Friday, December 31, 2010

It's a Celebration, Bishes.

Happy New Years, everyone!  We're getting the house ready for a party.  It sort of feels like leveling in Vashj'ir. This concept may or may not have reflected itself in today's short tidbit.  You decide:

Decedereful swam toward the small box of treasure, excited to be able to... A naga spear glanced off her shoulder.  Suddenly, she was surrounded by naga.  There were naga everywhere.  She killed one, but they kept coming.  It was terrible.  So many naga.  Fins pressing in on her face, feeling slimy in the briny water.  Scales rubbing against scales making an awful hissing noise as fish flesh pressed in upon her.  Strangely, Decedereful realized she was naked.  She swore she'd had her armor on before this, but it was gone in an instant.  She could feel cold, reptilian limbs tickling her feet, rubbing her neck.  It was as if the entire legion of naga had surrounded her and was coming in for a big, nude group hug.  No matter the vehemence with which she batted them away, another filled it's place.  As concentration fled her mind, she lost control of the spell that allowed her to breath underwater.  Frigid, grainy water flooded her mouth and raced down into her lungs, coating her tongue and throat.  Could a Death Knight even drown?  Would yet another death provide her a release?  Or would there just always be this awful taste of salt water and the feel of slithering bodies around her as she...

The Death Knight sat bolt upright in bed.  Pulling at the sodden shift that clung to her soaked body, her eyes swept the room.  What an awful dream.  She stood up and pulled off the thin undergarment, getting a fresh one from a pile near her wooden dresser.  She sniffed it.  It smelled clean enough, so she threw it on over her head and returned to bed.  She sank back down, letting the panic and tension that had seemed so real in the nightmare drain from her like warm water through a sieve.  Clearing her mind, she tried to focus on happy memories.    Finally, she settled on one in particular.  It had been - well, with the recent time flow issues, she wasn't quite sure, but certainly a while - since she'd been reunited with her brother at the Argent Tournament.  Shortly thereafter, she'd accompanied him to the legendary city of Dalaran.  It had been her first glimpse at the magical spires, and it had come on a day rife with celebration.  Decedereful couldn't remember anymore what they'd been celebrating, but for her it had been new beginnings.

To new beginnings, she mused as she drifted off.  And then, she dreamed a much happier dream:

Do DK's even dream? Do they need sleep? Is this even canon? I don't know. I suppose it could be. What I do know is that when you're cleaning the house for a party, the spawn rate of jobs is tweaked WAY too high. Stupid dynamic spawning...


  1. hehe, add wee little ones to your mix and the spawn rate seems bugged. Things once cleaned are once again a mess with toys and goodies.


  2. The spawn rate of the beers was bugged too I think. :-)