Thursday, December 10, 2009

HAOW: 3.3 Affliction Warlock Glyphs and Rotation

So we've already covered speccing.  Next we need to talk glyphing and rotating.  This second installment on How to Afflict Others with Warlockery will cover the art of slapping stickers on your spell book, as well as how to spin in circles with enough intensity to cause others to puke (no easy feat, I assure you).

The Glyphs
Previously, I had been running with the Corruption, Haunt, and Life Tap for majors.  Unending Breath, Souls, and Drain Soul rounded out my minors.  3.3 brings more of the same, with one minor exception.  Here's the breakdown.

  • Glyph of Haunt - Chosen for the simple, spell wide damage increase.  If you're specced haunt/ruin, this one is a no-brainer.
  • Glyph of Life Tap - If you're going to cut yourself, you should do more damage.  That's my motto.  This glyph gives you a nice little damage increase (working almost like a trinket automatically tied to your normal mana-regen spell).  Totally worth it and it only takes a tap, tap, tap-a-roo.  It's all in the hips.
  • Glyph of Quick Decay - The newcomer to the miasma of warlocky glyphs, this should be stapled onto any good affliction warlock's spell book.  Corruption is our bread and butter spell; it should be up on everything; and this glyph is a straight damage increase for it.  I swapped out the Glyph of Corruption for this because I'm still going to get some nightfall procs from talents, plus the DPS increase is relatively minor (maybe around 50?) and easily overshadowed what you're going to get from Quick Decay (anyone have the DPS number for this one?).  I've read that preliminary maths support this.
  • Glyph of Unending Breath - To swim quicker I guess.
  • Glyph of Souls - I at least get some usage out of this even if it's totally not important.
  • Glyph of Drain Soul - Might as well get an extra shard every now and then.  See a theme here?  Yep, warlock minors still suck completely.  None are really gonna help your game, so just pick what you'll use.
The Rotation
Now that you've got your stickers on your spell book, let's bust open the blasted thing!  As we've come to expect, Affliction Warlockery will continue to be dominated by rotational thinking.  Some classes may rely on reactions to procs, but we are all about premeditated murder on this side of the spectrum.  If you've made it this far, you probably already know that aff'locks are for dots.   That's what we do and we do it well.  So here's the carousel of disease.

Above 25% Health, Single Target
Corruption > Curse > Haunt > Unstable Affliction > Shadowbolt.  Spam SB until a refresh of each disease is needed (monitor them individually with a DoT timer.  Fortex or Xperl is great for this).  Life tap as needed, but try to space 'em out so that you tap roughly once for every two haunts you cast. 

In the past, and if you want to be really finicky about it, I've published the rotation like this: Corr, H, SB, UA, Curse.  The different order is due to mere technicality.  If you're raiding on the bleeding edge, it's probably something you want to look into, but the basic idea is that there exists a mathematically superior way in which to order your spells so as to line them up with the least amount of potential trouble down the road.  This "perfect rotation" has been a discussion among warlocks for ages, and I'm sure it will continue to be.  What it comes down to for me is playability.  I'm not bleeding edge and I'm fair from perfect, so I'm not going to complicate the issue needlessly.

I want to throw up my instant casts first while I'm running into position.  After that, I want to get haunt and my remaining dot up quick in case I'm required to move again.  If I happen to get a nightfall proc in there, I'll definitely use it.  Otherwise, I'll cluster all my shadowbolts together later.  After you get your stuff set up, you should be able to just watch a dot timer and refresh as needed (Corruption should always be refreshed by Haunt or a Shadowbolt, but if you let it fall off, then make sure you get it back up).  Even if I were trying really hard, I realize I would never be able to perfectly line my spells up.  Not matter how I slice it, I'm still going to end up watching timers for each spell individually.  I mean, what if fire spawns under me, then it's all gone to shit unless I sit still and literally DIAF?  No, this way makes sense to me, but feel free to swap up the order as fits your playstyle, what matters is that you use all of the spells mentioned above and keep them ticking the best you can with minimal down time.  How you execute best is up to you to decide.  (I can definitely offer tips and suggestions if you want to email or comment!)

For life tap, I've found that if you use it roughly every two haunt refreshers, you'll keep yourself at a pretty good mana level over a long fight.  In addition, you'll be able to constantly keep the glyph buff up on you.  Basically, the goal is to life tap only enough so that at the very end of a fight you're Out Of Mana (without having any downtime before that) and have kept the buff up the whole time.  Any extra life taps are lost DPS to Global Cool Down.  The benefit to tapping right after casting haunt is that you'll generally beat the fly time for the haunt spell and thus get a nice little heal to offset some of your tap.  Not freaking out healers or wasting the health regen is a good thing in my book.  I almost never succeed in the gold standard OOM, but I'm not usually over 50% either.

