Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy X-pac!

Quick post today, because I want to get down to playing. Fuu and I definitely stood in line last night. The thermometer read 14 degrees. There were only about twenty of us at the Best Buy. Not a huge party, but a small crew of dedicated people.

Heck, we all probably could have stayed in our cars, but you have to get in a line, right? We got a free poster and our CE with a regular box on the side. Did the opening last night. Great stuff. I actually got a Warlock starter set out of the cards, so I'm super pysched about that. I love the art books that Blizz does. The Starcraft one was great, and this one doesn't disappoint. The mouse pad is also gorgeous, and I know Fuu is enjoying the pet. We have the music cranked up.

So, yes, the CE is totally worth the $30 for us. So was going to a midnight opening, even if we couldn't play right away. We opted to catch some sleep and hit it early this morning (instead of try to go at 3AM... it is the middle of the week!).

Anyways, our server is up (and apparently stable!) and I'm standing next to Prince Liam Greymane as I write this, listening to him yell stuff.  Mr. Wow has a name now :-).  Our plan is to level through the Worgen starting zone, and then get going on our mains.  Pizza and caffeinated beverages stock the fridge.  It's going to be a good day!

So happy gaming blogosphere.  We'll be down there in the trenches with you!

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