Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Morning After Pill

Well, we binged yesterday. I find it's good to indulge in a true binge every now and then.  Generally, we're quite responsible about our gaming hobby.  We keep it to a few hours a night, depending on other obligations.  We still go out in the world and interact.  We know our neighbors, we're involved in our community, etc etc snore snore.

Yesterday I ate at least two dozen Pixie Stix, downed a good sixer of caffeinated beverage, ate pizza at the keyboard, and played from just about 8AM till 11PM.  We took an hour break for a shower and a quick trip to a nearby brewery for grub and beer, then came right back to it.  The result is that I now have a level 13 Worgen Druid (balance) and my 'lock is halfway to 82.  The DK, sadly, has been untouched as of yet.  PvP will just have to wait.

Personally, I think binging is good to do every once in a while.  It sort of get's it out of your system.  I feel a lot less antsy today at work (though admittedly still pretty antsy) than I otherwise would have felt had I not put in a marathon day yesterday.  Also, I'm a firm believing in experiences that you can talk about later.  Who doesn't love "back in the day" stories... even if you're supposed to "know better".

Anyways, I wanted to relate my reflections from the morning after the one day stand.  I'll keep the thoughts brief, because work apparently collapses if I'm not here for a day (aka, I'm swamped).  Here we go:
  • Spawn rates are ridiculously high.  Sometimes, it can be frustrating as you can't get the mobs to leave you alone.  It's great when you're in a highly populated area though.  I assume they'll crank it down eventually, so if you want to avoid frustratingly high spawn rates, give it a couple weeks.
  • Lothar went through the transformation completely stable as a server.  We've had no queues and no crashes as far as I'm aware.  Really, just about all you could ask for in a launch.  Flawless.  Never seen anything like it.  Maybe a bit of lag here and there, but totally playable.
  • Starting zones are crowded, as expected, but the extensive use of phasing really hides it from you.  Sure I see a bunch of people, but it's only really the people that are within 10 minutes of the same place I'm at in the storyline (especially Worgen-wise).  I love what they've done here.  Sure, there are some natural chokepoints, but for the most part it feels populated without being overwhelming.
  • My first Warlock point was spent in Bane.  I'm filling that up first.  I already had Shadow and Flame filled.  Then I'm getting the Improved Soul Fire talent.  Haven't looked to see when I get my new spells, probably should do that.
  • I'm levelling as Affliction for now.  With Fuu and I working together, stuff still seems to die pretty fast.  I may switch to Demo eventually, but I want to get more comfortable in the new-ish rotation.  I'm also trying to weave Soul Fires in as if it provided a haste buff, just to try and get used to what will be.
  • We started in Vash'jir.  Beautiful.  Well designed.  Tons of fun.  I love the 3D environment too. 
  • Sadly, I've already gotten greens to replace a lot of my raid gear.  I've broken up my 4 piece bonus and don't even have it enchanted yet.  Apparently higher end raid gear doesn't last very long.  I'm way under hit cap, which is cool because I'm 81 now, so we can still raid old stuff and I don't have to worry about misses.  Plus, you shouldn't be facing anything more than 2 levels above you if you're instancing either.  Keep an eye on your hit value, but you should only need to cover two levels which isn't really all that much.
  • I feel like I'm missing something with enchanting.  I got a few new patterns and the mats are stacking up in my bags, but I can't enchant anything with new mats that is under ilevel 300.  The drops are only 275 right now.  So I basically can't level it unless I use old mats, which I'm getting none of.  Seems kinda dumb to me, but eventually I suppose I'll be fine.  And there's always vellums.
  • Fighting over Herb nodes is ridiculous! When you first catch a glance of a yellow dot on your screen you better drop what ever you're doing and gather it or you'll be out of luck. Funny story: (This is Fuu btw) I saw a node so I swam to it. Well with our "lovely" High Spawn rates, I had two Naga chomping at me when I finally arrived. Normally, if there is just one, I can Hammer of Justice it, Gather, then continue to kill the mob. With two, you don't have that luxury. I knocked one of them out and attempted to gather. The other took a potshot at me before I finished gathering. To my dismay, a druid watched this entire thing waited until I got interrupted and then sneaked in and picked it before I could do anything about it. TL;DR Don't meander over to a node thinking that 5 others aren't frantically fighting over it already ;-)
That's all for now.  Gotta run.  You guys got any informative or entertaining reflections?


  1. I leveled with my brother & boyfriend for the first part of the afternoon, but it soon became apparent that they were all for rushing & I wanted to take it a bit slower. When I was with them I was affliction and had my blueberry out. When I went solo, he died pretty quickly when I would pull more than 3 mobs. Since I usually pull 3-5 mobs at a time (goddess of death FTW!) this wasn't good.

    About 2 hours before I logged for the night I switched over to Demo. I didn't have a lot of experience with Demo outside of raiding (and I still blundered at that) and I hadn't raided Demo since before 4.01 so the new spells and priorities are kind of off for me. I need to fix my buttons because I just don't have things in a comfortable spot. I find I keep hitting the wrong things over and over again. But! It was much easier to keep pulling the multiple mobs, downside was I wasn't getting my passive healing from the affliction tree that I rely on.

    I think what I will need to do is just stay affliction and respec out of destro and just put the points in demo to keep my blueberry alive. Because I know myself, I won't be able to resist pulling several mobs at once.

    Also - I am VERY happy my first toon I am leveling is a tailor/enchanter. I don't have to fight over nodes :D

  2. Yeah, not a bad idea for a leveling spec. The low hanging fruit on the Demo side offers some good survivability increases. I'm happy with tailor/enchanter too... except how to level right away? What's up with the ilvl 300 requirement? Where are volatile fires? It seems hard to level them right now, but I've only just started, so I'm optimistic that it'll smooth out once I get a bit farther.

  3. I am leveling in hyjal and getting them off the fire elementals. I have also gotten some earth & air.

    I have a large stockpile of northrend enchanting mats, so I plan to enchant my gear with those and try to get points there.

  4. I am totally for the high re-spawn rate, especially with the "Kill 10 _____" quests. I basically sit in one spot and they come running at me.

    My biggest complaint with Vash'jir is "druids". Picking herbs with those darn seals swim right up and beat me to the plant. But I guess if it wasn't a seal, it'd be a bird. /sigh.

  5. Only had 90 minutes to play yesterday so decided to go on my druid before the lock. Mining like herbs was crazy. A node would pop up right next to me and I would start mining and before I was done 2 or 3 more people were there trying to mine.

    Worst part is the few specific mobs that you ahve to kill. Had 30+ people waiting and trying to fight for aggro when it spawned. After 15 minutes I gave up on it and woke up at 5 AM to just do those two quests. At least no one was there at that hour. :)

    JC like enchanting is going to be slow. We have a path but gems are very hard to get. As for volatile fires I got just 2 of them from 9 obsidium nodes. Drop rate doesn't look too high or I had poor luck.

  6. I'm so not looking forward to fighting for mining nodes. I may head back to Northrend and see if I can find Rich Saronite & Titanium to level up with instead.

  7. I take back everything negative I said about leveling professions. Deathsilk makes tailoring awesome and with the vellums being at the vendor now... you can sell some mad haste enchants!