Your choice of which curse to use should be between either Curse of the Elements or Curse of Agony. (edit: due to some wonderful research done by Nibs here, the new Rule of Thumb is to use CotE unless it's 13% buff is provided elsewhere: by another 'lock, by an unholy DK, or a Boomkin).  If you're not on CotE duty, then use CoA.  Affliction talents buff this spell enough that it'll be better for us than Curse of Doom.  It's really this simple.  Also, don't forget you have Curse of the Tongues if you're on Crowd Control duty for Faction Champions.  It's a good one to remember for any PvP like shenanigans.  Oh, and absolutely do NOT clip CoA when you use it.  You've probably heard it a million places, but the last tick does almost half of the spell's damage, so you'd be missing out on a lot.  Just try to time your refresh for when it's over.  It'd be better to have a bit of downtime for the spell than to clip it.  (The other dots are not so prissy, but CoA must run it's course prior to a refresh).

Under 25% Health 
The rotation stays the same except at this point you'll want to start using Drain Soul instead of your SB filler.  Don't worry about keeping the Improved Shadow Bolt buff up either.  DS will be doing a hell-ton of damage if your other dots are up.  So keep 'em up.  The only caveat here is that if the baddie is about to die in the next 21 seconds, you shouldn't refresh CoA as it won't have time to run it's course.  Other than that, keep haunt (which should refresh Corr) and keep UA for sure, Curse if you've got more than 20s of battle left. It's also good if you can try to time your refresh casts to be immediately after a Drain Soul tick.  Just look for the abnormally large damage number on your screen.

Multiple Target Situations
If there are three or more targets, you should be thinking "Area of Effect" spells.  Now, this hinges a lot on your tank and the difficulty of the mobs.  If aggro is a problem, or if it is deemed best to down one target at a time (maybe CC is being used, maybe the leader wants a quick burn, whatever), then we'll just do our normal single target rotation.  The difference in this case would be that you might be able to get away with throwing corruption up on the other targets, depending on the situation (the extra chance at nightfall procs is fun).

Also, proper target switching can really help your DPS as well.  Back in the day (which was a Tuesday), when people used to use CC, it was key to know when to switch targets.  Switch too soon and the first guy might not die, or the tank might not be ready and you'll find yourself munching mud.  Switch too late and you're gimping your DPS and taking longer to kill things (which I guess, given the name of the blog, isn't all bad, but we still want to do our job the best we can).  Being dependent on damage over time spells, Warlocks need to be highly cognizant of when to switch.  There is no hard and fast rule, but the goal should be that your dots would have started dropping off the instant the baddie hits 0%.   Thus, if it's got like 5% health left, dropping fast, and you don't have anything to refresh, you'll probably want to get set up on the next target.  Especially if you know you're not going to be able to squeeze a 3 second drain soul tic in there.   The sooner you get rolling on the next target, the less DPS you'll lose.  Switching targets counts as downtime!  Just don't switch before the tank is ready, or leave a mob hanging at 1%, hacking away still at you and yours.

Some of this may seem like a lost art to old warlock hands, and the Wrath world (... of warcraft), a vast majority of your muli-target pulls are going to be simple AoE groups.  I wanted to point out the more controlled, rarer multi-target situations first because it's important for us to know, but lets be honest: we want huge baysplosions of damage.  For Affliction Warlocks, we have two choices: Seed of Corruption or Rain of Fire.  Gone are the days when fire damage was gimped, leaving seed our only choice.  Now, both spells are equally valid choices.  I'm not exactly sure how the new, still confusing, cap mechanics work (they changed this in the patch, recall, to be tailored for a maximum of 10-mobs), but they'll affect both spells equally, as well your spell stats.

It's my belief then, that Seed of Corruption is better damage, but not as easy to control.  The explosion area of seed can often reach outside of, say, a Paladin's consecrate and cause you to get unwanted aggro.  Thus, our AoE spell choice should be highly dependent on the situation.  If the tank clearly has everything locked down and you're not going to get stragglers, definitely make use of seed.  It will explode all over the tank-led dance party and cause you much glee.

