Thursday, March 25, 2010

The New Hawtness?

I got this new helm from ICC on Monday. I'm not sure what I think of it. I know Jbelle has called it a fashion "crisis", but whether it's warlockerly enough is still in question. Let's take a look.

Really, as a warlock, what's not to like?  The color scheme fits with the T10 shoulders.  My face is hidden in deep folds and dark shadows.  There seems to be a small monogram of some sort of winged, presumably evil animal.  And, oh yeah, my head is on fire.  So now I've got shadow oozing shoulders and a flaming helm.  Kinda sweet.

My only complaint: I feel like I'm walking around with my collar popped.  Or that I popped out of a bad 80's Sci-Fi flick.  Or maybe like I'm one of those pansy vampires in the game.  Maybe I'll mount you until you do a certain amount of damage to me, who knows?

Still, all things considered, I might actually display this piece.  It'd be the first helm I've displayed in, like, forever.  Now, where's my Light beer...


  1. Looks like you should go around saying "I am batman". (insignias included)

  2. Yeah, I almost ended this post with "I am the night..." or "To the Batcave!"

    Instead I decided to focus on the awesomeness that can only be contained by an upturned collar.

  3. Muwahahah! You'll be the last of our crew to get it, Havoca! My evil plan! /steeplesfingers.

  4. *Shakes Fist* CURSES!!! FOILED AGAIN!!!!