Monday, March 15, 2010

They Changed Something In The Matrix

Short, frivolous post today. I spent most of the weekend entertaining visitors. Normally, Fuu and I are pretty boring on weekends. We game, clean the house, game, eat some food, game... you get the idea. We're not of the legion of gaming couples that have kids, so weekends are still relatively easy going for us. The only time our laid back schedule is altered is when someone comes in from out of town for a visit. This weekend, it seemed like everyone was in from out of town. It was crazy. People I haven't seen in months (Or ever, for that matter) were just deciding this was "the" weekend.

It was a lot of fun, but being social combined with a daylight savings time change to conspire against energy and gaming. So I've skidded into Monday morning without having accomplished a whole lot this last weekend. I think we cleaned the kitchen at least five times in two days.  There was a lot of alcohol consumed, some drunken heroics run, but not much of what I would call productivity.

Still, I'm anxious to return to ICC tonight with our raid group and try out some of the strategies that have popped up on here via my Rotface article last week.  Thank you for all who shared their ideas and I'll let you know how it goes.  I definitely think I have a better grasp of the fight now.

I nabbed a picture a while back and am going to use it to fuel today's QotD.  I've realized my whole QotD is becoming more like a QotM (M standing for Monday).  I think I'm just lazy on Mondays.  It happens.  Today's question is:

Are there any visual glitches that stick out in your mind?

Like I said, frivolous, but I think it might be a fun question.  From time to time we get to have a chuckle when something unexpected happens to "break" the graphics system in WoW.  We call these glitches.  I remember one of the big ones from TBC was when you could have giant pets and people would stand around in the banks with the T-rex from Jurassic Park and stuff.  Or the huge core hound.  Usually placing it on the vendor I was looking for.  Fun times.

I'm not talking about "exploits" here, or anything that affects game play.  I'm looking for our favorite visual errors.  The ones that don't really mess anything up, but can cause quite a chuckle and usually result in a screenshot or a "hey guys, you gotta see this!"  Are there any that bubble up in your mind?

The one that made me chuckle the other day was more of a warlocky thing.  Most pet classes know that when you mount up, your pet disappears into the nether only to reappear upon dismount.  It makes a certain amount of sense, I suppose, but I know sometimes it bothers me when I forget that I even have a pet out or something like that.  Well there was a small glitch the other day that made me smile.  I mounted up and my pet stayed out.  Dumb? Maybe, but it gave me a warlocky smile.  With a pet, your mount, and a non-combat pet, it sort of feels like you've got a bit of a posse.  An evil posse. 

Screenshot or it didn't happen, right?   You can even see my toon looking over at my felguard like: "wtf are you still doing here?"  He hung around until I dismounted and tried it again. 


  1. I remember a while back, there was this glitch that would mess up the faces of certain characters. Basically the texture of a night elf female face would get pasted onto the forehead of a draenei, or undead faces on humans. It was really freaky. I'm not sure if I got any screenshots of it though. :(

  2. This happens whenever you are mounted and enter a dungeon via the dungeon finder. After you leave the 5-man group, you will still be mounted and your pet will be by your side

  3. Oh wow, my Felguard also has the name "Blagroon"!!

  4. I can haz repeatable glitch?

    Step 1: Mount Flying Carpet
    Step 2: Mount Drake

    Step 3: Stare in amazement as I surf the drake.

  5. My absolute favorite has got to be when you use the Sewer Elixers and you turn into the firefly. Then go pester the Shark and fly away while he gives an out of water pursute.

    Those are by far the best screenies that I have :)

  6. From a blog post waaaay back when:

  7. Ha! Funny stuff, thanks for the answers and links guys. Love it. :-)