However, if you have other adds wandering around, not clearly in the tank's control, use RoF.  It's sized to perfectly fit on top of a consecrate (or DnD), so if you're running with one of those tanks, you should be able to just rain on top of their aura with little fear of pulling the mobs off.  You may have to be careful not to just spam if your gear is significantly better than the tank, but, for the most part, the aura abilities of a tank can outstrip our RoF.  If you're running with a Warrior or Druid tank, just try to center your RoF on them as they lack for visual cues.

So it's simple: In good AoE situations, use SoC.  In shaky AoE situations (where you want more control), use RoF.  Both will yield good damage results.  If you've got a crazy situation where AoE is probably a bad idea, don't be afraid to switch to your ST rotation (maybe scattering some dots around).  After all, a live 'lock has far better DPS than a dirt napper.  For single targets, get your dots up, s-bolt spam, and refresh as needed.  Make sure to use: Corr, Haunt, UA, and the appropriate Curse.  Under 25%, switch from SB to Drain Soul.  Sho'nuff you'll be toppin' da meters (or at least doing your job). 

As always, questions/comments are welcome and I'll do my best to clarify anything I may have failed at in this attempt at 'splainin.


  1. oh thanks alot i just got my lock to 80 got him geared went to destruction cause i thought that was still the thing to go and my dps wasnt so great none of my 80s dps is great even if i'm really geared but i'll follow ur info and see if affliction is the way to go for me. i've seen a lock in 25 man voa doing 6k+ mhm if i can do that its all b.c of u thanks for the info

  2. NP, hope it works out for you. <3 Affliction.

  3. I just got my 'lock to 80 recently, then the patch came. So all my research is skewed. I like the tip you have and I am going to try em out.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. nice dane cook reference.. (back on that tuesday)

  5. @Xianoth - Good, I hope it works out for you. Let me know if you have any questions... My goal was to make these accessible at all levels of raiding. I think the general approach and be applied at all levels, though you really can get deep into the minutia of a rotation (like how to make the spells line up perfectly and what have you).

    @Sickk - TY, I know a lot of ppl have a love/hate relationship with him... but I certainly find his stuff funny and enjoy watching his older, pre-blowing up specials.

  6. Oh and stay tuned because Monday I plan to cover stat priorities and pet choices.

  7. is this spec gear dependant aswell? because im 2T8 2T9 and some Uld 10 gear and im only getting about 2.7k dps, can you give me some tips cuz i dont really get how to do the rotation, for example when you said haunt refreshes corr does that mean on the 2nd time round you skip corr and go CoA etc, etc

  8. [NOTE: This is From Fulguralis via email. His commenting isn't working.]

    Here's the thing... I think the way Blizz has been designing encounters has moved us away from just being able to sit comfortably in a rotation. Pre-Wrath, it was entirely possible for me to just make a /castsequence macro with the spells in the correct order and spam that button and pull great DPS. That approach won't work anymore. Basically, you have to put up your DoTs first and then watch your DoT timers like a hawk, planning out which to refresh next. The first time through you can go in a specific order, but after that they'll all fall off at different times, so you just need to watch them and be ready with a refresh.

    With the Everlasting Affliction talent, haunt will indeed refresh Corr as long as Corr is still up. Thus, if you a diligent in your reapplication of Haunt, you should never need to recast Corr. However, a few things I'm noticing is that with haste affecting DoTs now... my Corr falls off mighty fast if I get a heroism combined with some trinket pops (shooting my haste through the roof), so Haunt isn't even off cooldown yet! Thus, I'll have to refresh Corr manually again before getting back to the SB spam.

    In a typical fight (with an average amount of movement/avoiding the Bad Stuff), it sort of goes like this: cast the Dots in the order I mentioned above, settle in for a few SB's. Maybe two or three SBs later, I'm refreshing Haunt (if Corr hasn't fallen off). Sometimes I'll be able to squeeze another SB in, but soon enough UA will be dropping, so I refresh that. Squeeze in some more SBs. Then haunt will be about to run up again, refresh, SB, UA, SB some more... then maybe I see my CoA (or even CotE) is running out, so I'll be sure to wait for the LAST TICK of that one and then refresh it on the spot before getting back to SB spam.

    As far as I'm able to see, there is no substitution for keeping an eye on your DoT timers. Even if you were to line them up perfectly so you're just spamming a "cast sequence" button, inevitably there would be a phase change, or a boulder launched at you, or something requiring you to react and adapt to the situation. There just aren't many straight up "tank and spank" fights any more, so we have to be flexible and watchful with our DoTs. You can use addons to help, but even when my addons are broken, it's doable with the built in debuff icons (they have the revolving gray clock look that shows duration, harder to be precise, but do-able).

