Monday, January 3, 2011

Affliction Warlock Pre-Raid Shopping List

I was able to do some shopping over the weekend.  Basically, I went to each rep QM and made a list of what was good for 'locks, then checked off what I either had covered or had already purchased.  It seems to me like rep gearing is the way to go, as I'm not too thrilled with the Justice Points offerings.  There are some decent pieces, but I seem to like the rep gear better.  Valor Point stuff is good, of course, but it's going to take a while to build those up with my current heroic success rate (few and far between).  Focusing on rep gear basically lets me face smash against heroics, not worry too much about building up JP or VP, and still gear up steadily.  In any case, I wanted to put the list up on here in case it is helpful, and for my own reference.  Definitely let me know if I missed some items. 

Some caveats: There was a good comment yesterday that mentioned PvP gear might be a good alternate route into heroics and raiding.  With the boost to a Tol Barad win, you get almost a piece each win.  Maybe every two.  So you can upgrade quickly.  I'm not really doing TB, so I didn't take that into account.  I'll probably use that route on my DK when I get her to max.  Also, I'm not looking at heroic drops in this list, only stuff you can buy.  Drops will come and if I get lucky, then I can just check these off my list.  Sure I may have it happen where I get a drop right after buying something, such is life, but I don't want to depend on drops.  I don't have the time to run them enough for that to be a valid gearing path.

With that being said, here's the list.  The faction is on top with the location of the QM in parenthesis.  Then the item below with the rep level in parenthesis, and perhaps a comment from me.  Bada bang, bada bing:

Pre-Rad Purchaseable Items
  • Hyjal (Nordrassil) - Will get tabard last.
    • Arcanum (Rev) - The rest of their stuff has spirit, so we don't need much from here.
  • Wildhammer (Thundermar)
    • Gloves (Hon) - Got these already, good chunk of hit.
    • Ring (Rev)
    • Neck (Ex)
  • Therazanes (Throne of Therazanes) - Doing dailies here first, then WH.
    • Lesser Shoulder (Hon) - Got this easily.
    • Ring (Rev) - Have this.
    • Greater Shoulder (Ex)
  • Ramkahen  (Ramkahen) - Using my tabard for this first, feet are my worst slot right now.
    • Chest (Rev) - Don't need this as I was fortunate to come across and epic drop: Dizze's Whirling Robe
    • Feet (Ex)
  • Earthen Ring (Silver Tide Hollow)
    • Helm (Hon) - Got this, good for hit.  I used an old meta gem cuz the new ones are so expensive.
    • Cloak (Rev) - And this.
    • Gloves (Ex)
  • Baraden's Wardens (Tol Borad)
    • Insidious Staff (Rev)
    • Stump of Time (Ex)
  • Justice Points (Stormwind)
    • Gloves (1650) - Better than the WH early rep reward, but no hit!  Probably will not buy these.
    • Helm (2200) - Basically a straight upgrade to the ER rep reward.  This is definitely on my list.
    • Off-hand (950) - I have always liked MH/OH better, but am using a staff right now.  If I get a good MH drop, this is pretty cheap and good.
    • Legs (2200) - I have Narkall's Leggings (a quest reward!) and these are a decent upgrade, but I'll go helm first I think.
    • Neck (1250) - I got this right away because it has a good chunk of hit.  Great to get to that heroic hit cap early.
    • Chest (2200) - I got that epic, so this is not needed for me.
    • Shoulders (1650) - I have another decent quest reward here in Blight-Lifter's Mantle, so I'll be holding off on this one.
    • Belt (1650) - This was one of my earliest heroic drops with Stratosphere Belt, so I'm set in this slot.


  1. Your posts are so helpful, and fun to read! If you don't mind, I will link this post and a few others on my class information page.

  2. Yep, no problem. Link away, thanks for asking, and thanks for the comment!

  3. I think you miss out if you don't list the Bloodthirsty set of PvP gear. They are iLvl352 and while they have resistence the other primary stats along with the 2/4 piece bonus are pretty strong.

    Haven't done the work for warlocks but for druids their stat weights come out slightly better then heroic 346 level gear even with the wasted resistence. Blizzard might have messed up here by making the PvP stuff slightly better then heroic instance gear.

  4. I just nabbed the feet today which was great. I don't think in general that they beat the heroic or rep gear I have (especially with needing hit which these mostly don't have cuz you don't need much for PvP), so they're great for a spot filler but I wouldn't suggest using it as a complete gear path.

    Also, it is really only valid because TB is so ridiculously unbalanced right now. Sort of an unintended consequence I think.

    I don't think resilience can be reforged, can it?

  5. You got Dizze's Whirling Robe?? Jealous!

    I have the gloves & the helm from JP; I make up for the hit in other places + reforging. I'm also super close to Exalted with Ramkahen; next up will be WH for the Neck piece, probably.

    Good list, methinks. :)

  6. Yeah, actually a guildy got the drop but couldn't use it so we had an in-guild roll off and I won :-).

  7. And the hotfix yesterday just put the TB bonus for winning down to 360 instead of 1800. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

    You are correct that resilience can not be reforged. But if you needed hit you could always reforge the other stat (especially if it wasn't that good for you) into hit.

    But with the change the TB gearing option is kinda out now.

  8. Yeah, I figured it was coming. Oh well. I did nab one piece though! :-)