Friday, April 23, 2010

Pit Stop

Inside the house, seated around a wooden table are Midnight, the Succubus and Berry Blue, the Voidwalker, a sputtering candle between them.  Berry Blue appears to be polishing some sort of curved, brass instrument while Midnight braids a black leather cord.  

Berry Blue blows on the end of the instrument, producing a deep, smooth note.
Berry Blue: Yeah, that sounds niiiice.
Midnight draws back an arm with the braided cord and sends it whizzing through the air.  With a sharp crack, the tip lightly flicks the candle, plunging the room into darkness.
Midnight: Mmmm.  I know what you mean.
Berry Blue: Nighty, now why'd you go and do all that?  I can't see a damn thing!
Midnight:  Scared of the dark, big boy?
Berry Blue: Hardly.  There's just something romantic about candle light.
Rapid knocking sounds at the door, followed by small squeaks of barely contained excitement.
Berry Blue: Well I wonder who that could be?
Midnight: At least we got a few minutes of peace.  You'd better go let the little bugger in before he claws up the door again.
Berry Blue: Why don't you get your lazy ass up and go do it.
Midnight: Because I don't play fetch like that, dear.  My doggy is a whole different style.
Berry Blue:  I ever tell you, you put the "man" in romance? 
Midnight: What does that even mean?
Berry Blue opens the door and Spaz bursts in.  The Imp is followed closely by Sparky.
Spaz: Whattare-yous-guys-doin-in-the-dark? Here-have-somelight!
A fireball flies from the Imp's hand, grazing the candle alight before ramming into the wall, leaving a charred circle behind.
Berry Blue: For the love of...
Midnight: I'll whip you silly you little runt!
From a back room, Abigora the Priest pokes her head out, startled, and looks around.  Her big eyes survey the scene silently from the back.
Spaz: Themaster-sent-thedog!  Looklook! He-has-a-urrrrmmmm-thingy!
The minions all stare blankly for a moment as Sparky passes along his message.
Berry Blue:  Bring it here, pup.  I know what to do.
Midnight: He said give it to me, Berry.  I have just the place for it.
Berry Blue: What do you know about fine jewelry?  All you have are spiked collars and restraining devices.
Midnight: Oh zip it.  I have a rather nice jewelry box.  And I'm certainly not about to tell you where it is.  Give it here, pup.
Sparky seems to be ignoring the two as he stares straight across the room at Abigora.
Midnight: I said give it here, pup!  Don't make me whip you too!
Abigora: Sparky, did Fulguralis take that from Fuubaar?
Sparky nods
Abigora: Hmm, so she'd taken to wearing the thing.  I wonder if... No, he couldn't know.  Then what does he...?  No, no matter.    He probably believes it to be...
Midnight: Lovely, she's babbling again.  I need to get her a right, steamy book.  Maybe with pictures.  Then perhaps she'd quit being such a flake.
Berry Blue: Oh leave her be, Nighty.  She just hasn't found the one yet.  Once she falls in loooove she'll be...
Abigora: Fool minions!  Stop your incessant chatter.  Decedereful has need of this amulet right away!  Go. Go!  Take it to her.  Poor girl, she's probably...
The Priest wanders back into her room, mumbling to herself.  Midnight and Berry Blue look at each other, then at the amulet still held in the Felhunter's mouth.
Midnight: Well I'm not going anywhere. You guys can go traipsing off looking for the Death Knight.  I've got to paint my nails.
Berry Blue: I don't think so, you sly cat.  He sent the thing to you.  You have to go.  Otherwise it won't fulfill the compulsion.  You know that.
Spaz: I'mgoing-I'mgoing-I'mgoing! You-guys-can't-lock-me-up-again.  Na-na-naaaaa.
Midnight: Well if I have to go, I'm certainly not leaving you here to try and woo the bookworm, Berry. 
Berry Blue: Ha!  Trust me, she's not my type.  Besides, someone has to keep your fine ass outta trouble.
Midnight: As if I need your protection, you big blue... Hey!  Where'd the dog go?
The door stands open and Sparky has apparently left already.  Spaz darts out, yelling incoherently.
Midnight: Right.  Well we'd best make sure they don't get lost in any case.
Berry Blue: After you, Nighty.  Ladies first...
Midnight: I'm hardly a lady.
Berry Blue: You said it, not me.
They leave.

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