    Also recall both Haunt and UA have cast times, so you'll want to start casting them before they've run out to fit your cast time in there. For me, I try to cast my refresh dot when they each hit about 1.5s left. The cast times will vary based on your haste, but that's a good spot to shoot for. It doesn't hurt to clip these either, except for a slight waste of mana (but mana isn't really a problem for me with my life tapping anyways to keep the buff up). For CoA we MUST wait until it's over (it's an instant cast too). For Corr we can usually only refresh it if it's fallen off since we'll get the error "A more powerful spell is active" if we try early.

    Everything is gear dependent, but I'm mostly T7.5 gear and am consistently pulling around 4k DPS with this approach. I have everything from iLvl 200 to iLvl 230+. The majority of my gear is in the middle of those two with just one or two pieces being outside (I think I'm still sporting a 200 and 213 trinket... but have good rings, for instance. I think they're 232 stuff. It's hard for me to keep it straight, but my average gear level is probably around T8 equivalent, maybe edging on T9, I just don't have a lot of the higher "tier" pieces. I dislike the T9 gear for affliction locks (haste > crit for us, but w/e) and really want the T10 gear with frost emblems... that's more in today's post's topic though.

  9. Hey, great info but as of latests quickpatch shadowbolt now refreshes corruption due to it falling too fast from the quick decay glyph. I generally start my rotation off with a shadowbolt (w/ macro'd trinks if any) to get the first stack of Shadow Embrace and a haunt follows to set up the 2nd stack. Then i do Corr partly for the eradicate procs and so it ticks w/ the affects of the trinks popped from my initial SB (if any). UA and CoA Follows then SB spam. i can usually get off 3-4 Bolts before Haunt refresh (that includes travel time) and then another 3 or 4 before UA falls. I'd like to know if my rotation should be changed or not..... And yes i do understand all fights are diff and therfore rotations vary.

  10. Yeah, I need to put something in there about the SB thing. That was a big change. Also, I know it was in the patch notes but I just remembered that Soulstones are now on a 15 min CD. So that's good too.

    For the rotation: Ideally, you're right, you want to put SE up first and then Dot. The only reason I don't is because I usually do my instants when I'm on the run... salvaging time when the tank is positioning or w/e to get those up before I get to my spells with cast times. That's just the way I play. If you're settling in before you even think about casting, then you probably want to get SE up first. From a purely numerical standpoint, that is the best.

    The way I've understood DoTs and how different things affect them: If you get a buff that acts like a trinket - soemthing that is applied to your base stats - then you need to pop it/make sure it's up before you apply the DoT for the DoT to get the benefit. If it is a percentage multiplier (like haunt and SE), then it doesn't matter as much when you put it up, just understand that only ticks that occur while the effect is up will get the benefit.

    So maybe I'm missing a few ticks of Corr and CoA up front w/o SE up, but I'm also putting them up before they'd even have a chance to tick otherwise, thus netting me more overall damage done but possibly lower DPS. Does that make sense?

  11. hey mate, really nice post, one think i would like to add, i have really got my lock to lvl 80 and i have a different rotation to what you have, sb, h, ua, c, coa/coe. and looking over you post thinking of chaning it, all the locks in my guild(3 inculding me) are destruction and i get to put up coe for me :)

  12. @Kilvnane - TY. It sounds like you've got the spells right, and that's the main thing. The real key to good DPS as an affliction lock isn't the order, but the uptime. If you keep all your stuff up say 98% percent of the time, I don't care what order you started off with, you'll see good numbers. Recognizing that, then, to me it becomes more about how you can get them up best in your playstyle. There are advantages and disadvantages to each order, just make sure you pop any trinkets or stat changing items first!

  13. Is Curse of Doom worth considering? I am sure this will indicate how noobie I am but it seems to do a lot of damage.

  14. That's a great question! It's something debated at the highest warlockery levels. For right now, what I understand is that because of the buff given to shadow damage and dots in the affliction tree, CoA will be our best curse. We also have to consider CotE. CoD would be considered only on special fights.

    In the Kara days, we ALWAYS used CoD on the Curator just before he went into evocation mode. Reason being: it hit for a huge number when it burst and he was in that mode. Right now, I don't think there are any fights that benefit like that.

