Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Pox On Your Convetionalism!

So I tried your silly heal-the-tank-only-half-way strategy on faction champions. Yeah, it didn't go so well. Probably coulda been because even in PvP gear she (the tank, Fuu) still has 25k armor and the next highest was 17k. Not to mention the clothies. And none of us brought potions or anything to boost armor. It could have been that. But we're casual. Like ultra casual. Like I found out after the raid last night that one of my warlocks didn't have anything enchanted and was wearing an mp5 chest piece. (In his defense, he still pulled a pretty decent DPS number for his gear level and he just got back from a rather long sabbatical, like years. He's also more of a PvP'er.) 

Warlocks do NOT wear mp5.  Srsly.  We have life tap.  Life Tap is way better than mp5.  Healers are comfortable with mp5.  Trust me, the last thing we want is for healers to get too comfortable around us.  Tap early, tap often.  Not often enough to jeopardize your spot on top of the meters, mind you, but at least often enough to keep your healers on edge.

Aaaaanyways, my point is just that maybe the strat wasn't for us. It's not a question of gear level either (the faction champions attempt I'm referring to was not last night with previously mentioned warlock, but the night before. It's just the same casual crew of people, but the slight more raid inclined folks. It was a mind-set example. Why am I explaining so much? Ah, bad writing is bad.)  It's probably more a question of needing the pots and scrolls and little things that you should have to raid but we religiously don't.  I mean, some of us do, but it's not a requirement.  We don't really check.  Personally, I don't really care.  If you can get your job done without an expensive elixir, then by all means, don't bring one.  I'm too competitive to run without one.  I cringe when a mage beats me on the charts (not that that ever happens).  Or even worse, a hunter (hunters have become the new mage in terms of walrocky hatred mind you... the council has spoken.  Not that we're giving mages a free pass, mind you, just that they no longer require our full attention to be put in their place.)

(Except for Gnomeaggedon.  I like him, even in his magery.  I don't know why.  Perhaps because his name resonates with warlock evility.  Hey Gnomer, comment on this crap... check it out... no word verification.  That was for you, buddy.  And I want to experiment with how much spam I actually get.  I mean, I'm kind of a big deal, but not that big.  My apartment smells of rich mohogany.  Burnt rich mohogany.  But my theory is just that I'll probably get the same small amount I normally get anyways, so you're right... why make it harder?  Plus with my recent being blocked from work, I totally feel you when I'm on my iPhone.  /fisttochestbump.  Keep on truckin'.  Gnomer and out and stuff.)

So the problem was, our half healed tank suited in her lowest armor gear yet still in tanking spec, ran in.  They had a Pally/Priest healing combo with a Boomkin and a Mage rounding out their ranged threat.  To finish the six, they were sporting the Shammy and Rogue.  So there were no pets at least, but still that seems to be a messy combination even for a seasoned group.  And I hate this fight anyways.

Our recently naked to remove health and then hastily re-clad Paladin runs in, the enemy melee run out... directly at the almost max-ranged healers.  W. T. F.  Like I said, had we had special drugs, we might have purple-rained death all over their symbolic asses.  But we didn't.  In the strat's defense, up until they began unleashing a multitude of snaring options available to them, with the majority of their focus on a half-tank and a panicked healer... the DPS was able to burn at a pretty decent rate.  Still, that priest of their is a healing pro and tough in conjuction with a pally.  I never thought I'd wish to see a tree in that fight. 

So, while I'm not ready to shelve that approach (and we did try just a normal every-man-for-themselves-and-try-to-live strat a few times too, but they just had so much healing combined with CC that we found it very hard to down anyone), I'd like to offer an alternative Faction Champions strategy.  This flies in the face of conventional tactics, but really uses every group's strongest asset: their Warlock.

Since the introduction of the faction champions farce, Warlocks everywhere have been nom'ed on at an obscene rate.  We're like public enemy number one in there.  So here's my idea: let 'em have us!  Srsly, send your lock in with spam heals and warlock tank the shit out of them.  If you were here for TBC, you know that warlock tanking has been done before.  Just because it's but a ghost of the past, don't let new-age thinking sway you.  Warlocks make good tanks. 

I mean, out of all the clothies, we're the most surviveable.  And the fact that we're cloth-clad here will help us keep aggro.  Plus we can drain life constantly and pop an AoE fear if the healers need a chance to catch up.  Finally, if you're demo specced, you can pop on soul link to share the damage (does anyone know if soul link counts as "effective health" as far as aggro'ing these buggers goes?  If not, what a great little loophole right?).

Think about it.  It has promise right?  Send in the 'lock and keep him up at all costs.  Locks are hated and feared by all, so the faction champs will have no choice but to focus on me, leaving all the other cats in our group free to roam, rape, and pillage.  I'll just sit there, sharded of course because self-sharding ftw, and take it.  I'll steal their help.  CC a bit.  And otherwise be a decoy. 

