Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The 3.3 Plan Around Here

The plan is to update the Affliction Warlock stuff first. As such, I'm going to point all my links on the left to this article for the time being, and then link the new articles as I update them. At least for the warlock side of things, there are enough changes to warrant a complete rewrite. At the very least, I need to go through them with a fine-toothed comb and make sure they're still valid before I return the links to their normal condition.

So this is just a heads up: if you're looking for those links, they'll all point you here. If you're looking for the new 3.3 "how to" stuff, I'm working on it and, bit by bit, you should see them go up.  In fact, I'd look for my revised spec today, maybe even glyphs and rotation (rotation didn't change much).  Also, depending on how much time I get, I may throw up multiple posts in the next few days just to stay on top of the wave. 

For ease of reference, I'm going to transfer all the old links here so they're still easy to fine. However, realize that all of these are now officially out of date.

Old Links
Aff'lock 3.2 Raiding Spec
Aff'lock 3.2 Rotation/Glyphs
Aff'lock 3.2 Pet Choice Guide 
DK 3.2 Spec/Glyphs/Rotation (Tank)
DK 3.2 Spec/Rotation/Glyphs (DPS)

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