Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not A Creature Was Stirring

Twas the eve before Winter's Veil, when all through the house
Not a minion was stirring, not even a mouse;
Ful: That's probably because I killed it.
Dece: *giggles*
Fuu: Shh, I'm reading here!
The stockings were hung on the chimney with care,
In hopes that someone would fill them.
Abi: That doesn't rhyme
Fuu: This is the short format.
Abi: I have the real version. 
Fuu: I like this version better.
So we're all asleep, and everything is peaceful,
Then, there was a really loud noise.
Ful: You're making this up as you go, aren't you?
Fuu: Shh!  Let the minions enjoy the story for Lightssake!
Well, naturally I jumped up and ran to the window,
To see what was the matter.  It was my duty after all.
I mean, Protection is what I do.
And down below, you wouldn't believe what I see,
But a dozen pretty reindeer, staring back at me.
Abi: And now you're switching verb tenses.
Fuu: Do you want it to rhyme or not?
Ful: Damn mounts are munchin' on the holly again I see.
Fuu: Shut it.
Dece: *Snickers*
Just as I was looking at these magical reindeer and thinking:
WTF are they doing here, and who's going to take care of them...
Ful: Not to mention the poop.  Reindeer poop is-
THIS BIG RED GUY comes popping out of nowhere.
It was as if the Light himself had created this man, how he shone.
His face was all rosy and he cried in a loud tone:
"On Metzen!" (And some other names I don't remember).
Those reindeer, well they were hooked to a sleigh,
And flying quickly and nimbly they came.
Abi: Oooh a slant rhyme.
They landed on the roof, with much to-do,
And the big-man dismounted and waited a few.
Then he picked up a large magical bag,
(And it was expensive, I could tell,
You can't find it easily at the Auction House, I looked.)
And headed for the chimney with all of the swag.
When I turned around, I was amazed to see,
That down he had come and was looking at me.
Abi: You used that rhyme already.
Fuu: Yeah well, stick with what works.
Ful: This big guy fit down our chimney?  Seriously?  
Have you been getting into the holly too? 
Fuu: Umm, hello?  Magical chimney is magical.  Duh.
Dece: Oh, burn!  Frostbite even. 
Ful: Girl, watch yourself, I'll come over there and-
SO! As we're having this stare down,
He gives me a wink.
Ful: What's he doing winking at my wife?! I swear I will-
AND a smile.
Ful: Oh, it's on big guy.  It's ON.
And he starts to take toys out of that bag he's had all the while.
He said to me then: "It's a good thing those minion are all quietly asleep in their beds.
With visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads,
Or I might not have been able to leave Dusty these new threads."
Abi: That's three in a row.
Fuu: I can count, thanks.
Ful: What the fel is a sugar-plum?
I just nodded, because what do you say
To a man that refuses to allow a chimney to hinder his way?
I watched as the gifts, beneath the tree he did lay,
Ful: And then I made things out of clay, and went to play down by the bay.
And jumped in some hay.  And-
And he told me that: "I would have liked to get Ful something,
But he's been a bad 'lock, so he only gets this Fel Ore."
Ful: Yesssss!
Fuu: *Sighs* You're hopeless.
So then, with his quest now complete, 
He went up the chimney and back into the street.
I watched from afar and from the window I did wave,
And he told me: "Make sure those minions all behave!"
So I gave my word, as any good Paladin might,
While he mounted up and prepared to take flight.
But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight:
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

Abi: What's Christmas?
Ful: I know! It's an alcoholic beverage sold by that wine vendor: Christi.  
Merry Christimas all, let's drink!


  1. Nice. Way better than my crappy song! lol

    Happy merry Winter Veilmaskah!

  2. :-) TY both. And Syr, I liked the crappy song... no way am I going to preform it though ;-).