Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3.3 Protection Paladin Spec

Hey Gang!

I wanted to give all of you a break from Fulguralis' "Warlockery" and get in to some good ol' fashioned Tankin fun!

/spits into a spittoon


My goal is to do similar posts that Ful has done but in a more "light-filled" way ;)

The Protection Paladin Spec that I will be using for finishing up ToC & coming along with me into ICC is this:

This spec has everything from mitigation/avoidance/high TPS/ & yes even DPS. I know a tank worried about DPS right? Well, the higher my DPS the higher my threat so there! I'm not terribly selfish... am I? Here's the link if you're interested in playing around with it further in Wowhead.

I just respecced to this for our raid last night. Previously, I had a few things flopped around.

Changes (Out with the old & in with the new):

I had 5 Points invested in The Seal of the Pure in the holy tree. I took those out & invested those to get deeper into the Ret tree instead. Taking Vindication (2 Talent points) & digging down to get Crusader (3 Talent Points). I feel that the crit & increase on my overall DPS will really shoot my TPS through the roof while increasing the raid's DPS along with it.

Now, with this new build I'm running with, there is 1 single talent that freaks me right the hell out. Ever since I was a young paladin learning to tank, I was always taught to only invest 1 point into Improved Judgement. If you invest two points, this will decrease your cooldown by one full second & ruin your WHOLE DAMN ROTATION! Knowing this information, I feared for my life and NEVER I mean NEVER invested more than one until I read this:

Improved Judgements - At least one point in this talent is mandatory to maintain our 969 rotation. Note that 2/2 Improved Judgements, while not part of the core, also won't break your rotation.

Link to Maintankadin one of the best resource sites for old & new Paladins a like. Two thumbs up!

Speccing into the retribution Tree was always a headache before I knew this. I throw 5 mandatory points into Parry, move down a lvl, and put my single point into Improved Judgement. Now what?

At least all of that is behind me now :)

Now for the goodies: Divine Sacrifice/ Divine Guardian

Yummy goodness has fallen from the heavens like Hot Hot Manna! Since the change in 3.3 it has now become a viable option for Main Tanks to use it as a Shield Wall for the raid without Dying (or any real fear of it rather) Here's why:


/cast Divine Sacrifice
/in 0.5 /script CancelUnitBuff("player","Divine Sacrifice")

Again, I found this gem over at Maintankadin. I would give you the link but I found it once wrote it down, and now I cannot seem to find it for the life of me. If anyone finds this over there, could you please send me the link so that I may put it into this post? Thanks :D

Note: Found the Forum Link. This is the very discussion that went on in my brain. Obviously with less people of course ;)

Regarding what this Macro actually does: If you read the tooltip for Divine Guardian, it says that it will put up a raid wide shield wall reducing 20% of all damage when you activate Divine Sacrifice. The little tidbit that actually makes me *squeee* in Real Life is that if Divine Sacrifice were canceled from the paladin, Divine Guardian would still be active. Meaning, the raid gets the 20% damage reduction & the paladin doesn't feel the incoming pain. Voila! Obviously, you are losing out on the redirection of the 40% of your party's damage but if you are taking a heap of damage from tanking, it's probably for the best that you aren't making the healers sweat.

Last night, I used it a few times. Once during the Faction Champions, once during Anub'arak during the third phase, and once during Onyxia's First phase because someone ass pulled the whelps ;). I asked if the healers noticed any difference ... they didn't say anything. So I'll definitely try using it a few more times & then switch to using the Real thing & see what the difference is. If the healers say anything, then I'll call it a success.


My glyphs didn't really change. The only thing that makes me sad is the Lay on Hands Minor glyph. Since I'm unable to use it on myself, who cares if its cooldown is only 5 minutes. I've found that I'm mainly using it on a party member now instead of myself. Damn the selflessness! I want the HEALTH! I've found myself hitting it a few times thinking that it would save myself from certain death when come to find out that I still have to wait 45 seconds on my Forbearance. Whelp, there goes Fuu... dead on the floor.

The Crowd Boo's Blizz for their shitty decision to nerf that. This is PVE Retards! Give me back my Oh Shit button!

Ok Now I must attach a warning label to this spec. THIS IS NOT FOR 5-MAN HEROICS THAT YOU OVER GEAR! Let me repeat: This is NOT for 5-man Heroics that you OVER GEAR.