    The key to finding when to use CoD would be to indentify a part in the fight where you wouldn't be able to refresh CoA appropriately. Say there's an air phase or something like on Razorscale where you can DoT just before she takes off and wouldn't be able to refresh CoA while she's up there. If you wanted to, you could throw a CoD right before she takes of, and it would be a net DPS gain over throwing a CoA... just because CoA would drop off and not be able to get a refresh from you.

    Any time you are able to keep CoA up, it's going to be better for the affliction warlock to do so.

    Demo and Destro locks, however, have a harder time of this decision as the damage per mana cost of CoD is quite good. From what I've read, on a long fight the Demo lock may want to choose CotE (always) and the Destro CoD (always). I'm not the expert on either of those specs, but that's just what I've seen in passing.

  15. Thank you, very clear explanation.

  16. how about this rotatin ?
    1. Corr - H - UA - CoA - SB(cast it till cd of H)
    2. no Curr just continue whit H-UA-Coa-SB
    3. MT when needen ( i use it allways after CoA to not get out of mana)

  17. I actually end up doing that sometimes when I forget to put up a curse right away. On really quick dying trash, I get in the habit of going from Corr directly to Haunt and it'll carry over to a boss. If it makes sense to you, it's good, IMO. The real small stuff here is that you'd be getting shadow's embrace up after all your DoTs AND maybe missing a Corruption tick before Haunt gets up. TBH, none of that is a big deal. If it's a fight long enough for us to put all our DoTs up, then it's long enough for those first few ticks to not really matter. If you're on the hardcore end of things, maybe, but otherwise... you're going to get better DPS by simply learning fights and minimizing down time due to movement, etc.

  18. I raid affliction, and this is a great fundamental rotation post. I'd add a few things for raiding affliction in 3.3:

    • Life Tap Rank 1 should be pre-cast before combat. Always. In fact, I keep LT bound to [`] and LT1 bound to [Shift-`], and choose them situationally depending on current mana, raid damage incoming and my personal health.

    • Corruption is now refreshed by SB, Haunt, DS and (almost completely uselessly) DL. The spellpower and haste rating of your corruption is recalculated within a couple of ticks, but your crit rating rolls over. So:

    • Pop a potion of wild magic just before combat starts, and get corruption up before it passes. If you have the Nevermelting Ice Crystal from Tyrannus (or a similar crit on-use trinket) use it just before casting corruption.

    • This also makes *slightly* delaying Corruption in the rotation has a net benefit on a boss-length fight. You have time for all the raid debuffs to be up on the boss, and roll your maximum strength Corruption throughout the whole fight.

    • In the end, my start rotation looks like: LT1-Potion-SB-[combat starts]-Haunt-UA-[trinket]-Corruption-CoA, and I end up rolling with 60-70% crit on Corruption which is a substantial DPS boost.

    • If your raid leader is having you put up CoE, your raid comp is bollocks, s/he hates you, or s/he needs to be schooled.

    • If your raid can handle adds without you, you serve the raid best by sustaining your rotation. If they can't, try to keep rolling corruption (because that 20% crit trinket has a fairly long cooldown).

  19. Im not sure if this is relevent but the new t10 gear has no spirit on it at all. Is glyph of life tap still worth it?

  20. Hmm... this is a good question. If I were to get rid of the glyph tap, I'd go back to glyph of Corr. I believe the maths have been done that say the GoC is worth about 50DPS. In addition, I believe the DPS rating of each point of SP to be worth 1.7DPS. Since 1/3 of your spirit goes to spell power, let's round and say each point of spirit is worth .5 dps. So if you have 100 spirit overall (to get back to that 50dps gain), it's probably worth it, IMO. At least I think that's how the math would work, feel free to correct me if I've blundered. In any case, there would exist a point where not having enough spirit would make you want to change glpyhs. However, I think we'll get plenty of spirit elsewhere so it'll still be worth it.

  21. Lol @ "tap, tap tap-a-roo" gotta <3 Adam Sandler. Awesome info on the aff'lock. I am currently lvl'ing a lock and am under Destruction and was thinking of trying out Demonology but might try Affliction instead...

  22. cool post, which pet do u use most

  23. Short answer: Felhunter right now.

    I write a lot more about it here though:

  24. I run aff and i am finding that putting NMIC/LT1/Wild Magic then SB then Corr keeps my rotation of Corr - H - CoA - UA - SB going smoothly. The Haunt will need to be refreshed after 2 SB (sometimes 3) then UA and CoA. Wash-Rinse-Repeat.

