Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Love My Coal

Well, I'm back. Didja miss me? I think Fuu did a good job of keeping things going whilst I took a week off. Love her. I was a good Warlock this year, and got a rather large lump of coal as a result.  I shall put it to good use right away.

I'm wading through my 500+ article-clogged reader, so today I'll simply pass along my thoughts as I go.
  • Heroics really are hard right now.  We did some last night.  Challenging at this gear level.  The webs seem to agree.
  • There's talk about nerfing Demo AoE and redesigning Improved Soulfire.  I can't say I'm surprised.  I don't think it's in anyone's best interest to have us have to keep ISF up at all times.  I've said before that I'm using it more like a trinket whenever I can burn an instant.  I would bet that's how Blizz "wants" it to be used, and how they're going to change the design to reflect.  For now, don't get too caught up on the ISF buff and work on perfecting the other parts of your rotation.
  • I did glyph fear.  It is totally worth the major slot.  I did not talent it.  The glyph seems sufficient to make it equal to a good sheeping.  Fear combined with Banish makes me a powerful little CC'er.  It also allows me to shine in elemental instances.  I'm looking at you, Vortex Pinnacle.
  • I discovered that I'd made a small mistake on my published macros last week.  I've fixed the goof and noted such in comments.  It only affects the Banish macro, but if you've been having trouble with that... remove the "nomod" part.  It's unneeded and just gunks things up.  Ironically, I got it right with my fear macro.
  • I'm using my Felhunter.  Succy can suck it.  (Um, giggity?)  If we need more than my CC, we should bring a mage.  That's what they're good for after all.  Demon soul with my felpup is the sweetness.
  • Speaking of CC, if you want to know more (and by more I mean f-in more), check this out.  Go Pone, Go... ice your fingers.  Srsly, I see the smoke through my monitor.
That's all I've got for now.  Brain is fried from re-discovering the net.  I'll probably be a bit sporadic this week as I get back into the swing of things, but we should burst into the new year at full stride.  Stay safe out there holiday warriors. 


  1. I'm going to miss this ISF if they change it a bunch. Once I got a Power Aura set up for it, it became like just another DoT. Yes, I was sad when afflocks got trimmed from 6- to 4-DoT juggling.

    (Thank you for the link! :) )

  2. Cuddles_Twisting NetherDecember 29, 2010 at 4:06 AM

    I don't whether u're fan of simcraft things or not, but i guess u're aware of its results regarding warlock dps potential for different spec choices. But personally i'm not sure those results are really coherent with the live server raid environment. For instance u say u prefer felhunter instead of succubi since its demon soul buff really nice, but simcraft suggest succubi and its glyph together with corruption glyph for best possible dps output.

    I'm totally confused about which spec i should use or which glyph and pet choices are ideal ones :/

    I wish there was a comparison chart of pets for their personal dps and their effect on your dps via demon soul buff. Same goes for glyph choices.

  3. @Pone - I like the DoT juggling. I dislike feeling pressured to squeeze in a loooong cast time. I have no problem with it as an instant with a soulburn. I'd like to see changes reflect this.

    @Cuddles - I don't do simcraft myself for precisely that reason. It's great to get you in the ballpark I think, but a simulation will never quite equal reality (duh). As such, when I'm trying to choose between things, I use a two step process. First, I read up on the net to see what's up. Second, I run to a dummy and do my own testing.

    Sometimes things that *should* give me higher DPS don't. Maybe it's my gear. Maybe it's my spec. Maybe it's my big, clumsy fingers. Who knows? At the end of the day, I'm going to do what's best for me.

    Simcraft does suggest a succy but the DPS of a Felhunter is pretty close. I haven't been able to find solid numbers yet either (since a lot is so dependent on setup and fight), but that seems to be the general consensus. I choose the Felpup because I've practiced in dungeons and on dummies and found that I just don't use the Demon Soul buff well enough with my Succy. I don't think I'm as good at weaving in Shadowbolts or something. Whatever the case, I get consistently higher numbers with my Felpup. That isn't to say I wouldn't be able to peak higher with a Succy on a good day, just that on average I find using a Felpup synergizes with Affliction Warlocking better.

    I probably need to update my guides to reflect this, but I'm not even sure they've settled on what they (Blizz) wants. Hence all the hotfixes. Stay tune, I guess. I'll definitely talk about it if I'm able to find a clear winner.

  4. In my experience, the succubus owns the Felpuppy in DPS right now. Unfortunately, like the Imp, she's batshit crazy and loves to DPS a feared mob... but she is substantially higher DPS, even pre-raid.

    Thematically I prefer a Felpuppy, and it *should* be the affliction pet of choice, but right now it isn't. The glyph is so good that she's even best pet for Demo which is rubbish. Thematically I'm also optimistic that they'll "redesign" ISF to be useless for Affliction, but fully expect another bloody nerf as a side effect.

    Ironcinder (the dorflock formerly known as Ralimenua)

  5. RaliIron - Does that include Demon Soul usage? That is the major factor of my decision, since it never fails that as soon as I pop Demon Soul, something mucks up my "time to stand and shoot shadow" mentality.

    I know in a straight up 1v1 fight who wins, but I haven't seen anything that takes into account if you're NOT using the glyph and using Demon Soul a lot.

  6. Additionally, like you, I'm thinking they'll "fix it" so that we'll get our pup back with some of these hotfixes.

  7. @Ful - The long cast time isn't horribly long if you time it to refresh the buff like a refreshing a DoT (but don't clip it!). This means you can get the ISF haste while you're casting SF, and with 2/2 Emberstorm, it's only slightly longer than Shadow Bolt. (3/3 Bane = 2.5s Shadow Bolt (unhasted); 2/2 Emberstorm = 3s SF (unhasted).)

    So I end up using SB+ISF like I do Fel Flame -- as a buffer for mistiming on keeping the buff up. I can keep the buff rolling pretty decently.

  8. I have Demon Soul in a macro to use on CD with a modifier, if the fight warrants it, so yeah, I'm taking it into account. With Whiplash and Seduce turned off, the daft bint on static, and given strict instructions what to attack, my DPS is just higher (with 31/0/10).

    I really wouldn't mind seeing Drainfliction become a winner spec, with the Felpuppy, most likely from a buff to Mastery (which is currently my least useful stat by a hefty margin). I'm not holding my breath, though, since they seem terrified of buffing affliction too much for PVP. I just hope they don't simply put ISF out of our reach with no compensation.

    I would dearly love to see a Soulburn:Haunt that applied 3 stacks of Shadow Embrace, if they do get that dirty fire spell out of our rotation.

    Smart use of Soul Swap is the way to rule heroics. That, and being a competent banish/fear bot.

  9. Ooh, those are good ideas. I particularly like the Mastery one. It definitely sorta sucks as a stat right now, which is sad because I like the concept.

    How much higher on average are you? We talking around 100 DPS? More, less?