Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't Drink and Vendor

Last week I'd mentioned that I'd probably be doing shorter, "QotD" posts... then promptly entered into a tripartite look at Cataclysmic stat changes.  Such is the nature of blogging, I suppose.  When topics rear their wordy heads, who am I to back down? Sissy Robe be damned; I shall see your post, and raise you one wall o' text!  In any case, back to the plan this week... maybe. 

Todays QotD: Have you ever accidentally sold an epic piece of gear that you didn't mean to?  How'd that go down?

The short version of today's story is that I now have an ilvl 200, 25 Emblem of Heroism off-hand.  That's the end of this story: me, shamefully converting triumph emblems all the way down to heroism emblems and choosing to pick whatever that creepy book is called over the violet ward thingy that was all the rage back when I started Naxx.  Now, let's Tarantino this and see how it happened.

It was a normal Saturday night.  We had spent the day with my family, eaten a dessert at the 'Bees, then went out to dinner with another couple we know, had wine and another dessert.  Yes, we went from Cookie Madness (or w/e it is a the 'Bees) to Key Lime Pie in the span of hours.  That's a nice little Saturday.  Forget Home Depot.

But yes, wine was involved.  Then more wine at home and perhaps some beer too.  So Saturday night found me logging in (repeatedly, since I had the login boss set on heroic mode apparently) just a bit tipsy.  I was not sloppy.  My words per minute still exceeded my typos per minute.  It was a happy buzz.

The night was pretty uneventful too.  I waltzed through a few heroics on each toon (easy enough in raid gear, if all the mobs blur together: that's working as intended) and participated in Wintergrasp (because I'll only do it drunk now, so when the lag hits, it's all normal speed to me).  While I queued, I fished.  I like contributing to the Fish Feast Bonanza that happens every raid night, and if I refuse to cook, at least I can fish.  Besides, if you fish right near the fire elemental area of WG, you can run through and pick up a few eternals every time they spawn (and/or avoid the times when it seems like everyone had the same idea).  All in all, it's a rather relaxing and productive practice when waiting for the main event.

As my night wound down, I found myself in a strange chat channel talking to strange people (which happens) about strange things.  I know I wasn't the only drunk one (you know who you are, Hunter Girl).  At some point, with my eyelids drooping into the red and in need of repair, I called it a night.  I did the normal routine of Hearth, vendor random crap, pop good stuff in the gbank, log out (which is much easier than logging in, I might add).

The next day, I signed on for the weekly raid quest we had scheduled, and my equipment addon notifies me: "Cannot find Scourgelord Baton".  Wait, what? I have no off hand.  Ah, must be in my bags since I still had my fishing pole equipped.  Nope.  Not there.  Bank?  No.  Gbank?  Now I'm just reaching.  Holy crap! It's gone.

It took me a moment.  What happened last night?  Things got a little crazy.  They escalated quickly.  There was that one Dwarf with the jiggly... Yet, through the haze that was Saturday night, I seemed to recall emptying my bags.  Now, if you take a moment to look at the icon for said baton (I can't link at work or I would), it looks like a crappy skull.  A crappy skull that fits in with the rest of the crappy stuff you tend to fish up.  Now, I'm guessing (and I'm not really sure I believe it, but I was drunk) that I saw crappy skull next to crappy seaweed and crappy piece of wood and just right-clicked my way to free bag space.  Right before logging off for the night.

So my baton is not lost in the nether.  Gone forever.  Never to be seen again.  At least until we reset our raid ID and probably get it to drop on Mr. Ram-You-With-Bone like it does every time.  (I think now is a good time to mention out that our strange mantra for the guy is that "it get's easier the more you do it" which is both apt and gross.)  So it's not a huge deal, and I ran the weekly, sans off-hand, and still pulled good DPS and picked up the shoddy replacement after we finished.  Still, it had to be one of the pieces that relies primarily on drops to upgrade.  It couldn't have been like, my shoulders (which I also replaced last night to get my 2 piece T10 bonus).  Gah.

So this is a service announcement: If you're going to drink and sell things, you might want to name a trustworthy friend your Designated Vendor.  Always game responsibly.

(It's also a cry for commiseration.  I can't be the only one committing Gearscore suicide, can I?)


  1. I don't drink and vendor, I drink and disenchant/destroy. I did this twice in a fairly short period of time. A few months ago, when upgrading T8 to T9, I got my new T9 piece, gemmed and enchanted it, then promptly DE'd it instead of the T8 piece. The next week on my alt I did the exact same thing, except she's not an enchanter so the new gear just got destroyed. Luckily I put in a ticket and a GM was able to restore both pieces for me. But I still check twice before getting rid of gear now.

  2. LOL, as for selling greys, especially those picked up while fishing and doing heroics, I rely on the addon Minimalist. It vendors, it announces rep, it auto-clicks the "would you like to be resurrected?" button.

  3. Hmm, that's a good addon suggestion. I would feel totally lazy I think, but that may not be a bad thing.

  4. Gray sellers are great. I live by mine (name escapes me). It's trainable so it won't just vendor trash, but other stuff of limited value if you are in the habit of vendoring it. Only problem is Gnome doesn't want low level trash, but alts do... You can untrain the mod though.

    Why didn't you petition a GM?

    You petition, item is in the mail 24 hours later with a slap over the wrist telling you not to do it again (too often).

    I once bought teir gear one night... And promptly forgot. A week later I bought the same piece, gemmed it, enchanted it, then realised I had a non-refundable duplicate in my bag. Thanks to the GMs I bought a different piece the next day.

  5. I accidentally vendored my healing weapon once. It got mixed up in a bunch of 70 blues/epics I was vendoring after rep grinding in Outland instances.

    I was a tank at the time, so I didn't realize it until days later when I switched into my healing gear and it was missing.

    I had to use the Argent Tournament caster weapon until I finally got a new one.

  6. I didn't petition a GM because I suffer from some sort of weird blogger pride syndrome, whereby I feel compelled to write about my travails in a quite public venue but am too ashamed to actually admit them to an almighty Game Master. Or something like that. I guess I figure: it's my own dumb mistake. I'm sure it's not entirely rational. :-)