Friday, December 17, 2010

Picking Up The Pieces

Decedereful looked around at the ruined remains of what had once been the park in Stormwind city. It looked as if something had taken a giant bite out of the land, and sheer cliffs now dropped down to the ocean with a fine view of the harbor. If it weren't for the charred and twisted wreckage, one might say it was picturesque.

Abigora and Minerva were picking through rubble behind her, looking for bodies.  They all feared the worst.  I shouldn't have let my brother go again, Decedereful thought.  He always seemed so strong, so invincible.  How could there be anything out there that could kill him?

"Adimrin' the work o' Deathwing are ye?" A rather gruff Dwarven voice said.

Decedereful looked down at the bearded figure next to her.  Dirty hands and a smudged face seemed to indicate that the stout Dwarf had been digging through wreckage as well.  Perhaps he had lost someone here too.

"Deathwing?" Decedereful asked.  She'd never heard of any Deathwing before.

The Dwarf looked at her askance, "Aye, Deathwing.  Bringer o' Destruction and all that.  Ye cannae tell me ye haven't heard o' him."

Decedereful simply nodded.  What was there to say?  That she had trouble even placing what month it was due to being ripped forward through time?  For some reason, it seemed to her like the world had bigger problems than a mere time-flow issue.  Heck, the Mages probably had that one figured out already.

"Always liked the park," the Dwarf said, shaking his head and trundling away.

Decedereful turned around and went back to join the other two women nosing through the charred junk, looking for clues to what might have happened to their loved ones.  There were scores of ruined manacles, remnants of the elemental invasion, but no bodies.  Had they gotten out somehow? If so, where were they?

For all the Death Knight knew, they could all have been running around for months looking for her and the other girls while they'd been lost in time.  Yet, maybe it hadn't been the portal from Stormwind that had time warped them, but the trip from Northrend.  Maybe both.  She had no way of pinpointing exactly when the break occurred, and that made it nearly impossible to try and discern if she was even looking in the right place.

Frustration blazed within the Death Knight's icy chest plate.  She suddenly found herself with both of her weapons, an axe in one hand and the legendary Quel'Delar in the other.  Her pent up fury was released with a howling blast into the stones in front of her.  They froze, crackling a bit, and she struck them with her blades.  Hard.  Stone shattered, spraying pebbles in her face and around her.  Still, she kept at it, hacking away a pile of rubble in a blind fury.  Not really looking for anything, just wanting to destroy something, anything.

After several minutes, she noticed that Minerva and Abigora were standing furtively off to one side, eying her with concern.  Her blades slowed to a halt.  She stood panting, staring down at the green grass.  The pile she'd been hacking at was strewn about her in fine bits.  With a tinny sigh, she slumped to her knees, exhausted. 

It was at this point that Decedereful caught sight of a rather prominent piece of bone sticking up from the ground.  Fortunately, her destructive rant seemed to have it in tact.  The Death Knight reached out a hand and picked it up, holding it up to the light.  Is this a piece of my brother?

"I know that bone!" Minerva announced excitedly.  The short, Undead Mage scurried over and snatched it from Decedereful's grasp. "The man always did have a strong jaw," she mused.

Decedereful was confused.  Shouldn't the woman be sad if she'd just found a piece of her late husband?  Surely that's the jaw she was referring to.

"Abigora, would you be a dear," Minerva continued happily, placing the bone back on the ground.

The Night Elf Priest bounced over to the jawbone and frowned.  "I'm not sure if there's anything I can..."

"Nonsense," Minerva interrupted.  "He was only reanimated flesh and bone to begin with.  It's not like you have to reconstruct something living, dear.  Simply summon his spirit back.  The stubborn man will do the rest on his own, I assure you."

Abigora shrugged and raised her hands in front of her.  White Light began to emanate from her fingers as she wriggled them toward the ground.  The bone began to glow.  A soft rumbling started up around them as the small pieces of rubble began clanking together.  It was almost like an earthquake, yet the earth did not move beneath their feet.  Abigora dropped her hands, staring intently at the single bone, bouncing like a jumping bean in the middle of the clearing.

Though the Light faded with the end of Abigora's spell, the vibrations did not.  If anything, they got louder and more pronounced.  Little bits seemed to shoot out from under piles of stone to gather around the bone.  Then began to stack up in a lumpy pile, growing bigger by the second.  As Decedereful watched, astonished, the bits began to stick together and take shape.  A leg here, and arm there.  A... what was that?  The Death Knight decided she didn't want to know.

There was a sound like a thunderclap, and Decedereful blinked reflexively as she was showered with particles.  When she opened her eyes, she was greeted with a very angry Melvin Brightrune, reanimated once more.  The Captain bent down with a look of irritation and grabbed his jawbone.  He snapped it back into place with a sickening pop.  He began mumbling curses.

"Captain!" Abigora exclaimed joyfully.

Brightrune looked around, "How long was I out?"

"Ask your wife," Decedereful replied dryly.

"It was not my portal!" Minerva objected.

The Captain frowned, "That's what you always say."

Minerva glared at her husband, "I brought you back into this world!  I can take you back out!"

Abigora cleared her throat, "Actually, I did that."

Brightrune laughed, "Good to see you too, dear.  Have I told you how much more beautiful you look today?"

Minerva raised an eyebrow, but couldn't quite hide her smile.  As she walked over to give her husband a hug, Decedereful heard her mumbling.  All she caught was: "- liked him better as a pile of..."