Cataclysm (soul shards especially), since it would seem there's a lot more to screw up than fix.  Danger is the spice of life though.  Or something like that.


  1. I changed over to DP last week as well. The only issue I have with it is when my puppy is not in combat his mana regen is crap.

    When we were on BQL (before I switched) I hit the wrong damn button and tapped myself too low to where I died to the aoe damage. That alone convinced me to change.

    So far I have only tested it out on Vault and ToC, but I am pretty happy with the results. I think I actually end up with more mana from DP than I did from LT.

    Tuesday is 25 ICC and either Wed or Thurs is my ICC 10 so I will know how well it works in a "real" raid.

  2. Yeah, I'm running right now. You're right about the out of combat regen kind of sucking. I think my game plan is to always Dark Pact in combat, Life Tap out of combat. You take quite a bit of the little guy's mana!

  3. Pretty sure DP returns more than LT if you have around 3300 SP buffed, certainly won't be higher than that though.

    Also pet should have enough mana as long as it's in combat and you don't tap twice in say 10 seconds or less.

    Overall very nice change, i just wish it wasn't a wasted GCD if you accidentally did it when your pet was low (ie take your pets mana first then top it up with mana from your health).

  4. Buffed I think I am at 3400-3500, I'll have to check.

    Self buffed I am at 3100

    Ful I will let you know how it goes after tonight's run

  5. I ran with the imp for a while too (went low on shards for the learning content)... He is pretty much unusable for dark pact. I guess for Aff'locks it's felpup or bust.

  6. Well I did ToC 25 and ICC 25 last night with DP.

    I don't really think I like it.

    Unless he is in combat, his mana regen is crap. I have a dot timer up so I don't always life tap until the buff is almost gone. This can cause me to be low on mana (I should probably change that >.>) and I end up tapping twice or more in consecutive rotations. The puppy just cannot handle that. Or after we cleared trash, I couldn't just tap and re-gain all my mana sucked up by SoC.

    I asked one of the raid healers if they saw that I was taking less damage and thus causing them less to heal. I was informed that I was never an issue to heal, even with life tapping.

    So right now I am working with my GM on a solution. She told me to replace the button with a macro that tells the raid that im cutting myself and just add a modifier to the life tap button.

  7. I definitely still use Life Tap out of combat. It gives me an excuse to use bandages too. Which in turn lets me level my first aid. lol

    I still the the benefit is certain in favor of using DP, but it does take some getting used to. Still, I would keep life tap on hand for those times when you cannot DP.