I'm Divine Plea'ing with you (CwatIDiDther?) that if you run heroics that you vastly over gear, you will run out of mana so fast that it will make your head spin. Last night after clearing ToC & Onyxia 10-man, I wanted to run the Daily heroic before I went to bed. It was Hall of Lightning. Easy as Pie right?

Lots of adds means Consecrate, consecrate=mana drainer, 0 mana = you can't tank worth a damn! My Divine Plea was on cooldown for the entire run & I was still runing around 1k mana. Just enough to occasionally produce that annoying "Not enough Mana" spew out of my Toon's mouth. Now, I have it MUCH easier since I'm an Alchemist & I have the Endless Mana Potion that I can use but last night was sorta ridiculous. I started judging Wisdom to ease my mana pains. Still not enough, so I switched my seal to Wisdom and that kept me about even. This does drop your threat significantly so let your party know that you are having mana problems.

If you do find that you run far more 5-man heroics than Raids, then I would really suggest investing both points into more mana returned when healed & mana reduction talents. If this doesn't seem to really cut it, replace one of your major Glyphs with the one that gives you 2% more mana. If this doesn't work, start taking your tanking gear off & replace it with Festive Gear. If your healer asks why you have your Santa Suit on, say that it helps get you into the Christmas spirit.

Once they kick you from the group, No more Mana Problems ;)

Anyways, if you have come here looking for "your spec" I really suggest taking my tips to heart but not as an End all Spec. You know what works for you and I suggest making your tanking spec fit with your playstyle not the other way around.

Please let me know if you have questions or want to learn more about this topic.


<3 Fuu


  1. I love the odd sense of humor, it makes me laugh. I also enjoy your point of view on the topics, keep up the good work. (Bigfattaco/Duskwood(A))

  2. @Kevin

    Thanks for the encouraging words. :D

  3. Thanks a lot, I enjoyed that it's just what I've been looking for. Switching from Ret to Prot as there's way too many ret palas. :)

  4. so I really enjoyed reading your post as far as prot pallys are concerned but im kind of tripping out on the hole. spec into divine sac... I was under the impression that was more for ret pallys, and it was broken for tanks, and as far as speccing into pursuit of justice... I currently farm icc 10 and 25 m icc and have yet to run into a mob that disarms...so I was hoping maybe you could explain this spec to me personally in a little bit more detail, cause from what I can see from this spec is it is more of a Happy medium between major survivability specs, and max tps specs, again Im just curious cause maybe im missing something

  5. @ Anon

    If you are interested in the 3.3 Changes to Divine Sacrifice, I would suggest going to MMO-Champion for that. They [The Blues] are really trying to make it viable for all three trees to use or atleast the Protection tree. The macro that I found (see link the I provided in the post) from Main Tankadin allows a tank to use the ability, shut it off, and still recieve the 20% raid wide damage reduction without injuring ourselves in the process. Cool Stuff. I've been using this any time I know that there will be a whole heap of damage on the raid. It's a nice way to suck up to the healers... which we can NEVER do enough of IMHO ;)

    Regarding the spec: You're correct in that many bosses/ mobs do not have the disarming ability, but that's not what I'm interested in. Who doesn't want SPEED?! Making a little faster to get to a lose mob, getting my ass out of the fire just little quicker, and having a race with the local DK back to the location of the wipe.

    Your Quote:
    "from what I can see from this spec is it is more of a Happy medium between major survivability spec, and max tps spec"

    Isn't this what we are all shooting for as a tank?

  6. thanks for the info on prot paladin tank i just respect too prot from holy and this is a great help i havnt tanked b4

    great humor !

    charxi/smallfelix skullcrusher europe

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  8. @ Charxi

    Good Luck! Paladin tanking is at its Prime right now. AoE Kings meets Threat monster I say. So... we're Monster Kings? Eh, you get the idea. Plus, Healers LOVE us because not only are we the easiest to heal, we also heal others as well. Let me know if you have any tanking questions.

    <3 Fuu

  9. for whomever it may concern, that one point in conviction is MUCH better spent in SoComm. the 1% crit from conviction is NOT comparable to the auto-cleaves of SoComm now. meaning, if you use SoComm on trash, you'll have a MUCH lesser need to spam consecrate. for raids, you're generally going to want to use vengeance, even on trash since the trash in ICC takes so long to kill and mana is DEFINATELY not a problem in raids. but for 5mans, you can EASILY get away with using SoComm the entire instance, and you'll probably pull more dps than anyone who isn't actually trying.

    just a suggestion

  10. @ J00t

    That's a very interesting suggestion. I'm curious, do you dual spec Prot for raids and for 5 mans? This spec that I use is mainly for raiding ICC stuff as of right now. I want this spec to be as beneficial to me as possible (Survivability, Threat, Mitigation, etc.) while using Vengeance. Yes, I do the random 5-man Heroics for emblems but when I do, I Change my seal to Wisdom, & judge wisdom. This allows me to Consecrate more since everyone tends to just AoE stuff Down and I have very little mana issues with this set up. I'll have to do some testing on a 5-man heroic verse ICC 10 if changing my spec is worth that 1 point.