  25. As other people have noted, this is a good rotation, but it's generally ideal to open with a shadowbolt. That will put the improved shadow bolt crit debuff on the target, which your subsequent corruption will benefit from each time it's refreshed (in general, when haunt/SB/drain refreshes corruption, haste effects are updated, but crit effects are not, so if you cast corruption before the ISB effect is up and just keep refreshing corr, it will never benefit from the crit debuff).

  26. Yep, that's exactly correct. The Crit is the key thing that behaves differently here.

  27. Hey guys I have a BE Destro Lock with a 5k GS. Nowdays it's harder to pug raids if your GS isn't 5.5k+ so gearing a new toon has actually became a slower process than usual. Anyways it seems my DPS has lagged out at 5-6k in 10mans...which isn't bad for a 5k GS but I just feel like I should be doing more than than that. My current Rotation is as follows: CoE/CoD>>>Corruption>>>Shadow Bolt(for the 5% crit chance buff>>>Immolate>>>Chaos Bolt>>>Conflagrate>>>Incinerate til Chaos/Conflagrate proc again. Just by this is there any corrections that should be made? And also which spec is the least gear-dependant?

  28. Hmmm. I'm not the Destro person, so I hope someone else could maybe point something out. As far as gear dependency... I think the best bang for your buck is always going to be Affliction due to the prolonged damage done. It's not all about DPS, but rather about how much damage you're actually doing during a boss fight. Damage done tells that tale. Properly played, I think Affliction will give you more damage done a majority of the time due to the nature of DoTs. If you can keep them up, they'll serve you well.

    Then again, I may be biased.

  29. Affliction FTW! I tried out destro,a nd sucked at DPS. Affliction: always at the tops of the charts. Love the page!

  30. Ok i need a good rotation for AFF cause right now it is sucking big time for me Aff gets me 3.2k dps and destro 4.1k dps .......hmmmm

  31. Is there anything in particular above that you have a question about?

  32. Yes, I need a good AFF rotation....

  33. Shadowbolt > Haunt > Corruption > CoA > Unstable Affliction > SB's. Spam SB until a refresh of each disease is needed

    Under 25% health, use Drain Soul instead of SB's.

  34. I have read elsewhere that in general the Affliction rotation should be SB, Haunt, Corruption, UA, COA, then spam SB wile target is above 25%, and switch to Drain Life starting at 25% while refreshing DOTS as they expire. The reason for doing so is to get two stacks of Shadow Embrace at start of fight (soon to be 3 stacks in patch 3.3.3).

  35. What is the best rotation for multiple mobs? Do you get better DPS from spamming SoC or from setting up curses/diseases on mobs first?

    I'm not at raid lvl yet (lvl 74), but in 5-man's, I always out DPS everyone on large (trash?) mobs by simply using a rotation of haunt>CofA>UA>SoC, switch target SoC, switch target SoC, if Haunt is about to fall off LT, Haunt, SoC, SoC, etc. Throw in a Drain Soul here or there also.

    If the tank can't keep aggro, i do more curse/diseases to slow down my pace.

  36. Another question. Since I am an Afflock, I always have my felpuppy out unless asked to do otherwise. Usually when the tank is weak and needs the health boost from my imp (sigh).

    Unless we are in a boss fight, I sick my puppy on any mages in the mob and then leave him on auto pilot.

    Is there a more sensible way to use Felpuppy?

  37. @Anon - I go into more depth above of course, but the simple answers are this...

    1. I state the simple rotation in the comment above yours. The main thing is to get the ISB crit buff up first since that will carry throughout the life of Corruption. SE is good to have too, but if it misses a few ticks, it's okay since SP is recalculated each tick. As you state it is fine, but there is a little wiggle room as long as you understand how dots work. I did a more in depth article about that a while back I think, you might try doing a search on here for it.

    2. At raid level, Seed's pop so quick that I wouldn't have time to keep anything else up, thus I just spam seed in AoE situations. It's definitely good to modify based on tank threat and situation however. If you're going to get really clever, leading of with a shadowflame is great, but it also means you have to be closer than might be comfortable. Also, if you need to let you tank get a threat lead, it's good to start with CotE too...

    3. Fel pup should just auto attack whatever you're attacking. His shadow bite synergizes with your DoTs, so you want him on your target. Otherwise, just let him do his thing. I go into more depth in my Pet Priority article linked on the left.

    I hope that'll at least get you started.

