Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whiny Post Day Shall Commence!

Hey Gang!

So yeah... I was attempting to start my day with a nice hot cup of Coffee and talk to all of you about my kiting Victories until it happened... Da Da Da! Drama.

/cowers in fear

Well anyways, I remember reading over at Klepsacovic's Blog  that today is officially Whiny Post Day.

Perfect! I can Bitch and Moan about dumb shit & people will respect that ;)

Obviously, this will not be as epic of a rant as Critical QQ's Post Yesterday but I'll try my damnedest to bitch about something.

So, ummm where shall I begin...

1) So Fulguralis and I are in the process of buying a house. If this doesn't want to make you want to become single again, I don't know what will. It was actually sort of fun at the beginning, going through the houses, seeing the potential in each one and laughing at some of them because the decor is ummm.... not us. Once you get past the, "Awww how cute, we could put our little kitchen table here. Yay, this would be perfect for our bedroom set in there!" It slowly boils down to "OMG it costs WHAT!" or "DAMN IT I have to Fix that?" Or my classic favorite, "What is that smell?" I believe we went through around 20+ homes before we found the one we really liked at the price we can afford. NOW the bank is dicking us around... which I believe they now enjoy doing to first time home-buyers. The appraisal looks like a bunch of monkeys got a hold of a calculator & a glue gun.

But Fuu, they worked really hard on it.

No... no they didn't. I would fail them in my class. Go HOME & DO IT AGAIN TIMMY.

2) Rogues Suck! I hate them! I enjoy pvp occasionally but damn Rogues. Seriously, try this whole stabbing on one of your friends and see how they like it.

"Wow, that's what I've been doing to people all this time? That sucks."

It's funny because so many people are so fed up with your stabbing, that they too roll one so that they can avoid your crap. This snowball effect is horrible. A whole snowball full of Rogues sapping each other into the nether.


3) Tech Support!  MOTHER OF GOD! Yesterday, I came home to play Farmville (yeah you heard me, I like this shit! WTF you gunna do about it!) & run dailies. "Offline: Google" Pops up in my face. I look over at the modem which is sadly blinking its 1 light indicating "I'm not here to serve you bitch". Lucky for me I have Dragon Age which does not require your interwebs. Now, I'm so excited about having to be on the phone for 2 hours with someone not from the United States asking me questions like,

"Is it plugged into the wall?"
"Have you restarted your modem?"
"Would you like to go on a date with me?"

OMG! Punches will fly. I am a girl but damn it! I'm not freakin stupid. I know how to do the whole power cycle thing. It doesn't work! If it did, do you believe that I would be on the phone with you? HELL NO! DIAF Tech Support!

4) DPS Pugs! Can I tell you something from an extremely overgeared "intelligent" tank. Here is a list of shit I do not want to hear/see in party chat when I'm tanking for you.

"Go Go Go!'
"Might Please,  Mite plox, of Might plzzzzzz kthx!"
"lol u sux"
"Go Go Go!"

Did I mention "Go Go Go?" OMG I will go as fast as I feel comfortable. Any faster and you get 75% Fuubaar. And no one wants 75% Fuubaar. It just sucks, ok? People will die and you are to blame because you make me flustered.

Oh & this goes with #2 on this list. Rogues, when you enter the instance, please don't Fan of Knives the first pull? I kid you not, you can tank the rest of the instance if you do this. I'll sit back & believe that you have tank envy and laugh when I pull aggro off of you. L2 tank Rogue :P

5) Here are some images that amuse me because 1-4 really got me pissed!

I mean, who doesn't want a cat that can Poop Rainbows on Command.

This is something that made me sad that, out of the 20+ homes I went through, I didn't get to see. I mean we did end up seeing some horrible decor & one that looked like someone was one step away from throwing a Molotov Cocktail on the Roof but no Fireplace in the kitchen. Hmmm, maybe we should see more.

Only because this is how the word Squirrel should be spelled ;)

<3 Fuu

Now a word from our sponsors:

I wanted to add my own short whine today.  I promise to be brief... or something. - Ful

Why does Blizz have a hardon for add boss fights?  We keep seeing more and more fights where adds are a big part.  New Flash: This sucks donkey balls for Warlocks.  We're all about single target damage and it's like they're getting away from single target bosses.  It was all right in Naxx, with some adds, a definite main boss that you could damage.  KT was maybe the worst, but at least the second half of that fight you were useful.  Early Uld (cuz I've not gone more than halfway yet) was a bit worse.  Razorscale in particular sucked, but again there was like... a boss to catch up on.  ToC was actually pretty decent, though a lot of "dual" bosses, but still with big enough hit pools to not completely gimp you.  

Now in ICC we see tons of stupid add fights.  Lady D, Gunship, DoucheBag Saurfang... all significant target switching.  Still those are pretty tolerable.  I mean I'm mostly worthless at Gunship, but it's a fun fight.  Enter Dreamwalker.  You may as well bench your warlock for the fight... it's all about sustained healing and burst DPS.  I do neither of those things.  Even in my more-busty demo spec it sucks.  Really, I just don't like fights where sustained damage has no part.  I guess not having boring, simple fights is good... but I wanted to whine about seeming to have a lot more fights where it's just increasingly tough to play as a warlock.  I mean I know it's tough for others too, but this is my whine day and I'm using it for felssake.

PS: Happy St. Patrick's Day! =c3   <---- this is an attempt to make a three leaf clover. It turned out to look like balls with a tumor but damn it I tried. <3 Fuu


  1. Have you tried just sneaking into a foreclosed home? Sneak in, switch the locks, and be ready to bolt if cops show up. Much cheaper!

  2. Or if no one claims the home you sneak into for like ten years, you can claim adverse possession!

  3. Ful -- 100% agree with the Warlock + boss adds rant. Some situations really make me feel seriously gimped, and for the longest time I was afraid it was just me... ULD was the biggest kick in the face in that respect; LoL, I actually cry inside every time Razorscale is the weekly on my server. TotC is better, but now that ICC's on the horizon for my guild, I'm feeling some degree of dread if you say it's as Warlock-unfriendly as it is...

  4. It's not terrible and as pointed out in comments on my other post about this... it probably differs a bit between 10 and 25 mans. There are some good fights and some bad fights. I just hate feeling worthless on any fight.

  5. That's gotta be the cheapest and most painful to use "oven" I've seen. I think I'll stick with electricity...

    Amen on boss fights, and heroics. I recently ran a heroic COS, and did a whopping 900dps. Not due to my spec, but because of all the flip-flopping of targets and the high DPS from all the other toons.