    Thank you for the suggestion.

  11. just wanted to to let u know that i noticed when i have a priest bubble on me especially when tanking heroics i do have mana issues due to the lack of heals for regaining mana..just wondering if u had a priest with you?

  12. @ Anon

    Actually, Yes... yes I do!

    My favorite sidekick healer is a Discipline Priest Miss Medicina/Jessebelle. Understanding what you need to do, as the tank, to regenerate mana is something that we ALL must learn. Quit blaming the Healer!

    -Divine Plea
    -Blessing Of Sanctuary
    -Minimize using Consecrate as much as possible
    -Changing your Seal to Wisdom
    -Changing your Judgement to Wisdom
    -Being smart about your rotation in general. 696 is optimal for threat & DPS purposes but if everything goes down in .5 seconds who cares. I pull with hand of Reckoning and use Hammer of the Righteous to nail all three targets. I only use Avengers Shield to pull if I have a caster that I need to silence.

    If you are SO far over geared & Def cap, I've heard, that tanks are replacing a few pieces with DPS gear to make them a bit more squishy and to put out better DPS/threat numbers.

    As long as you are still 535 Defense capped, I see no reason why you/ or the healers should have any problems.

    If you are having threat problems when changing to a more frugal rotation, switch to Retribution Aura. It costs you no mana & all the threat in the world when our little friends are beating on us.

    For further information regarding this matter, here's a Great source that has some tips that might help you about your mana issues.


    If you are still having problems with your mana, you need to seriously look at where your Mana resources are going. Talk to your Priest and maybe ask them to bubble you less or if you don't have the heart to tell them, unclick the buff (Sorry Jess). I've actually never done that before but there are rumors.

    *flees from Jessebelle's Wrath*

  13. Man, I love your sense of humor. Thanks for the information. It is very useful as I gear for prot again.

  14. Nice post, I'd swap the judgement glyph with one for Holy Wrath. Reducing the CD of that cast can help on ICC raid/heroic instances.

  15. @ the Anon above me

    That is a very good suggestion especailly with all of the undead critters running around.

    For me though, I only use it maybe once when I'm trying to really get some snap aggro on them. Other than that, I really don't keep Holy Wrath in my rotation. If I use it once, and have a consecrate under their feet, I doubt even the heaviest of AoEers could pull those babies off of me.

    On the other hand, I use my Judgement Constantly in every situation where as Holy Wrath I do not. This is why I choose to keep my Judgement Glyph over Holy Wrath.

    Again, this is my personal preference that fits my playstyle.

    <3 Fuu

  16. def cap if 540 btw ;p

  17. @ Anon

    Actually for Heroics, it's 535 which is what I was refering to.

    But thanks for Trollin :P

    <3 Fuu

  18. Its good if you have improved BoM in your spec, mainly for 10mans, but it's not necessary.

    However, Glyph of Righteous Defense is a MUST. There is no way you can hitcap. Throw away that judgment, thats a really stupid for tanking.

  19. @ Anon

    I normally run with another Paladin in my 10-man raids (normally Ret). They provide the improved Might for the Group.

    Regarding the Glyph changes; I have extremely rare cases when I use this Taunt verse Hand of Reckoning. It's also even rarer (extremely rare?) that when I actually do use it, that it misses.

    My belief is that I judge every time on every mob... forever. It's extra threat and DPS that I could potentaly add to every fight verse a once in a life time miss that I can easily correct with another taunt.

    Again, this is just my opinion regarding this matter. If I find that my taunts are indeed missing more than I like, I'll pick up the glyph.

    <3 Fuu

    PS: it helps to get your point across if you don't say that the blogger is "stupid" just a thought.

  20. I like the everything except the spec, I have had great success with mine.
    I am going to try the macro and probably the glyph change. Thanks.

  21. @ Anon

    I see that you invested in a few talent points that are little different. Divinity, from what I've both read & seen, is mainly just overheals. I took those 5 points and invested them to get deeper into the Ret. Tree. Vindication, Conviction, and Crusade are all huge threat boosters.

