Friday, December 10, 2010

Living the Dream

Fulguralis was surprised to wake up. The last thing he remembered was a very large, steel jawed dragon, and then the world exploding in a brilliant orange inferno.  Apparently he'd survived.  Rolling over, he began to brush ash off his tattered robes.  He would need new ones soon.  Facing the Lich King and then being torched by a berserk dragon was a bit more than they could apparently handle.

The Warlock sat up and took in his surroundings.  Green seemed to be the common thread here.  There were green trees, green grass, even the usual brown of the trunks looked a bit green.  In fact, the air itself seemed a haze of green.  Fulguralis frowned in consternation.  Where on Azeroth was he?  Everything was vaguely familiar, yet different.  Each blade of grass, each tree, appeared so uniform as to seem nearly unnatural.  The entire effect was unsettling, especially for one who appreciated a bit of corruption now and then.  Where were the decaying logs and choking weeds that normally characterized a forest?

"Ah, there you are," a silky female voice emanated next to him.

Fulguralis looked around for the source of the sound, but saw nothing.  "Excuse me?" he asked the air, feeling foolish.

"I've been looking for you, Fulguralis," the voice said pleasantly.  This time, though, it wasn't close by, but at a distance directly in front of him.  If the Warlock squinted, he believe he could make out a female elf standing beside one of the too-perfect trees.  "Looks like he got to you just in the nick of time," she said, observing him from a distance.

"Who are you?" Fulguralis yelled.

The night elf lifted a leg to take a step, and then in the next instant was standing directly before the Warlock.  Fulguralis blinked in surprise.  The woman had covered the sizeable span that had been between them in an eyeblink.  Was she a mage?  He narrowed his eyes and studied her.  The task was not altogether taxing, as the scantily clad elf was rather easy on the eyes.  In fact, as Fulguralis gazed, she reminded him very strongly of another "elf" he'd once met: Alexstrasza.  Except this iteration was a bit darker of skin, and her revealing armor was more nature themed.  There was a plethora of green trim, and small vines seemed to sprout out of what looked like wooden shoulder pieces.  Fulguralis's eyes narrowed further.

"What do you want, dragon?" the Warlock asked guardedly.

The elf smiled warmly, "It's the horns isn't it?"  She pointed, indicating two very un-elflike horns that sprouted from the side of her head and swept back dramatically.

"Sure," Fulguralis answered.  How had he missed those?  Maybe that's why they wear the suggestive armor...

They stared at each other for a long moment, dragon studying human.  Human studying dragon.  In Fulguralis's experiences, dragons were rather slow in getting to the point, and this one seemed a bit more distracted than most.  He supposed that when time was as malleable as it seemed to be for dragons, one didn't think much of wasting it.

He cleared his throat. "What, um, do you want?" he repeated.

"Oh, dear me," she said, jerking as if snapping out of a trance.  "I nearly forgot you were there... a lot on my mind, you see," she said apologetically.

"Who are you?" Fulguralis asked curiously.

She smiled warmly at that, "You may call me Ysera, the Dreamer."  She inclined her head a bit.

"Ysera," Fulguralis repeated thoughtfully.  "Yeah, I think we've met before.  Something's different though."  The Warlock puzzled for a moment, then offered, "Did you get a new haircut?"

The dragon blushed, "You could say that."

Fulguralis nodded.  "So, Dreamer, where am I and what do you want?" Fulguralis pressed.  Now that he recognized her, he recalled from previous interactions that she could be a bit spacey.  Probably a side effect of being in charge of the Emerald Dream, he suspsected.

"Why, in the Dream of course," she replied, gesturing with spread arms.  "As to what I want... well now, that's a good question.  What do I want?"  Fulguralis frowned as she brought an arm to her chin to think.  "Valentis!" she yelled suddenly, and the sound reverberated through the Dream.

A large wolf, standing upright like a man, popped in next to her.  "Blast it, Ysera!  You don't have to bite my bloody arm off.  I'm right here!"

Fulguralis knew that muzzle, thought the voice was pitched a bit differently.  "Mr. Wow?" he ventured.

Ysera turned to regard the wolf with a raised eyebrow.  Fulguralis could have sworn he saw a lupine blush.  "Yes, well..." the wolf stammered.  He walked quickly up to the Warlock and stuck out a paw.  "Valentis Browncoat, at your service... as it were."  Ysera was still staring at the wolf with a look of mild amusement on her face.  Valentis turned back to her and threw up his arms, "Oh get stuffed, Ysera!"

Ysera giggled a bit, and then turned back to the Warlock.  "Valentis here got a bit sidetracked by a pair of pretty eyes from what he was supposed to be doing."  She frowned at him.

The wolf looked down at his huge feet, "Yes, I suppose I bodged it a bit."

"That, you did," Ysera nodded.  "However!  Where another might see failure, I see opportunity!  Valentis shall accompany you back to your own time and world.  I suspect you will need all the help you can get if you're to save Azeroth!"  With that, she spun on a heel and disappeared with a pop.

"Wait a minute," Fulguralis cried out, holding up a hand.  "Save Azeroth?"  When Ysera did not return, he continued, "You didn't even tell me what you wanted."  The Warlock stood up and sighed.  Dragons...

"Well then," Valentis spoke up, "best stop fannying around and get on with it, eh?"

Fulguralis eyed the wolf skeptically.  He thought he could place the accent now.  "You're Gilnean, aren't you?"

Velentis nodded, "Guilty as charged."

"I thought you all were still stuck behind that wall, keeping to yourselves," Fulguralis pointed out.

Valentis shook his head, "Sorry to break it to you mate, but the wall's fallen.  We're all bumming around Darnassus these days."

"Well, that'll be a bit of a change.  I'm surprised the elves let you in," the Warlock observed.

Valentis chuckled, "Yes, they do tend to be a tad blinkered, don't they?  Still, I think you'll find quite a lot has changed once we return to Azeroth."


  1. Thanks, though now it's going to be a bit of a challenge to recognize what I now know about Worgen lore with what I had set up before. Time travel is wonderful... and totally cheap.