Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Most Hated Heroic Bosses

I was woken up by an earthquake this morning. I mentioned this because I live in central Indiana. We don't do earthquakes... until recently. My very first quake experience was two years ago with a 5.2 quake that was the strongest here in 40 years. Point being, we're pretty much quake newbs over here. We're like a shaman virgin, quaked for the very first time.

Okay, that was awful.  Don't lie, you groaned.

Maybe because quakes are so uncommon for us, there is phenomenon that happens whereby we take to the social media outlets, cell phones, and the like, calling everyone we know with the same damned question: "Did you feel that?"  I wonder if this is the same out on the West Coast.  Do you guys all call each other up and have a mini squee-fest?  Or are you more chill?  If I called you would you be like: "Yeah, it was a damn quake.  We all felt it.  That's sort of how these things work.  We don't live in Cloud City."  And then Lando would pop out, calling me a pirate and telling me how great it is to see me. 

Another groaner.  Get over it.  I was woken up by a frigging earthquake.  I'm a bit rattled.  (/groan)

In any case, I feel that this relates extremely loosely to WoW, in that we sort of react this way to the new heroics.  We're all calling each other up right now, saying: "Hey, did you see the tornado boss?  Yeah, that guy sucks.  And those snakes in Halls of Origination!  Why did it have to be snakes?"  To which I reply, "I don't know, Harrison, but I felt it too... in my repair bill!"

Okay, so that's a ludicrously loose lead-in.  I warned you this time.  Remember, I'm still a bit shaken.

So, today I wanted to start a "most hated" list for bosses in the new heroics.  We can call each other up, squee, swap survival strats (hide under a sturdy table!), and then get on with life.  After all, these will become trivial in like two or three months, right?  I mean, I've had two quakes in two years and I'm already starting to get used to them.  Fuu and I looked at each other in bed and said, "WTF was that?"  Then I replied, "Probably and earthquake," and rolled over.  I would not have given that answer two years ago.   In Indiana, that'd almost be like saying, "Probably an alien spaceship hijacked by terrorists and triggering an avalanche down the mountain.  The TSA hasn't gotten to inter-stellar flights yet."  And we'll be doing heroics far more often than once every two years.  Thus, they'll be old news in like... a month?  (Personally, I sort of hope they stay challenging for longer...)

Here's my two Most Hated:
  1. Altairus in Vortex Pinnacle - Despite wanting to call him Altair (like form Assassin's Creed), this guy is no stealthy assassin.  He's just a straight-up killer.  With all his crazy tornadoes and shifting winds.  Ugh, what a fight.  Definitely my number 1 most hated.  It doesn't even matter that I can pull down a ridiculous 12-15k DPS by standing in the right wind location: we can't live through the fight.  I must admit, so far I've been successful in not getting knocked off the platform, but I can't say the same for my poor guildies.  Usually, it looks like an LSC (our guild) confetti storm about halfway through the fight.  We're getting better though.  Just... any tricks for this one?  Or do you just have to not fail?  Yeah, I've got nothing here.
  2. Temple Guardian Anhuur in Halls of Origination - Or Snakes and Levers as my wife affectionately calls it.  Seemed easy to pop down and trip the levers on regular.  On heroic? Not so much.  10 seconds of lever pulling.  WTF is wrong with these levers?  We need to bring along some Lube of the Whale or something for fel's sake.  And those damned snakes hurt.  I actually have two suggestions for this though.  We started off where I jumped down, grabbed all the snakes, ported and ran like hell.  Problem was, the lever puller kept getting killed in between lever phases.  I think our healer was constantly playing catch-up due to splitting. So we took the whole group down, tank gathered the snakes, we nuked them, and then two of us stayed behind for lever duty while the rest busted ass up.  Worked well and we got by this guy.  Still, it was a pain.  
Those are my two most hated bosses right now.  What are yours?  We've been doing these and a guild and are all only slightly above the heroic "gear line", so I imagine this is as hard as it gets.  As we gear up, I'm sure we'll find these infinitely easier, but for now they're quite the challenge.  We also seem to get these same instances when trying to random.  Go figure.  I want to go back and visit Squidward in Throne of Tides. 

Do You Feel That?


  1. Altairus just sucks. There's no two ways around it.

    We found pulling him to the middle kinda helps - our hunter was able to pin her back to the wall and only moved for tornadoes, and even if she didn't see one it would usually just knock her into the wall, and our mage basically did the same thing - and having a druid healer is also helpful, since they can heal in midair.

    Other than that? He just pretty much sucks. I've gone in there and one-shotted that fight, and I've also had nights like last night where we took five tries to down him. He's the RNG king.

  2. What we do in HoO is have two people jump down each side. One to kite the snakes and the other to pull the lever. Seems to work fine.

    Altairus is kind of annoying. All I can say is tank him in the middle and ... err... good luck!

  3. @Stop - Sounds like... Top da list!

    @Spinks - We did that but kept having the issue where one would die in a different part of the fight, like right before the second drop down. It was always something stupid like standing in the fire or w/e, but you can't lose the lever puller. I died a few times as the kiter when I just didn't kite well enough, but never when we were all alive. You take a lot of damage that a healer can't heal from way up top. It's sort of a catch 22 unless you have someone that is hardy and can heal themselves as the kiter... Not as bad as Altairus, but still can be troublesome... especially for the FIRST BOSS IN A HUGE INSTANCE. I mean, c'mon. Let us warm up on a tank and spank if there are 7 other dudes...

  4. @Ful, With regards to earthquakes, as a Cali native, most often they go completely unnoticed. (see USGS).