    But hey, if it works for you, then I'm happy :)

    <3 Fuu

  22. A platoon is a group of troops

    A spittoon is a container you spit into

  23. lol that's funny. We both totally missed that. They both have two o's! :-)

    Thanks, I'll fix it.

  24. Although, it is pretty funny to think of spitting into a large group of armored individuals... it might even make the same sound.

  25. I am currently working on a lock have been a fan of you both for a minute. Even more so after reading the Ret Pally stuff. Eventually I must tank. As with most realms mine is DPS heavy and tank ne'er to be seen. I will have to do my part to end the 15 minute que. Thanks to both of you for giving me reason (facts) as well as educated opinion (more useful facts) mixed with big HUMOR.
    Keep it up and I won't stay horde for long.

  26. ya make me wanna roll a pally

  27. Glyph of Hammer of the rigtheous > Glyph of Judgement anyday, else than that you've got the same idea ive had for about a year now when it comes to tanking :p

  28. glyph of hammer of the rigtheous > glyph of judgement anyday.

    If you run out of mana in 5man's it usualy just means your not chainpulling enough, i've got quite ok gear and about the same specc as youve got now and ive been running it for about a year, aslong as divine plea is up and i rush through the instance there's no problem with mana whatsoever. I dont see what the big deal is for people.

  29. @ Anon & Anon 2

    Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous is great for Trash & Heroics since it hits a 4th target. Glyph of Judgement is great for everything since it's only needed for 1 target (aka the Boss).

    I mean, if you want to have a glyph for trash & then change it out for Boss fights, by all means, have at it. My thought is that hitting and additional target that doesn't exist really isn't quite helpful.

    @ Anon 2

    Regarding the Mana concern, yes as long as Divine Plea is up, I'm usually ok. What I've found is that I'll switch my seal to Seal of Wisdom and I Judge wisdom along with hitting Divine Plea. I've never once had a mana problem after that. I just take very minor damage when it comes to tanking heroics so I cannot rely on the incomming heals to help me out in that regard.

    Mainly, finding a way to work around the mana issue is up to you & your play style.

    Great comments!

    <3 Fuu

  30. True, I just find the Hammer of the Rigtheous more usefull, I as a paladin is usualy offtanking anyway and i dont have a big need for the 10% extra singletarget damage from judgement as threat never really is a problem.

    And i know for a fact that any paladin with 2set t10 bonus can pull like 7-9k dps on icc trash, which is awesome (right!?) :p

    Personally i NEVER find any need of using seal of wisdom in heroic's, apart from maybe violet hold and CoS, you can usualy pull the next group just as the last one died.
    Perhaps there's times i dont use consecration to save some mana, but that's about it.

    Again as you say it is up to your playstyle.

    Im thinking of trying out a specc with SoComm today, as i see alot of people have started using it for tanking. I dont have any problems tanking with SoCorr at all, but alway's interesting to try out new things!

  31. Yeah, I've heard that SoCorr is decent in Heroics. I've been debating on having two Protection specs & dumping my worthless lolret spec.

    I'll defininately look into both of these suggestions further for my Off-spec.

    Thanks :)

  32. Well, i just tried SoComm and personally i have to say that its quite wasted, i had practicly the same dps as i do with SoCorr.
    On singletarget it was way worse then SoCorr, so i'll stick with my normal specc which is:


    I would say that having 2 protection specc's is quite worthless.

  33. Regarding divine sacrifice, if you want to make it more viable use it combined with divine protection. This way you also absorb 50% of the incoming extra damage, meaning that the healers possibly wont notice any major difference on the yourself, but the raid will still take less damage.

  34. @ Anon

    Yes that's how Prot Pallies tend to use it. My only concern is that there are a few fights that I dont want to blow my Divine Protection and take heaps of damage ontop of it. I want to use my Divine Protection as a safety net from me dying (or dying again if my Ardent Defender popped).

    Also, with Festergut, I blow Divine Shield to get rid of the Debuff but I want to use the Divine Sacrifice buff. Using the macro really works nicely in this fight.

    <3 Fuu

  35. "Well, i just tried SoComm and personally i have to say that its quite wasted, i had practicly the same dps as i do with SoCorr.
    On singletarget it was way worse then SoCorr, so i'll stick with my normal specc which is:"

    Why are you using SoComm on single target?? Just because you spec into SoComm doesn't mean you can't click on your SoCorr when you come to a single target fight. It's great that you are trying to compare the two, but I think you might have misunderstood the reasoning behind SoComm.

