Friday, December 3, 2010

He Melts Her Ice Stone

The world was ending.  Certainly it was.  There was no other explanation for it.  Such were Decedereful's thoughts as she stared at the baby blue curtains now adorning the windows in her brother's manor.  Baby blue.  The Mage color.  How had that come to pass?

"You like the curtains, deary?" Minerva asked cheerily, appearing beside Decedereful.

"They're bright," Decedereful observed guardedly.

Her brother would set those on fire the second he stepped through the door.  The problem was, he wasn't stepping through the door.  It had been several hours since they'd left him and the Captain in Stormwind, and they'd heard nothing.  Surely, they'd have heard of a success by now.

Minerva had been blinking around the room, tidying up various things as if she'd been handed a personal quest by Sylvanas herself to eradicate all messiness from the world.  Abigora was deeply entrenched in one of her tomes at the kitchen table, though she did look wistfully at the door every now and then.  That basically left Decedereful to her own devices, which was grating on her like claws scraping a block of ice.  She didn't know who she was more worried about, her brother or the mysterious Mr. Wow.

Light!  She didn't even know his real name!  She was going to have to remedy that when she got her hands on him again.  The moment they'd ported in, he'd run off headlong into a pile of those mildly irate elementals.  Burn him!  What did he think he was doing?  Sure, they'd been bearing down on the group from behind, unseen, but why did he have to be so blasted heroic about the whole thing?  Sacrificing himself to distract them.  That sort of chivalry didn't exist anymore.  Well, he'd better have gotten away.  If not, she was going to kill him!

Ugh!  What was she even doing?  Going on like this about a man she hardly knew.  Unbidden memories of kissing him after the fall of the Lich King resurfaced vividly in Decedereful's brain.  His warm body pressed against hers.  Hot and cold, melding together.  Melting, warm and wet.  There was just something so... natural about him.  She hated to admit it, but he really appealed to her more animal instincts.  She felt like a felling druid in heat.  Decedereful sighed and then looked at the undead Mage who was staring up at her thoughtfully.  Not for the first time, the Death Knight was glad she couldn't blush.

Minerva smiled knowingly, then blinked away to a nearby table to begin dusting it off.  What was that woman playing at?  Decedereful had a hard time seeing her as the mother of the hard nosed Paladin she'd come to know as her brother's wife.  Fuubaar definitely took after her father.

Speaking of her father, where was he?  And the rest of them!  By the Light, she was going to put them all in a block of ice when they got back.  Why had she even agreed to leave?  She should be helping, not hiding out in a manor, waiting for her world to fall apart around her.

Decedereful stalked over to the wall and stared blankly at the calendar pinned up there.  Idly, she noted that the month had been changed.  Fulguralis's minions must have been keeping the place while they'd all been gone.  Speaking of them, where were they?  Normally, she'd come back to find them all sitting around the table playing board games or hanging from the ceiling talking in tongues, or whatever it was demonic minions did in their spare time.

Ever so slowly, the actual letters of the month settled in on her.  She glanced out a nearby window.  For a moment she was puzzled, then her mouth dropped.  Could this be right?  How had this happened?

"Abi," Decedereful said with trepidation.  "Come here."

The bookworm stood up and sauntered over.  "Hmm, that's odd," Abigora announced, putting a long finger on the calendar page.  "It seems someone's marked of months-worth of days in advance."

"Or..." Decedereful offered, pointed out the window.

Minerva blinked over and took a look, "How strange.  It seems as if time itself has been distorted on us."

"Impossible, time is linear," Abigora argued.  "Clearly, a mistake has been made in the calendar."

"Then how do you explain that," Decedereful asked, pointing once again out there window, where the foliage seemed to match the calendar.

"Perhaps some sort of disease or fungus?" Abigora offered.

Minerva had summoned up a complex image of what appeared to be celestial bodies.  She was studying it intently.  "No disease, I'm afraid," she said.  "Look here," she pointed, "the movement of the stars seems to match the month too.  I'm afraid we've been transported through time."

"You did this!" Decedereful sputtered.  "You... your... Magey portals!"

"I did no such thing, young lady!" Minerva said, crossing her arms.  She blinked over to the door and opened it.  "Oh, dear," she moaned.

Decedereful hurried to her side.  The vista outside was alien to her.  Where she should have seen the unbroken rolling plains and grassy knolls of the countryside, she saw pockets of charred land.  Ruined structures dotted the landscape, remnants of other homesteads.  The landscape had been drastically changed, though the manor seemed miraculously untouched.

"What happened?" Decedereful asked the obvious.

"A Cataclysm, of course," Abigora answered matter-of-factly.

Decedereful glared at her.  "How long have we been gone?"

Minerva responded, "It's hard to say, dear.  Everything is... rather disheveled.  I'm not sure why.  Several months for sure, maybe even a year."

Decedereful issued a tinny whistle, "Then who knows where our loved ones are now.  They could have back already and out searching for us."

"That is," Abigora interjected, "assuming that the second portal was the one that malfunctioned."

"My portal did not malfunction!" Minerva said, folding her arms.

"All the same," Decedereful replied, "we ride to Stormwind.  Hopefully we'll be able to track down what happened once we get there."


  1. I am really digging this story. I can't wait until next week for the next installment! :D

  2. Thanks! It's actually about to get real convoluted up in here, like Lost style. It's probably going to be completely "hack" too, but at least it should be fun and entertaining!