Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Few Random Links and Thoughts

Major patches certainly bring out the bloggers. There is always a ton to cover, and we always want to try and cover it all. And when our own fingers are bleeding and our brains are mush, we resort to links! Yaaaaay link day!

So, yeah, today is gonna be a quick, random post.

First off, Abigore (not to be confused with his namesake priest that resides among us here) over at Shadow Word: Blog has updated his Demonology guide.  I've been using his Meta/Ruin spec since dual specs were first introduced.  I have to confess that I love it.  His guide has done a wonderful job of preparing me to play like a veteran of the spec, and I can put up some very good numbers with it.  I'm not leaving affliction as my main raiding spec any time soon, but for those easy heroics we're all OP'ing our way through right now, affliction isn't the best spec: stuff dies too fast!  This is where a demo off-spec really shines, and if you follow Abi's advice, you'll be throwing our insane 20k soul fire crits and feeling like an AoE god.  Good stuff.

Second, my afflicted inspiration (the original warlockery as far my life in the blogosphere is concerned), Nibuca, has gotten some time with simulationcraft to come up with her 3.3 pawn numbers.  I shall be tweaking mine shortly to match.  Numbers are always dependent on gear level, and Nibs, as usual, appears to be right around the same gear level I am.  If you are having problems spending your fel-loads of emblems, maybe Pawn can help you out... but only if you feed in the right numbers.  Garbage in, garbage out, and all that jazz.

Finally, less of a link and more of a picture, we have this from the land of Atreia:

Yes, that is me flying, and next to me... my pet!  Spiritmasters rejoice!  Christmas has come early for us; our pets can finally fly!  They're still slow, but at least you can use 'em in an aerial battle.  Heck, I even got to test this out, as some jerk was sitting and ganking lowbies right outside of Primium Fortress.  I had gone out just to test the pet functionality and they had mistaken me for a low level toon.  One dead pidgeon later and lesson learned.  Also, pet tested, pet approved: Nom!

Also, if you haven't heard, Aion is having double experience weekends from now until the end of the year.  Log in, kill stuff, get 2x experience.  Merry Christmas.  I haven't been able to take advantage as my weekends have been pretty busy.  Then I haven't been playing Aion during the week because I've been experiencing Icecrown and trying to get my Frost emblems by religiously running the dailies.  As stuff starts to settle down, I'll get back to leveling in Atreia.

There is also a recruit a friend program going on right now where you can hook a friend up with a free trial.  Anyone looking to try Aion for free?  All you need is an email address and some free time.  Which, if you're chain running heroics like every other WoW player, you probably don't have.  We saw someone in all greens and full tier 9 yesterday.  It was sort of humorous.

That's all for today.  The next few days will probably be short posts and maybe even not happen as I get geared up for our holiday travel.  I still have a few last minute gifts to get too!  Yes, bad bad warlock.  :-)

OH!  I almost forgot.  Check out the anniversary quiz/post/awesomeness over at S&S.  There are a few KeS questions over there!  I know one for sure is in my About Us page, as awful and incomplete as it still stands.  Grats to S&S on their blogiversary: job well done!  Here's to many more posts to come!


  1. I can't wait to see sniffy in his Asmatic Flight form.

    He'll probably be weezing & heeving like crazy chasing after people in the air.

    Air Form in the Air lol.

  2. Somebody's been reading S+S's TLC Thursdays, I fear :D

  3. omg spiritmaster pets can FINALLY FLY?! I really need to spend some quality time with Aion soon. I've been a badbad girlfriend.

    Also thanks! I hope to do this again NEXT year!

  4. w00t! Thanks for the shout out on the Meta/Ruin guide and I'm glad it's been working out for you. More importantly, I'm glad you're actually enjoying the spec lol.

    I got so sick of being asked to go Destruction for Replenishment that I dropped my Destruction build for Affliction >.>

    So far it's pretty fun, but I always miss my Felguard.

  5. Yeah, I try to actively avoid helping others XD.