    As for Altairus, sorry to say all I've seen is Normal mode (just hit 85 last night. No tornadoes, just some excellent DPS from that upwind buff. I saw Incinerates going out at 2/second last night. Not sure if the warlock portal would make a difference, probably just plop you down into another tornado. (maybe that's a hidden achievement, be bounced around by 5 tornadoes without getting thrown off the platform).

  5. Yeah, we were talking about that last night... regular is not preparation for heroic. It's like the major mechanic is left out. Why not have "just a few" in regular? *shrug*

  6. Oh, and far too chaotic to make the portal worthwhile... not bad as like a last ditch "panic" button... but I've yet to get thrown. Just a high situation awareness fight.

  7. @ Elk

    I'm pretty sure if you hit 5 Tornadoes in a row... the only Achievement that you'll recieve is a very angry healer ;-)

  8. wrt Earthquakes: I'm currently really close to San Francisco. On really big ones we pop up USGS to see how big it was and find the center. Other than that, meh. You get used to it.

    Altairus: mostly I stick to the middle of the boss and shift to avoid tornadoes and to get the direction. I tried staying way back but that just annoyed me. That and he seems to spin like a top and breath fire on whoever is nearby. Still, not my most hated.

    Temple Guardian Anhuur: We've been taking the whole group down to gather snakes. I read a strategy where right after you pull the boss you have a dpser AOE the snakes to bring them up the ramp where the tank grabs and holds them. Supposedly as long as you don't kill the first set of snakes, they won't respond. With the snakes on top the levers would be cakewalk. That said.. I've yet to convince a group to try this seemingly stellar strategy so MMV.

    My most hated boss is Corborus in Stonecore. I've finally figured out how to not get insta-gibbed by the dolphining.. but usually either the healer or the tank gets dead from the adds. There's just too many of the little spiders.. and those crystals explode for SO much. We have yet to make it past that one into the rest of the dungeon on heroic.


  9. Hmm interesting about Anhuur. I've yet to do Corborus. I'll put him on my "watch" list :-).

    Seems to be early sticking points programmed into a lot of the heroics... design decision?

  10. Corborus isn't all that bad. There's plenty of time to get out of the dust clouds, as long as people have their camera far enough back to see which way to run. Rain of Fire is a godsend on the crystals, doesn't matter which spec you are it's far superior to SoC and HF as you can precast it and be at range.

    For Altairus, i have unfortunately never gotten a tank that understands upwind/downwind so they can't help out by dragging the boss around a bit.

  11. Altairus blows. (*giggle*). There is just no good positioning, especially for melee. I can never seem to get upwind of him and avoid tornados at the same time. Probably why the tanks are having trouble with him as well.

    I'd like him more if he'd drop his mount more often, but...yeah....

    anyway, saw your blog linked and thought I'd stop by!

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  13. My heroic queue popped today and i found myself in the middle of an Altairus fight, apparently a dps died and left mid fight. I'm not sure what the difference was, but the group had no issue downing the boss with very few tornados being a problem.

  14. @the Lady - We managed him down yesterday with tanking him mostly in the middle. It helped our pally healer to just stay near while the rest of us were on the outside. That way he only had a short ways to run to get in the "good wind".

    @Betty - There seems to be a certain amount of RNG for this fight, where you just get lucky with the 'nados.

  15. First boss in Stonecore has been my bane so far. It always is wipe after wipe till we finally get him down.

    As for gear the bloodthirsty PvP set rocks and is better then heroic for many classes. And with the 1800 honor per win in TB that is 1 or 2 pieces per day. Easy way to gear up.

  16. Oooh, good point. With the change to TB, that totally may be worth doing. I'm not really doing TB and it probably depends a lot on your realm as to whether or not this is a feasible path (how much you win)... but definitely something to keep in mind.

    We were struggling on the second Stonecore boss yesterday. LOS'ing the healer and the tank is rough.

  17. While they aren't supposed to be doing it, both sides sort of have an agreement to trade TB back and forth. This way you get 1800 honor points every 4.5 hours or so.

    Also, there is a trick to get the honor even if you are not picked for the battle. Theere is a spot in the TB Pen zone that is right next to TB where u still get credit.

    Others also move into TB for 7-8 seconds and move out for 1-2 seconds before being teleported. If you are in TB you get the honro even if not in the raid.

  18. A bit late, but let me offer another idea on lever pulling: We usually have two semi-important people jump (as an arms warrior, I'm usually considered expendable, second jumper is most often the healer).

    Two ranged DPS stay upstairs and throw down some AoE next to the lever to aggro the snakes. The snakes then take the long and annoying path and can be picked up by the tank or killed on the way .. the two lever-pullers then just need to catch up before the tank dies a messy death - not so bad, as long as he stays out of the fire.

  19. Can the ranged DPS reliably get all of the snakes? We've had issues where there's always that one guy. I suppose one player can handle one snake, but it takes time. It's a great idea if you execute it. Also, depends on group make up... our guild is really slim on plate DPS (or any melee for that matter)... thus we're usually like a Pally tank, Pally/Priest Healers, and the clothy brigade (sometimes a hunter).

  20. So, I'm guessing you guys haven't tried BRC or GB yet.. because Beauty if BRC and Erudax from GB are by far the worst bosses out there. Most heroics I do now take hour tops.. but not GB or BRC, they're like 2 hour ordeals.

    I STILL haven't killed Beauty in BRC, and, I might never. *shudder*

    Oh, and as for the snakes.. jump off left side, tank grabs all snakes and runs to other side, 2 dps pull levers. 1st lever puller has interrupt so they can run up there and get him. Proceed to kill.

  21. No, I don't think we have. The more I run though, the more it seems like each heroic has at least one boss that is just a pain in the butt. Some happen earlier, some later, but they're always there. It's like the "mechanic fight", which is what we've started to refer to them as.