Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So, you're bored, what do you do? Heroics Edition

Hey Gang!

So if you're like me, you're probably so burned out from running the Daily heroics that your brain has exploded all over your keyboard. Spontaneous Combustion!


The situation that most everyone's still in is a couple of different things:

A) You still need Frost Emblems for gear
B) You still need Triumph Badges for gear
C) You have absolutely nothing else to do with your time
D) You are a masochistic person and enjoy the pain that it brings because it makes you feel alive

Well, what ever combination you're situation is right now, you still need to force yourself to run them. Most of the time, if you bring a buddy, it makes it 10x better. The more friends, the multiplication goes up to the trillions.

Ok, bear with me on this guys... it might be a doozy. Here's what I'm thinking. Variety is the spice of life right? So Spice this baby up with like Garlic and shit!

Depending on how many days a week you run them... and how long your sanity holds, you may need to dedicate each day as a certain day for your events. This is me just spitballin here but lets say:

Monday: Drama Llama Night! You and one of your friends has a massive argument during your run. Like OMG SCREAMING NOOBS! No cursing mind you because you could be reported. It's actually funnier if you don't curse and use different words instead like OH FUDGE! or None of your BEESWAX! This will liven up the chat a bit. Obviously continue on the instance like normal but have the chat go crazy with insane talk. It doesn't even need to be a fight just have a long deep conversation with your friend straight through chat and act like no one else is there. Most of the time no one talks anyways, why not go with it. Just enough to make it entertaining for you & your friends.

Tuesday: Article of Clothing Night! If you're like me, you WAY over gear the situation. Why not replace something with festive gear. Make sure to wear your normal gear and just replace one piece. Most popular are pants & helm. Who doesn't love tanking with no pants on? Who wouldn't love seeing that cute little Santa Hat in July? Obviously the more outgeared you are, the more gear you can replace. I would be careful with the new 5-mans though because if you wipe because of no pants... don't blame me my friend. >.> blame the healer.

Wednesday: Intoxication Night! It's Hump day right? I'll bet your toon is getting a little worn out from the week thus far & needs a little refresher. Why not stop by the local inn and grab yourself a case of the finest dwarven brew and have yourself a little fun. Once you zone in, Slam 'em down to get smashed & start tankin! Can't see what you're targeting? Who cares! It'll die soon enough. Watch out for those Ledges in Nexus & Oculus though, the fall sucks. For those occasions, make sure to have your "YIPE!" sign made for when you pull a Wiley Coyote move right off the side. Also make sure to stretch out your arms to make the biggest POOF on the ground that you can.

Thursday: Change your Role Night! This one might be a little harder for those of you who are pure DPS but hey why not? If you normally tank? Heal or DPS. If you're a warlock, go in for the melee. I'm sure since you've never used your sword or dagger before, it's pretty sharp. Forgot to equip a weapon? That's ok, you have fists! Go for it! Are you a healer who's always wanted to tank? Go in for the kill I say. Fulfill your dreams! But Fuu, I dont have the gear to switch my spec... that's ok! Just do it in what you have on! Paladins are OP right? You'll be fine ;)

Friday: Ladies Night! Tonight we kick off our shoes and say screw the men (not literally)! It's all ladies tonight! Round up your best gals & have fun! Don't have the right combo of girls to actually make an instance run? That's ok, rent one from the pugs! If it's a guy, tell them that they must only talk to you in a high voice and go by the name of Sally. Afterward, you can go shopping in Dalaran for those perfect pair of shoes to go with your T10 gear!

Saturday: Announcer Night! Ever feel like you are taking four other people on a ride? Well why not let them know what there is to offer?! Make a macro that announces your intentions. I believe the Pugs wills enjoy your courtesy.
"Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. I hope you enjoy your time here in ~insert Heroic instance here~ Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Remember to turn off your cellphones. There are trash receptacles at every exit and at the beginning of each Boss. Thank you & Enjoy the Show!"

You could also offer popcorn and free passes to upcoming events such as, "Fuubaar Wipes the Group" "Oh Noes! Where's the tank?!" & our classic, "Fuubaar where are your pants?!"

Sunday: Jeopardy Night! Are you tired of listening to boss strategies? Ever wonder what it would be like if Alex Trebek helped explain them? Well I sure do. Turn into a Jeopardy game!

"Ok I'll take Complex Strategies for 1000 Fulguralis"
"The Answer is, "This is the Strategy used on the first boss in Halls of Reflection"
"What is Line of Sight?"
"That is correct. Your board Fuubaar"

Alternative Ideas:
-Pig Latin Night!
-Pretend to have a Vent Conversation Night!
-British Accent Night!
-Dance After every pull Night!
-/Chicken Night!
- Act Like you're a Hunter Night!

The list goes on & on my friends! Following these steps can really liven up your Heroics from dull & horrible to "OMG I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!"

What ideas do you have to turn heroics into a tolerable situation?

<3 Fuu


  1. Fuu, thanks! I so look forward to running Gundrak (1:2 randoms start with gundrak) tonight wearing my fire-fest robe and bunny ears helm. Heck, might make it interesting.

    I am still trying to get a guild run together to do a naked progressive run of say Hellfire Ramparts.

  2. lol, i want to do "pretend i'm a hunter night." I'm totally gonna e-peen about my awesome bow and feign death a lot.

    "Whaddya mean i pulled aggro? I'm FD'ed!"