Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Poll: What should Fuu level next?

Hey gang!

As you can see, I added a new feature to the blog on the left hand side. I've been pondering for a while about what to do next in the game regarding my alt problem.

Here's the thing, I LOVE rolling new toons. I've rolled a new toon on atleast 5 different servers Horde & Alliance to try out the new starting zones that I've never experienced. I currently have 9 Slots filled on Lothar right now and I was saving that 10th for a Worgen when they drop in Cataclysm. I actually deleted my very first toon a few weeks ago that I didn't feel attached to what so ever (It was a Frost Specced mage that barely made it to 18 before I wanted to throw my keyboard out the window). In her place I rolled a baby human warlock that I decked out in BoA gear. She's kinda fun and I believe that if I stuck with it, I could totally get into it.

here is what my Lothar Server looks like right now:

Fuubaar- 80 Protection Paladin Main. She has an off- spec that is ret. I have a few pieces for T9 for ret but I pretty much suck at it. I very rarely if ever get to use my ret spec so I never really get to practice. Her professions are maxed Alchemy (Elixer)/ Herb gathering.

Abigora- 80 Discipline Priest. She has an off- spec that is Shadow. She very rarely (again) gets to use her shadow spec but when she does, I'm total fail at it because I only run as a healer & dont really have the hit gear for DPS. Her professions are maxed with Jewelcrafting/ Skinning.

Tamedfuu- 62 Beastmaster Hunter. She does not have an off-spec because she's been so on & off. She was the toon who recieved my Recruit -a -friend lvls from lvl 40 to 60. I took her out over a month ago to give her a spin with the new lvls and I just felt so out of it with her. Hell, I was trying to remember how to tame something & I totally forgot. She was shelved after that embarassing huntard moment. I think if I actually did some reading again on a good lvling spec & rotation, I could eventually get back into that but until then she's hanging out in Honor Hold half naked because I gave her BoA stuff to my Shaman.

Uvaafuu- 60 Unholy Deathknight. The only Male toon I've ever rolled before in the game (except for my banker but since he's only a lvl 1, he doesn't count). I rolled this guy with Decedereful when DKs where the new hotness. He was sorta fun to play with but I just didn't feel anything for him once I got him to outlands.

Mavrafuu- 27 Feral Druid. I really enjoyed this toon a lot. A lot of situations needed to be thought out because if I pulled more than one, would I be able to get them down in cat form or would I have to switch to bear form? If I needed to heal myself, I could pop out of cat form & cast. Being able to flip through your forms & make quick decisons was something that brought a lot more to the Questing grind. I'm not quite sure why I put her aside.

Raenillia- 18 Elemental Shaman. She is my first and only twink. I've really enjoyed playing with her and pvp really wakes you up. If I know that I will only have a short time to play wow, I'll hop on her & run a few Warsong Gulches pwn a few newbs and go about my evening. I plan to keep her at 19 for a while and shut off her XP gain. I do not plan to lvl her to 80.

Tylina - 7 Warlock. She is my newest creation. The reason why I wanted to lvl her next was because she is a pet class and is a pew pew only sorta gal. My hunter was the only other class that I could get out of the starting zone that couldn't heal. I've ALWAYS found it easier to lvl if you can cast some sort of heal on yourself. (this is probably also why I hated my mage). I feel that pet classes have a distinct advantage when soloing, Duh right? Have your critter take it to the face while you pew pew or escape while he dies for you. I believe that Warlocks have a higher survivability than lets say a mage just become of this reason. I also took herb gathering on this toon so that I can take advantage of the HoT you get as a perk. This will not only allow me to life tap more often but also save my little human butt if I'm in trouble.

Baggons- 1 Rogue. the hottest banker EVER! Will never leave Ironforge (unless there is a good deal going on in SW). He's carved out a path between the bank, the mail box, the AH, & the guild bank. He suplies all of my toons with what ever mats or items that they require.

Ok, since I'm not at home, I think this is all of my toons on Lothar. So, I lied, I only have 8 lol.

So here's what I want out of my next toon.

-I want it to be a DPS ONLY CLASS! If I roll a hybrid type, I'm afraid I'll probably end up healing or tanking on that toon.

-I want to roll a class that is easy to level solo. I may delve into some instancing on my way up but it will not be the majority of my time.

- This toon should be fun & unique to play. Since I already have a plate tank & a healer Clothie, any sort of DPS would be a huge change.

-I would like to have a bursty DPS type. I've leveled my Priest as shadow but when I'm in heroics that everyone over gears, my DoTs dont do enough dps before the mob dies.

So I ask you dear readers, What do you feel would be the best class for me? Would it be a hunter since it's easy to level & it's already a 62? How about a DK because plate is hearty and melee DPS is quite bursty and is lvl 60 already? A Druid for the ability to adapt to any situation with the ability to heal? Or the baby warlock that has a long way to go?

If you could use the poll and vote for your favorite, that would be wonderful. I would also suggest that if you do vote, please make a comment as to why you voted that way. Also, pointing out useful sorces for that Class would be greatly appreciated.

<3 Fuu


  1. DPS only really rules out DK and Druid.

    Both warlock and hunter are easy to level (all pet classes are), DPS, bursty. What you find fun is subjective. I like warlocks better, mostly because you can go affliction ifyou want a different play style to the more common burst DPS.

    Druids are great, particularly if you want to instance a lot (tank/healer will get groups on the way up).

    DKs are obvious proof that the good designers have all left WoW to go to the next unannounced Blizzard MMO. Horrible unbalanced class (hey, why not let all 3 talent trees be tanking trees?) that fits poorly into WoW (our new class is a plate wearing melee DPS tanking caster with DoTs and a pet!).

    Please don't be part of the problem - leave all DKs safely at the capital city in which you complete their starting quest line.

    Merrry Christmas

  2. LOL, love the DK comment. "plater wearing melee DPS tanking caster with DoTs and a pet" lol. Good stuff.

  3. I say the warlock. A cloth wearing caster that allows you to solo elites? A must have for anybody!

  4. I am absolutely loving my New 80 DK, most fun I have had in wow since I started my shammy! (shammies rule!) If you want my opinon though, i would go with the Hunter if you want something that is very different from what you know, or do with the lock if you want a more traditonal caster dps. Keep in mind that Hunters are getting a huge makeover in the next expansion, so even if you master them now you will have to relearn it all again then. Which for me would actually be a awesome thing, but hey, thats just me. See ya around in game!