Friday, December 24, 2010

A Very Warlocky Christmas

The United Warlock Musical Association (UWMA) is proud to present A Very Warlocky Christmas!  This six(seis(6)) disk set features some of the best Christmas songs sung by UWMA recording artists.  Here's just a sample of what you'll hear:

Bark! The Hungry Felpups Sing.
 - Sparky's Seven

The First DoT Cast
 - Hand of Gul'dan

Joy to the World (The Mage is Dead)
- Calling All Warlocks

Silenced Night
 - Midnight and The Sixxx Succubi

Shadow Balls (Shadow All The Way)
- On Lock

Magenuts Roasting On An Open Fire
- DJ Destro Remix

All I want for Christmas is Green Flame
- The Official Forum

Oh, Unholy Night
 - Berry Blue and the Blueberries

What Demon Form is This?
 - Purple Epic

We Curse You Some Deadly Elements (And a Bane of Agony)
- Aff'locks Inc.

That Bell Song 
- Some Evil Guy

The Little Drummer Imp
- Spaz and Friends

Shadowy Christmas
 - A Duet With A Shadow Priest

Here Comes Demonform (Right Down BG Lane)
- Demonologism

Oh Come All Ye Summoned
 - WizRL

The Thirteen Days of Covenmas (Five Soooooul Shards!)
- The Cast Out Carolers

We Want Kings (From Paladins Now)
 - The Casters

Light Rest Ye Mana-less Healers (Better Hurry The Fel Up)
 - GoGoGo

Felsteed the Firstmount
- Formerly Known As Tim

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Dreadsteed
- The Coven Children's Choir

Happy Holidays Everyone!


  1. Alright, now you have my attention! You had better get started writing those songs for next Xmas, or someones getting a red ribboned box of BOOM for their gift! So says the crazy gnome 'lock!

  2. Happy holiday to the two of you. *hums to herself Joy to the World*

  3. :-) Hope you guys had a great one.