Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3.3 Is Here! Notes at a Glance.

That's right. It's official. And thanks to Jess from Miss Medicina, I had a lovely copy of the official notes sitting in my inbox this morning. As usual, she is this warlock's personal savior. Especially when she decides to sing once we've got the fight firmly in the bag if only so she can see her nifty macro. "I would do anything for love" has sort of become a last 10% battle cry for us. /shrug. There are worse things.

As usual, I will pick out the ones pertinent to the classes I play here and try to get them out to you quick today before more discussion ensues in the coming days.

Of General Interest
  • New five man dungeon, new raid
  • Cross-realm LFG implemented
  • Meeting stones no longer have a max level 
  • Pets should be immune to tail-swipe now - Yay for no more flying felpup.
  • AoE cap redesigned.  - it's a lot more mathy, but should be better for us.
  • Pets get 100% of your resilience - great for PvP 'locks
  • BG Dailies award arena points - This may get me back into PvP.  I never cared much for arena, but I guess this opens up the arena gear for me now.  I'd love to have it on my DK, just only really like BGs.
  • The last wing of Naxx is now open at all times (don't have to clear the rest)
  • Occulus got nerfed, millions rejoiced.
  • Greatly improved quest tracking built in. - I may get rid of Questhelper now.  
  • Weekly raid quests implemented.  - Woot.  I forsee doing these a lot to switch up the raid schedule.
  • Upgradeable rings for ICC - I always liked this about Kara, glad to see it back.
  • Faction enchants now BoA - I'm going to pick up some of the best ones for my DK now that I don't have to do the rep grind.
Death Knigget
  • Army of the Dead: The cooldown on this ability has been reduced from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. Army Ghoul damage dropped by 50%. Cannot be used in Arenas.
  • Raise Ally: The cooldown on this ability has been reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Cannot be used in Arenas.
  • Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle: There is now a 1-handed version of this rune in addition to the current 2-handed rune.
  • Rune Strike: Threat generated by this ability increased by approximately 17%. 
  • Glyph of Icy Touch: Instead of granting additional runic power, this glyph now causes Frost Fever to deal 20% additional damage.  (ooooh, I may have to switch to this)
Not too much for the DKs.  Important to us DK tanks is that last one.  It doesn't really change a rotation, but you should see a drastic increase in threat generation.  That's a buff.  The Army trade-off isn't bad either.  The damage decreased but the cooldown is also decrease.  Now, you can probably shoot to use this on each boss (except in a no-trash raid like ToC).  In my mind, this is a good thing.

The Warlockery
  • Affliction
    • Improved Drain Soul: This talent now reduces threat by 10%/20%, up from 5%/10%. (buff, yay)
    • Improved Felhunter: This talent now also reduces the cooldown on the felhunter’s Shadow Bite ability by 2/4 seconds. (buff and see next)
    • Shadow Mastery: This talent now also increases the damage done by the felhunter’s Shadow Bite ability by 3/6/9/12/15%. (Word on the street is that this effectively puts the felpup to the top of the affliction warlock's pet choice list.  I <3 my felpup and this change.  I'll have to spec back into IF though I believe.  More on that in the next few days.)
  • Demonology
    • Decimation: Redesigned. When Shadowbolt, Incinerate or Soul Fire hit a target that is at or below 35% health, the cast time of Soul Fire is reduced by 20/40% for 8 seconds. Soul Fires cast under the effect of Decimation cost no shards. (what was the old one, I think this is a buff)
    • Demonic Pact: This talent now also increases the warlock's spell damage by 1/2/3/4/5%. (buff)
    • Molten Core: Redesigned. This talent now increases the duration of Immolate by 3/6/9 seconds and provides a 4/8/12% chance to gain the Molten Core effect when Corruption deals damage. The Molten Core effect empowers the next 3 Incinerate or Soul Fire spells cast within 15 seconds (Incinerate: increases damage done by 6/12/18% and reduces cast time by 10/20/30%; Soul Fire: increases damage done by 6/12/18% and increases critical strike chance by 5/10/15%). Molten Core now has a new spell effect. (this may change some rotations, but a buff overall I think)
  • Destruction
    • Conflagrate: Redesigned. This talent now consumes an Immolate or Shadowflame effect on the enemy target to instantly deal damage equal to 9 seconds of Immolate or 8 seconds of Shadowflame, and causes additional damage over 3 seconds equal to 3 seconds of Immolate or 2 seconds of Shadowflame. In addition, the periodic damage of Conflagrate is capable of critically striking the afflicted target.
    • Destructive Reach: This talent now reduces threat by 10%/20%, up from 5%/10%.
    • Ruin: This talent now also increases the critical strike damage bonus of the imp’s Firebolt spell by 100%. (great for those times when you need an imp, or if you're destro to begin with) 
  • Other
  • Avoidance (passive): Now reduces the damage your pets take from area-of-effect damage by 90%, but no longer applies to area-of-effect damage caused by other players. (this makes sense and should be good for PvE play)
  • Doomguard/Infernal: These pets now innately have Avoidance like all other warlock pets.
  • Inferno: The cooldown on this summoning spell has been reduced from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. Cannot be used in Arenas. (I need to get back into using this and the doomguard more... laziness has made me just run with the same pet)
  • Shadow Bite: This pet ability now does 15% increased damage for each of the warlock’s damage-over-time effects on the target. (Go Go Gadget Felpup)
  • Summon Imp: This ability is now available from the trainer for level 1 warlocks and no longer requires a quest to learn.
  • Glyph of Life Tap: The effect of this glyph now has a chance of activating when Dark Pact is used.
  • Glyph of Quick Decay: This glyph allows for the warlock’s haste to reduce the time between periodic damage effects of Corruption. (This may have just become a "must have" for an affliction lock.  Corruption is a huge staple and this should be awesome)
So, in short, I'm going to start using the Felpup right away.  He got some massive buffage in this patch and I'll look for the maths to support his being the best DPS choice for raiding affliction warlocks.  I'll also need to reanalyze my spec to make sure I'm taking advantage of all the Felhutner talents.  This is the major change to take from this patch.  Also, word on the street is also that affliction will be the new King of Raids.  Looks like I'll need to take a sojourn over to EJ this weekend to make sure the maths support the theorycrafting.  If anyone gets there before me, feel free to shoot me a link and make my life easier.

    • Enchant Weapon - Black Magic: This enchantment now sometimes increases haste rating for the caster rather than inflicting the caster’s target with a damage-over-time effect. It is also now triggered by landing any harmful spell rather than inflicting damage with a spell. 
    • Enchant Weapon - Unholy: This enchantment now inflicts Shadow damage in addition to its original effect.
Anyone know if the maths support these being any good?  I still think spellpower is the best option...
No tailoring changes that I see, nor anything particularly titillating for the miners and engineers of the world.  There are also several "bug fixes" for Warlocks and DKs, but nothing earth-shattering there either.  A lot of the stuff is how I would assume it would operate, and am now like: "oh, I guess that would be a bug."  

Sometime in the next few days I'll update my guides on the left.  I believe the pet choice is the main thing that will need change.  Rotation should stay the same for affliction.  Spec may change slightly.   Glyphs will probably change a slight bit.

I'm trying to badger Fuu into doing a glance of the Paladin stuff, and I'm sure Jess will do more than a glance of the Priestly endeavors.  That about covers our class interests.  For reference, the official notes can be found here.  This is an exciting patch and hopefully ICC is everything we'd hoped it would be.  I'm mostly ecstatic to finally get some love on the afflicted side of things. :-)

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