  38. I get a lot of flack from players about my use of seed of corruption and rain of fire all the time.. They want me to use my dots with rotation. I use the roation with one boss, but the sofc and rof with multiples, and it really works fine. My dps, depending on my lag issue runs from 3200 to 6500 with a GS of 5222. So I would think that what you are saying does work well. I just wish that ppl would take care of their own toons, and not worry so much about what I am doing

  39. Yeah, really the only thing you need to be careful of is aggro. I think it's up to us to make sure we don't pull anything off of the tank, but most tanks should easily be able to hold AoE aggro over Seed/RoF if you're around the same gear levels. If they're a lot lower, you may go around throwing a CotE up on each target to give them time to build threat and then AoE, but it just depends.

    Another caveat to using AoE spells is if the raid leader is planning to use breakable CC (sheeps, hex, shackle, etc.), then we just want to be sure our AoE isn't hitting the CC'ed target and breaking control.

    Finally, it may be that you need to burn one specific target down fast (like the overcharges in VoA or something), and then you won't want to use AoE either. I think that's pretty much common sense though.

  40. several posters have listed using wild magic pots at the start of the fight why would you not save it for blood lust?

  41. Wild Magic pots increase your crit. Crit is the only stat right now that carries throughout the life of an automatically refreshed corruption. Thus if you boost your crit at the start of a fight, it will stay boosted throughout the entire thing. If you boost it later and corruption isn't refreshed, you'll miss the buff for that spell. I believe that's why it's been said to use it at the start (before you first put up Corr).

  42. wow. I;ve tried tons of rotations from here, and my DPS is still somehat low.

  43. Is your gear itemized correctly?

  44. Well, it depends what you mean. My hit rating is up in 480. But, everything else is semi-low, but reasonable. So, I really need som ehelp on getting some better gear for this spec.

  45. Easiest solution is check out my stat priority stuff here:

    Take those numbers I pilfered from EJ forums and set up a nifty little ranking system using the Pawn addon. Nibuca over at Mystic Chicanery has written a few times about her use of Pawn too; I pretty much do what she's done (and she explains the addon well). It really makes gearing a breeze.

  46. Here's nib's article about the Pawn addon:

  47. I'm going to try my best to word this in a way that's understandable...
    Does the 20% (or the glyphed 23%) extra damage on a target caused by Haunt, increase the damage from dots that are already on said target.
    So If I apply Corruption,and THEN Haunt, does the damage per tick from the pre-existing Corr go up? Or Does the damage boost from Haunt only affect dots that are applied after?
    If the latter is the case, then surely Haunt (and 2 Shadowbolts for [Improved Shadow Bolt]) should be applied before any dots.

  48. For any percentage multiplier (like Haunt), the damage is boosted each tick, so the order does not matter. If you do Corr before Haunt, the worst that might happen is you miss a single tick, but all subsequent ticks would be adjusted properly.

    At least, that is my understanding from what I've seen/read.

  49. Wonderful guide - most of what should be common knowledge to a lock - but unfortunately youll see loads of locks who perform way under the bar. Id like to pop in that newly hit 80s shouldnt mess with affliction specc. It really does need the at least 800 haste without spellstone to be worth speccing.

    Furthermore, this havent really been proven to me - however you might know it, it is said that corruption, if put on a target before Haunt, wont benefit from the Haunt + shadowdamage? Any idea if this is true? I doubt it myself pulling around 10-11k dps atm and thats with the run in Cor, Curse strat. I was once told that going for Haunt, SB, cor, UA, agony - back to SB is the best possible way to up your dps - however - this is just for a starter since we all know that when the fight starts its about keeping dots up and running. Only dot you wouldnt have to refresh as soon as it runs out is Agony, if youre doing SB spam filler you benefit more from getting on of those out than stopping to cast agony.

    All in all - a pretty decent guide to affliction locking. I like to read other locks setup and rotation.

  50. My understanding with Haunt and all percentage multipliers is that they are applied to each damage tick, not to the original spell calculation. Thus, it should not matter when you apply Haunt except if you miss a tick at the beginning. Minimal. I've not seen/experienced anything to indicate my understand is wrong.

    And ty :-).

  51. I have read every word of this page. If you have not done so... do so now. I can say my dps increased significantly - almost 400 dps to a dummy (not to mention raid buffed) - overnight. I have since changed my rotation as follows: Boss pulled - Shadow Bolt - (then while running) LifeTap / Potion of Wild Magic / Curse / Corruption (optionally Shadowburn if still need to run more) - (Once in Position) Haunt/UA - ShadowBolt - And refresh dots as needed... Never let that initial corruption fall... I begin fights like this now for mobility... but the guy who made this site knows what he's talking about. Use his information to make it suit your current rotation... but it's excellent info, and I truly appreciate it.

