Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aptly Named: Throne of Tides

Elkagorasa talked about it yesterday here, but I wanted to quickly share my experiences with the Throne of Tides.  Fuu and I teamed up with guildies to give a new dungeon a try.  At the time we were all level 81 and that means there were only two dungeon choices.  We settled on Throne of Tides.  We grouped up, then attempted to queue for it...  Wait, what is this?  Someone does not meet the requirements?  But we're all level 81 and still (at least partially) raid geared.  How can this be?

Recall that there is that little new criteria that you have to have discovered the entrance once before you'll be able to queue for a dungeon.  So our first adventure quickly became: how the fel do we get to this so-called Throne of Tides?  Fortunately, there are those among us that see large whirlpools and think "hey, I bet that'd be interesting to swim into."  Don't ask me why.  That person is not me.  I see giant swirling death.

So, fortunately, there was one among us that knew to use the huge oceanic toilet to get to the dungeon.  Yeah, the one smack in the middle of the Shimmering Expanse in Vash'jir.  You can't miss it.  Those cursed Naga are attempting to burrow into the Water Plane and all that jazz.

Having found the entrance, we proceeded to use the stone to summon folks like myself who were wary about said large vortex (also, who were not nearby).  Once the five of us were together, we ventured in.  The first thing that was said over vent: "Eww, tentacles".  Yes, there are two wavy tentacles that block off a side passageway each.  The initial path in this dungeon is straight ahead.  Some trash and a quick ride on a jellyfish brings you to a second level where you continue through several fights to the last room.  Killing the boss in there will send you back to the front, since the tentacles will have left, opening the final two wings.  We went right and then left, as I think you're supposed to do.  It can be a bit confusing, especially if, like us, you try to do it without consulting any online resources (but you're here now! ha ha!).

Elk does a great job of running through the bosses and important mobs in the bottom half of the post I linked above.  I'm not going to redo the good work.  I will say, however, that you can pretty much wing each of the fights.  Especially if you have DBM.  It'll warn you about the thingy that requires interrupting, as well as warn about some of the harder hitting abilities.  In part raid gear, part leveling gear, it was pretty easy, though not without some close calls.  A great first instance, say I.

There are two tips I want to give that may not be obvious.  The first is to use the teleporter to get back after the tentacles are gone.  There is a two-point teleporter in this dungeon.  Waiting on that damn jellyfish is stupid.  At least, we all got impatient.
The second is that after the final boss makes you huge, don't just stand around gawking at each other and going "well this is cool, but why do we still have a DoT on us?"  Because that's what we did.  We didn't see the huge sucker-mouth-thingy up on the wall that was spewing... ink (?) and death at us.   Since the debuff appears to stack, we were fighting a losing battle after we'd stood dumbstruck for half the fight.  We burned and, somehow, I was the only one left standing.  We still won though.  Just... look for the sucker mouth.  It's up on the wall.  Sucker mouth = bad.  Dunno how we missed it.

Finally, not really a tip but a general observation, we did make use of some CC and "old" tactics here.  We did a few LoS pulls.  We sheeped some things.  While we probably could have gotten by without CC, I think it definitely made things smoother.  I've definitely not been enticed to spec into fear yet, but I've found having my Succubus tends to be great as she'll pick out the rogue adds and seduce them.  Heck, sometimes we'd not be aware she had a caster all riled up on the other side of the room: "Oh, there's another add left."  Dirty, dirty Succubus.

So if you're looking to shuffle things up with a dungeon run, Throne of Tides is a great place to start.  Easily do-able for folks in the 80-82 range.  Good experience, some decent drops.  Nothing to write home about, but it gets the party started.  Rather well designed, visually appealing, and boss fights that are engaging without being gimmicky.  Just make sure you give yourself a swirly to get in.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to head to the RL throne room.


  1. Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy that dungeon. The mixed fighting styles, the warlocky bits are fun, and even got a few nice upgrades. For you, I've put a bookmark link. That way your readers don't need to read my fluff!..

    This weekend, I am hoping to make the run out to Blackrock Mountain (starts me singing "Big Rock Candy Mountain" in my head). That way I'll have 2 level appropriate dungeons on my marry-go round.

