Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And The Award Goes To...

It's a little known fact (and we like it that way) that every year the various Warlock Councils of Azeroth get together for a fel-studded, gala event.  The purple carpet is rolled out and the edgiest of robe fashion is put on display by some of the darkest and most demonic in the Warlock Community.  It's a night of prizes and surprises, celebrating the most corrupted of Warlock culture! 

I mean, who can forget last year's Your Mom Is A Succubus?  Or the Howl of Terror threat during the show in '07?  And who wasn't riveted in '08 when emcee Impasmic was banished from the stage by the spirit of Medivh, back for a surprise hosting gig?

This year's show is full of promise featuring musical offerings by the Blue Void Group, DJ Elemental Ernie, and the Latin stylings of DG and the Infernals.  Rumor has it that Seven Sexy Succubi might show up for an impromptu dance number, and Hand of Gul'dan is in charge of the pyrotechnics.   Also, a confirmed guest appearance by Cho'gall and the Twilight Hammer Performers promises to make things a bit crazy.  The Covens are hosted this year by none other than Wilfred Fizzlebang and Lord Jaraxxus, whose work inspired us all in last year's Crusader's Coliseum (to not fail, of course).

Recently and exclusively released to KeS! were several of the nominees for Best Quest, Most Gratuitous Gore, and Hottest Supporting Roll.  Our pick to win it?  Well, we don't want to spoil anything, so let's just say that it's our opinion that hot newcomer Fusion Core will be going home with quite a lot of hardware this year.  We even got our blood-spattered hands on several still shots from the nomination video.  How can they not vote for the big guy?!

An inside source assures that all gnomes destroyed in this film were most likely irredeemable.

Green Screen Technology was used when two instances of Mr. Core were required on screen. 

You can see in some of this pre-production footage where they will later add copies of Mr. Core in.
So far, Mr. Core's camp is keeping mum about any potential wins, though one friend close to Fusion told us: "Yo, FC's plannin' a ballin' after-party.  Gon' be a blast!  Hot bodies all up over this be-ach!"  Sounds like you can count us in...


  1. Is that gnome killing quest alliance only? I've done almost all of Uldum and never saw it as a horde player.

  2. Not that I'm aware of. The gnomes in question are unaffiliated with a specific faction (a special expedition) and part of a small hub that has you hacking a computer in some ruins.

    I did my best search through a blocked internet and one of the quests in the sequence is called "Core Access Codes." You should be able to look that up on wowhead or something and from what I can see is that it is available for both factions.

  3. I love my gnomies but I laughed my way through that quest. I called it 'Bowling for Gnomes'.

  4. There can truly be no more warlockerly of a quest than this. Encapsulated in a ball of fire, slaughtering 1000 gnomes. 1000! Like 500 wouldn't be sufficient. Oh the black tears this brought to my eyes...

  5. OK thank you for the info. I did the Core Access two days ago and it lead me to another quest that I didn't do yet so maybe that is the one I'm missing. I'm going to try it tonight!!!

  6. I did this quest yesterday, and even if it breaks my heart a little to kill gnomes (although mislead), I must say that this quest was a blast and a worthy nominee for the Best Quest category in the Pink Pigtail Inn list. However I'm afraid it will have to wait until the 2011 list. I've decided not to include Cataclysm in the list of 2010 because I've seen so little of it yet and it seems a bit random to make a judgment as it is now. The call for nominations will be announced on Monday.

  7. I was cackling with glee for sure :-). I think it might stand the test of time.

  8. They should make it a daily.