Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Five Unconnected, Irreverent Thoughts

Today I present you with three five short, unrelated, and perhaps ill-conceived thoughts from my crazy, demon-addled brain...
  1. If you haven't heard some shit about a Cataclysmic Raiding Transformation, just go Google "WoW Blog".  The only word I don't think has been said on the topic is "Fuckin-A".
  2. Just once, I want to pretend to have a sudden onset of Turret's in the stalls of the Men's Room.  Maybe then that asshole next to me will stop snoring and ruining my perfectly peaceful BM.  
  3. In Strand of the Ancients, if you're fighting on the beach while the rest of us are up freezing people who are trying to click on the relic, you need to do the world a favor and roll a Quit. 
  4. Being chain stunned for like 20 seconds by two Rogues is just insulting.  Especially when you live through it, and kill them both. (Good Heals were involved)
  5. There are more fees involved in closing on a house than there are Druids and Rogues on the all Druid and Rogue PvP all-star teams I keep finding in my BGs.  Srsly, it's like fighting in a haunted forest or something with shit popping out at you all over.  I'm not sure how that analogy holds up to closing on a house except that I feel equally baffled.


  1. With reference to thought 3 I misread that as "if you're fingering on the beach" which made me think I've been doing PVP wrong all this time...

  2. @ Tam

    I do believe that we are all doing it wrong in PvP so might as well have a good time on the beach ;)