Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Patch ummm what?

Hey gang!

I wanted to give you the update for Protection Paladin stuff for patch 3.3.3 So I'll copy it below:

As you can see, ... wait what? Hmmmm maybe my copy & paste button doesn't work. Hold on.

*Cue Jeopardy Music*

Well this is strange, I've looked up & down that entire list of updates for this patch. Nothing, Zero, Nada, Ziltch. It appears that nothing for the Paladin Class (minus some bug fixes) is changing.


/ducks for cover

/looks around for booby-traps

Calm down Admiral Ackbar, Blizzard knows what it wants and it was to leave Paladins alone for the first time in my WoW Career. That would be two years this May... that's not strange at all. /end sarcasm

So I'm thinking that this occurred because of one of two reasons:

A) Blizzard Likes where the paladin class is (Holy, Protection, Retribution Trees)
B) There is SO much in the works for paladins that they needed to skip a patch worth of changes so that they could put more work into it so that all of these changes weren't implemented with flaws (because we all know Blizzard never does that...)

Regardless, I'm not here to speculate about what the Developers have in store

*cough* AoE threat nerf *cough*

So I'll talk about what I've seen thus far of 3.3.3 in game.

Here is a tale of my journey through Dalaran trying to find that Stupid Gnome Frozo the Renowned fella who trades Frozen Orbs for useful stuff. From what I read in the patch notes is that he put up shop in the Magus Commerce in Dalaran. WoW, could you be any more vague? So I ran around trying to find him in the stores. I /target Frozo'ed him so I knew that he was close. I ran through every building looking for a Gnome who would trade me 1 Forzen Orb for 1 Frost Lotus or Eternal Fire (note: I don't give a poo about the other crap). I couldn't find the bugger anywhere. So I decided since I was so close to Threads of Fate, I would pop in and get my shoes shined and have some small talk with the friendly Gnome up there. Maybe he would know. Shoe Shiners know everything about everything.

10 minutes later: Fuubaar has shiny shoes and has totally forgotten to ask where the Frozo guy was located.

Damn it! Oh well. Let's do another lap, I should be able to find him because of the crowds. Sure enough, that little bastard is outside hovering on his cutesy little Carpet greeted by a horde of Horde (sorry, bad joke). So I traded him for my goods and off I went. He is located just outside of the big anvil and I believe the Engineering Store in the Magus Commerce in Dalaran.

For the next item on my list was to figure out how to exchange my Marks of blah for Honor. I checked my Currency Tab to see if they hadn't just exchanged them outright for honor... nope still there. I asked a few guildies and they didn't have a clue what I was even talking about. Thanks guys! :-P

Hmmm, maybe if I go to the Hall of Champions or what ever in Stormwind, I could figure it out. So I headed over there. Patch Notes where vague at best (again awesome Blizzard) when it comes to these things. My thoughts are "look for the crowd" and sure enough right inside where you can purchase PvP items for rewards has a guy on the top of the stairs where you can make the exchange. Cool, I thought this should be easy. I walked up the stairs to find gobs of people doing some sort of "Cha ching" motion and shooting off white and orange, almost similar to when you level up, kind of colors. This was happening to everyone near him roughly once each second.. wtf?

No, Admiral Ackbar, there must be a reasonable explanation for all of this. Let's talk to the NPC up here and figure this out.

Side note: Did you know that only one person can talk to an NPC at a time? I believe that it has something to do with the animation of them turning around & making a gesture of them actually speaking to you. Sometimes you had to stand there & wait in line to talk to the NPC before they would help you out. Why is that?

Anyways, so I finally got his attention and clicked on the Option to Trade in my Marks. This pulls up a tab where you can buy Honor Seals for 1 Mark of each battleground. Well, this isn't so bad. Ok, let's start at the top and work my way down. 10 Clicks later " YOU CANNOT HOLD ANY MORE OF THIS ITEM!" Wait, what? But I have more!

What you have to do is close your shop window with the NPC, open your bags, use the 10 Converted Honor tokens to get them out of your bag & repeat... well, that's freakin' stupid. You have to not only fight to get the NPCs attention but you have to do this multiple times to convert all of your marks because you can only hold a stack of 10 at a time.


Congratulations Blizzard! You have chosen the dumbest way to convert Battleground marks to honor. Hell, you could have just converted them all with a click of a button, but NOoooOOoo you have to make us do it for you. What did you believe that if you converted it for me, that I would miss out on the pleasure of doing it myself? Self Gratification? lolwut? Are you drunk?

New NPC = Crowds Crowds = some idiot dropping a train on top of it so that it annoys the hell out of you while you hopelessly have to spam stacks of 10 Honor Tokens at a time.

Or, what Blizzard should have done, was convert it all for you and if you hit the 75k honor Cap, in game mail us the rest in Honor Tokens... BRILLIANT!


Lucky for me though, I'm not a huge battleground fan so I didn't have loads of them to convert. I actually had more on my Priest but that's besides the point. I had enough Honor to buy a pair of Furious Pants for Abigora so that's pretty cool.

Around this time ADD kicked in so figured I would give my new pants a test run and I try out the new "Battleground Randomly Generated Lose & Humiliation of the Alliance" Feature that Blizzard implemented.

You can still be queued up for the other Battlegrounds like before but now it has the "Random Battleground" option on the top of your pvp tab. Cool stuff. I queued up & around 5 seconds later, I got one. I hop in and we lose a horrific battle against the Horde or Kittens... Not sure. Either way they kicked our asses and we left with our tails between our legs. Ahhh, the beauty of Alliance "Even when it's random, it's not really random" is what I say about such things.


No Admiral Ackbar, we just suck...

Anyways, that's pretty much it for patch related crap that effected me in anyway. Alchemy & Jewelcrafting didn't change, Paladins were forgotten, and Abigora isn't high enough geared to care that her tier 10 4 piece set has changed once again.

<3 Fuu


  1. I just remembered I have 75,000 honor on my warlock, probably because I used to PVP a bit while leveling ( the old school way) and never used them for anything.

    Guess I should figure out what I can buy with the honor.

  2. As a lock, the i264 wrists (for 43k honor) are awesome!

  3. Word, those wrists are pretty awesome. The bejeweled patterns from Uld are better tho. Only barely, but yeah.