  2. Ha, no problem. Your post provided a key ingredient to my "walk the line of not spoiling yet being helpful for those who have tried it" recipe. That way, if they're looking for more specifics, they can go on. Otherwise, I haven't spoiled anything. That, and I couldn't remember (or look up at work) any of the stupid boss names.

  3. Heya - if you're running affliction, you can outlast tanks and healers on the squid with drain life spam... it can get you the kill on an otherwise ugly attempt. I've found (at 85 in heroics) that I can tank bosses for non-trivial periods with drain life. Whee!

    Glyphed Fear and the Felhunter are the way I've been running (I've never liked the succubus), but I'm glad to hear her AI has got a bit better.

    IMO, the keys to affliction DPS in Cataclysm so far are mastery of Soul Swap (mouseover macro FTW) and Improved Soul Fire (which is another dirty damn destro nuke, but what are you going to do?).

    Get ready to be banishing a lot!

    - Rali

  4. Right, seems to me Fel Fire is a bit of a rotation changer too, what with refreshing UA. I'm still working on getting used to that.

  5. I find Fel Flame only situationally useful, either on the move out of something (might as well cast) or just before 25% to make sure the first tick of Drain Soul does a full refresh of UA. I'll leave it for math-heads to figure out if DPM/DPCT makes using it as the first refresh of UA is worthwhile or not.

    The biggest change (with 51/0/10) is with keeping the Imp Soul Fire buff up; the 15s duration / 15s cooldown is a bitch.

  6. I don't see why Fel Flame wouldn't be a DPS boost. On one hand you have a cast time refresh of UA with 0 initial damage... on the other you have a instant cast that does direct damage and adds time to the spell. Since UA no longer suffers from clipping, it would seem to me like you're always going to want to use FF to keep UA up once started.

    ISF really is tricky. I'm not sure I've figured out the best way to use it yet. Sure you could always try to keep the buff up, but you have a limited number of soul shards in any given fight... I don't think three will last me a boss fight and trash is not really an issue. (I know you can "trick" to get four if you lead off with a quick shard, refill, then ISF as the fight starts, but I want to get the rotation down normally before I get that tricky).

    I'll probably post more about this early next week as I'm sure there are a lot of ideas out there, and I should get some good raid time on Monday night.

  7. Ful - long time, no read. Been busy with life and all that. But, I did want to mention that there are a few things I've noticed since I've hit 85 as Affliction...
    1. You move, a whole lot, so get used to any and all refeshes of DoTs you can squeek out.
    2. Mastery is horrible, dump it, go for hit until you can get it up high enough.
    3. I've been using my Succy for CC fights (considering I seem to be the only CC in most dungeons now with glyphed fear, banish, and seduce) and pulling out the Felpuppy for tank-n-spank fights.
    4. In Tides, you can successfully kill the Kraken with just a warlock. My group wiped with the Kraken having 9mil left, I dotted it up and I drained life as I got up to 180 stacks of the debuff. I died, but it did too, we got the loot. It was fun! :D
    5. My new rotation looks close to what I had in WotLK, I just throw in Fel Flame when I'm moving and I can't cast. I try to use ISF for dps intense fights, but I stay away from it for the most part.

  8. Hey, wb. Sounds like we're thinking a lot on the same lines after you work your way up to today's post :-). Here's some quick replies:
    1. noticed this as well... FF makes all our major dots instant-refreshable if needed... good times.
    2. I've been following my pawn values as per the stat weights I discussed in my stat article. Mostly, for leveling gear, I'm just looking for raw intellect values. Hit will become really important soon too. Mastery is right out! :-).
    3. Succy tends to CC very well on her own. Yay AI. Banish is great too. I'm not going with a glyphed fear yet. We usually have a mage handy for sheeping.
    4. I've had several dot kills recently. Tides was one. Also the last boss of stonecore. Imagine me running away after a Shadowflame slow and spamming FF. Good stuff.
    5. I talk more about that today... I think I'm using the new stuff a bit more, but my rotation is very similar to Wrath too. I like that they tweaked instead of rebuilt it.