  36. God I love this post, I dont know how many of us palladins are Mob tanks but the most beneficial spec ive found so far is the one im currently using(linked at end) I dont have mana issues really at all, sure sometimes i get a lil low in some of the easier 5 mans but thats due to the constant use of holy shield, i let up on using that and my problem goes away. Sometimes i have a little trouble with my rotation but thats got more to do with my n00bsauce tanking ability than my build i think. anyway heres the link, lemme know if you would change anything because im always open to suggestions that might help with single target threat generation, not that its really a problem until im tanking for 6k GS(the addon) mages and hunters.

  37. I don't see the point in touched by the light. Do tanks rly need spell power? (btw I'm new to tanking, my main is disc priest)

  38. @ Anon

    Good Question for anyone new to Protection Paladin'ing ...

    Well, long story short. All Paladins use Holy, which is a spell.

    Back in Vanilla (original WoW) & TBC (the Burning Crusades), all paladins (including Retribution & Protection) used Spell power & Intellect to do their job. The more Spell Power the higher your threat or DPS was. By the end of TBC, this mechanic was really out of hand. The Paladin gear stuck out like a sour thumb (similar to what Holy Paladin gears still does today). If you are curious as to what this "tanking gear" used to look like. I would suggest looking at level 60 & 70 Raiding level Epics. Look for the Spell Power/ Defense gear ;) Fun Stuff.

    How Blizzard chose to change this and still allowing for Paladins to use mana and holy based spells was to have a Converter Talent for both Retribution & Protection Trees to still use Holy Spells as their Primary DPS & Threat generators without having these items on the gear themselves.

    Hence, Touched By the Light converts Strength into Spell Power for Protection Paladins. This spell alone allows for you to do your job in the threat department.

    Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this matter.

    <3 Fuu

  39. Well had this spec, still reading it!
    Like somebody said before you write with humor and style. I use a different Glyph (hit one more target, great 4 AOE tonking ... ya simple become a glue master :))

    Gz max

  40. I just started a prot and im very curious to one question since im new to the class....on you judgements do u actually re-cast those each time before a fight? If so whats the purpose? Whats your man seals you just leave on for leveling/grinding? Also whats the best way for me to keep and hold aggro. Im not at the lvl to run dungeon finder yet but would like to know this to keep the groups alive. Thank you in advance.

  41. @ Anon above me

    Well, this is quite a loaded question.

    I'll give you the short & dirty answer though since you came :)

    Judgements come in three flavors:
    - Wisdom~ does x damage and returns a bit of mana
    - Light~ Does x damage and returns a bit of health
    - Just~ Does x damage and slows/ stops a mob runner from running away

    It is optimal to judge a mob every time it is on Cooldown for both threat & DPS purposes.

    My main Judgement is Light. It gives me health back every time I use it & heals anyone who is attacking that mob. It’s sort of an AoE heal & the mob is the Totem.
    If I'm really having mana issues and I'm the only paladin, I will judge Wisdom.

    It is EXTREMELY important to keep an eye on your mana because if you dont have mana, you can't tank.

    In regards to Seal Choice:

    I use Seal of Vengence when I want to provide the most DPS/ Threat on a single target mob. It is a stacking DoT (Damage over time) that goes up to 5. It is refreshed everytime you land a swing from your weapon (aka White damage)

    I use Seal of Wisdom when I am soloing or having mana issues.

    Addons I would suggest to make it easier on you to tank are:

    *Omen- it's a threat meter
    *Pallypower- Is an easy way to organize your many blessings that you will be casting on others

    Both of these can be downloaded at curse.com

    If you need further information about Paladin tanking, I would suggest clicking on the links above in the post to MainTankadin & flip through the forums for Beginner Tanks. Really great stuff over there.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

    Best way to learn how to tank is Practice Practice Practice!

    Have fun!

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  42. One more question. my guild does not have many tanks so no one can give me a staight answer. Im under the assumption i should use a slower one hand wpn vs a faster higher dps weapon. For instance i have a 1h ax that does 15-30 dmg with 7.9dps at speed of 2.90, i was told to carry the blackwater cutlass that does 14-27 i think with 1.90 speed for 9.5dps. Both have the same bounses. Which is right? speed or damage. I would think the damage would be better?

  43. From Fulguralis:

    I think I can answer this, as I believe what I'm going to say applies to all tanks. (I had to figure it out for my DK tanking adventures).