  52. Fulguralis said...

    @Anon - Aw, ty! It's always heartening to hear that my meanderings helped someone. Thanks for reading :-).

  53. question, if you apply corruption and then pop potions and such to boost crit, if you cast corruption a second time even though the it is still already applied the target, will it make the new corruption be recalculated with the new crit values?

  54. Yes, I believe that's how it works. At least, that's the how I operate when I muck up the ideal order :-).

    The other way around it should give you the "A more powerful spell is active" thing, so sometimes if I'm not sure I'll just re-up it to see.

  55. hey whats you talent build? and thanks for all the help!=)

  56. Check out my post/link here (use the link in the post, the pic is a bit outdated but I've updated the link):

    That's the basic 56/0/15 spec that I started with. The big difference now is that I've taken points out of Suppression and put them into Fel Concentration as I've got way too much hit and there is some pushback in ICC.

  57. Corruption will only benefit from haunt or any +dmg modifiers after it's been refreshed, not during the debuff.

    This is why NMIC (as with ISB & Haunt) must be used prior to corruption.

    The idea is to get all the +dmg modifiers up first, then corruption. With everlasting affliction, you can then keep corruption up with full +dmg modifier buffs.

  58. That is not my understanding of how these things work. For a more detailed explanation of my understanding, please read here:

    The short version is this: Any stat that changes your base stat value (Crit, Spirit, etc) is taken into account when the spell is applied, Crit especially since it can roll through Corruption (it is on the only stat left). That's why you need to pop trinkets like NMIC first and get your ISB up right away.

    Percentage modifiers, on the other hand, operate more like a debuff on the mob. That is, they are calculated with each tick. Haunt is a percentage mod, so is Shadow's Embrace. Those will be taken into account whenever you apply.

    The simplest test of this is to cast a Corr on a dummy with a stat buff on. Right click to remove the buff and then try to refresh. You get the "more powerful spell error" right? Try the same thing with a percentage multiplier... no error. The easiest to use is Curse of the Elements since SE and Haunt refresh Corruption (thus reset all stat values except for Crit on Corr).

    If you've found some data to suggest otherwise, I'd love to see it, but this is still my understanding of how things work.

  59. Oh and when testing you have to take care of any proc based stat effects too, that was the hardest for me. I almost had to use my spell book AND do it naked to get a valid test.

  60. what most people forget is that destro locks need a lot of crit since they are more direct damage casters and i have found that in ICC and with my tier 10 crit is harder and harder to come by but i keep getting more haste and i also found that for my destro spec my tier 9 2set bonus was invaluable. i replaced those 2 pieces to soon and didn't have the crit to replace what i lost from my pet. so what i guess i am getting at is it seems like that when u start raiding ICC 10 man at one point affliction is the ONLY way to go and still keep ur dps growing in the correct proportion to ur gear score. i may be wrong but as i started getting myself done up in ICC gear and started loosing haste i watched my destro dps actually go down but when i switched to affliction i noticed my dps not only went back to where it used to be but was actually a little higher.

  61. Right, thanks for the anecdotal evidence! You're definitely right, gearing for Destro is not the same as for Affliction (Crit plays the biggest part in that).

  62. Thanks for this sick post with an amazing warlockry info :D got my lock soon 80 :> cant wait

  63. NP. I can't wait until cata and I get a chance to update all this.

  64. I am considered by many one of the best Afflix locks of my server. I normally use these rotation: Corruption, CoE, Haunt, Unstable Affliction, SB (till haunt ends). When my mana is about 25% or less, i use life tap and try to keep up the 25% mana range. I have 5.35K gs, mostly from DG e Raid emblems and invested a lot on my haste. I use Glyph of Corruption, Glyph of life tap and Glyph of Quick Decay(very important). I have 861 haste buffed with a Spellstone and believe that the rotation does not matter that much, since you keep that spells up and the rest of the time cast shadow bolts. The ideia is to have at least 25% Crit for any lock afflix (buffed or not), so you'll crit easily with your SB. =]

  65. Obviously kind of out of date now, what with the 4.0.1 changes, but there are some good things there that you can probably carry over into a new raid strategy. Thanks for the comment.