I'm not above being a decoy.  I mean it beats running all the hell around doing mediocre DPS and struggling to CC a focused target, amirite?  If I'm going to get nom'ed anyways, I'd rather get nom'ed in the face while corrupting your soul and putting fear into your heart that just go quietly running away like some blinking mage or disengaging hunter.  Pansies run from a fight.  And maybe they'll be all scared like: what if this guy is like Rocky Balboa and will just absorb all our punches until we wear ourselves out and the rest of the crew goes in for the knock out punch.

And then we'll be all like: Yo, Adrian! and junk.

It may need some refining, but it's a good idea... right?


  1. I love when your parentheticals have their own parentheticals.

    We really did give that strat the old college try. I think the problem is simply that were just TOO badass. And don't worry, I checked throughout the night and at least at the times I checked, everyone was flasked, buffed, and fed. At worst, people just don't know what kind of gear they should switch into for that fight. Resilience? Hit? Lower armor? Resist? Lingerie?

  2. I got the Birthday Suit covered ;)

  3. @Fuubaar

    Oh I thought that was your lingerie set. Where ever did you get that thong? La Perla? Victoria's Secret? I'm a boy-shorts kinda girl myself.

  4. Fredericks of Hollywood baby.

    Crotchless Raiding Panties is the way to go!

  5. Ohhhh Lordy, those Hunters have shot themselves in the foot and forced their pets to bite the hand that feeds them.

    Who ever would have thought the day where Locks and Mage would not just tolerate each other, but, ummm even join forces to reduce the pet classes by one.

    Screw taming Druids... skin a Hunter's pet today!

    Goodluck with the spam trial!

    Nib got heaps but at least the filter caught 48/49. Ultimately it's what works beat for both reader and blogger. If we can afford to, then I think we should make life easier for our readers... Yes even Gnomes... Even Gnome Mages!

  6. @Jess - Did people use the plus armor flasks? I think we had like... the proper class flasks... but for that strat we really should switch to the bonus armor flasks.

    @Gnomer - So far so good, we'll see tho :-).

    @Kayllnn - Who DON'T you like? ;-)

  7. Yeah I'm with Kayllnn. Srsly. I really, really, RILLY dislike rogues. At least bring me some buffs, man.

    @Ful - were we supposed to? I don't think anyone knew that that was something that we ought to use, or something that might help. I certainly didn't. The mechanics of that fight are so confusing because it's not PvE but it's not PvP, so while everyone else is well prepared for all the other encounters, and good at their stuff, faction champs blows us all out of the water because it's hard to understand the mechanics.

    Not that you said this, but I stubbornly believe that just because a group struggles with faction champs doesn't mean they aren't a solid raiding group. I exclude all struggles on that fight from my overall opinion of our group's raiding ability!

    The fact that we wiped on it SOO many times, really trying all different kinds of possible strategies on Monday night shows that we are a strong and dedicated group, you know? I'm proud of us. We had no problems for the last two weeks, so I think that also helps both you and I recognize that it isn't a very good reflection on our ability.

    zomg this comment is turning into one of our long winded emails.

  8. Well, armor influences aggro right? We talked about that prior to the fight. Also, there exist armor increasing pots. I didn't think we needed them, but what I was saying is that maybe we did. It would have been a cleverer way to approach the strat, but stopping mid raid to go grab some pots isn't really what our group does, so I didn't really mention it. Still, we have really clever casual players, so it's not a stretch.

    I still think we gave it a good try, I just can't say we did completely everything or even if it would have mattered.

  9. Long story short, I still say F this fight.

  10. What we could potentially do, Since Fuu is my Alchemist, is I could hold on to the mats to make these Armor potions. We could do some Theorycrafting on all of the specific types of Mechanics for this fight:

    Lower health - Having the Tanks with half health for the whole fight
    Armor- puting the tanks with lower armor such as lower gear or boosting armor with potions & other ways to highten DPS & healer duribility
    Magic Resist- Making sure that everyone except for the tanks have any type of Magic resist on via Shadow Protection from Priests, aura's from Paladins, etc. etc.
    Proximity- Making sure that healers are the furthest away.

    I know that there are TONS of crafters out there who have done just that. Maybe our problem was that we were only concerned with one or two of these mechanics and we need to have all of them in mind to make this work.

    I have faith in our team that we can find a way that works best for us to smoothly & consistantly succeed in this setting.

  11. @Fuubaar

    I guess what I don't understand about some of the strats is this: if you take away the tanks armor, and half of their health... i mean, are they really a tank anymore? I realize they still have the same abilities, but at that point, does it really matter if the mobs are focusing on them?


    Regarding bringing flasks, yes we talked about it prior to the fight, but not prior to the raid, so I wouldn't have expected anyone to bring extra flasks or something like that for it anyway. If you had liked we could have gone and picked up the flasks i guess, but i dont know about you but i dont have any armor increasing flasks sitting in my bank.

  12. Yeah, my point is just that the strat isn't neccessarily bad, it's just probably not for us.