    Basically, abilities are always going to outweigh white noise. You want to maximize the average amount your abilities hit for because they're responsible for a vast majority of your damage (and threat). Abilities seem to scale based on damage per swing (not DPS). This is why slow weapons give us an advantage. Because they are slow, there is more damage packed into each swing. If two items have the same DPS rating, the slower one will do more damage per swing because the DPS is spread out over fewer strokes. Makes sense right?

    So in the case of these two weapons, you have a swing timer on one of 2.9s (i think that's what the speed value stands for) and another at 1.9s. We can figure out which is superior with math. The 2.9 weapon has 7.9 dps, so we can calculate the damage per swing as 7.9dam/sec x 2.9sec/swing = 22.9 dam/swing. For the second weapon you have 9.5 dam/sec x 1.9 sec/swing = 14.25 dam/swing. Hence the slower weapon is vastly superior for ability scaling. Your white noise may suffer, but white noise should never be a big part of anything, especially as a tank.

    This represents my understanding of current mechanics. If anyone has a better understanding, please let me know (and it would be nice if you can provide a reference).


  44. Thank you for the info

  45. Well my first outing was not much of a success. Not my fault though we had a rogue in ragefire chasm and he would run ahead of me and pull more. I was trying to pull one at a time but all the clothies griped at me for it..no one died but i left im not going to take criticism for a rogues doing..lol. Guess no one told clothies its tough for a lvl 15 pally to hold aggro with no aggro spells yet.

  46. @ Anon

    Lower level instances are an odd beast. You will get a mix of people that are all in Bind on account gear and completely new people where this is their first toon.

    I would suggest stating that this is your first time tanking and to give you a moment to establish aggro before they "the Clothies & the suicidal Rogue" unload. If you tell them right from the beginning that you are really trying to learn how to properly tank they should be courteous enough to let you do your job. If they still insist on pulling for you. Leave. No one at lvl 15 is a pro, and if they think they are, they are lying ;)

    Keep your chin up & keep at it. Tanking takes a lot of work to perfect but once you do, it's smooth sailin.... until some Deathknight runs a head of you and death grips the boss before the healer is even there....


    Oh sorry, drifted off.

    Keep doing your research & practice. Again, I implore you to go to maintankadin's forums and read up on the 101 stuff.

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  47. i am using the same spec as the one on this page, and i don't know why i can't hold threat, someone told me in a dungeon that "you hold threat like a paper bag" so what am i doing wrong.

    Can you help me?

  48. @ Anon

    If you are only doing Dungeon tanking, this isn't the most "useful" spec for you.

    The spec above is for endgame Raiding.

    What I would suggest doing to change this spec into a Dungeon AoE tank is moving a few points around.

    I would want to invest points into the Ret tree & pick up Seal of Command. This is a MUCH better seal to tank Dungeons because it allows for more AoE threat. Seal of Command does a Cleave and hits multiple mobs while Seal of Vengence only does a DoT on a single target.

    I would also suggest changing out your glyphs as well. Since you are no longer using Seal of Vengence, I would change that out for the Glyph of the Hammer of the Righteous. This allows you to hit an additional target (4). Couple this with the T-10 two set bonus (where the Hammer his 20% harder), this is a monster of a glyph for AoE tanking.

    Make sure that you have consecrate on the floor at all times and perhaps change out your Devotion aura to Retribution of even more AoE threat capibilities. If a mob his you, you gain more threat.

    This comes with a warning though: If you are using Consecrate heavily, you might run into having some mana issues since Consecrate is such a mana hog. Keep Divine Plea up, Use Blessing of Sanctuary, and perhaps invest an additional point into Spritiual Attunement for added mana return when healed.

    Now this doesn't garentee that the DPS wont pull off of you, but using all of these abilities gives you the best AoE threat that you can muster.

    If you are still having trouble with DPS pulling mobs off of you, I would suggest marking the mobs and setting up a kill order. This way, you know which mobs you need to focus on and keep up the most threat.

    Hope this helps!

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  49. Great forum for pally tankers... the only thing i didnt see (but reading a forum at work so might have missed it) and noticed a few people comment on having threat issues. And i know i am stating the obvious, but i have fallen victim to it occasionaly myself... is to remember to cast Righteous Fury. If you notice you are having threat issues after you have consecrated and used your hammer in a mob, chances are you forgot to cast it. Switching specs from Ret or Holy or a death will cause you to lose your buff. :)

  50. Fantastic page for any tankadin, thanks for the humor ;D

    Dewfiend @ Nordrassil