Monday, March 22, 2010

The Gear/Strat Phenomenon

The weekly raid quest on Lothar this past week was Ignis. Our raid group popped on last night to knock it out and then subsequently shuffled some toons around, in, and out to put together a second "alt" run. Common enough, right?

Well, as might seem obvious, there are huge gear difference between your successful ICC raiding group and the smattering of alts we all have laying around (plus the wild card of substitutions for people who didn't have an alt or want to run again).  The first time through, we got the "under 4 minute" achievement, killing him in probably all of 2 minutes.  It was quick.  The second time, we wiped.  Then wiped.  Then wiped some more.  Finally, we switched up our strategies and on what was designated our "last attempt", we downed the big guy.  

What did we change?  For the first group, we just had the main tank stand in the water so the scorch patches went away.  We actually started to do it the "right" way, but the scorch patches weren't hanging around and we were really trying to make the adds molten anyways.  When you're going to burn the dude in 2 minutes, there's no reason to deal with the adds.  It doesn't make sense.  There's really not going to be that many of them on your OT.

For the second group, we obviously gave up a lot of everything since these were alts.  We weren't going for the 4 minute achievement, and weren't really going to be close.  Thus, the adds become a much larger problem.  We had to switch back to the old way of doing things, making them molten, brittle, and then exploded.  It's not a big change, but it certainly a different approach that is totally dependent on gear.  Which brings me to my question of the day:

Which boss fights do you think the strategy changes the most due to gear levels?

The waffling sense of difficulty is a natural thing that comes with character progression.  As we get stronger, things are going to get easier, perhaps to the point where a different approach makes more sense.  This is what we experienced so clearly last night with Ignis, but I'm sure he isn't the only such boss that evidences this phenomenon.  Which ones stick out in your mind?

I think the most prominent one on my mind right now (apart from Ignis, since he spawned this post) is the Sarth-3D challenge.  (No, we're not talking about doing it on a sweet monitor with funky goggles... three drakes.  Though flame walls would probably look pretty cool in 3D.)   I've read several blogs in the past few weeks that have gone and "burned" the 3D fight, basically ignoring the 3 mini-bosses in favor of focusing all DPS on Sarth to quickly down the bugger.  At ICC gear levels, it's a completely valid and executable strategy.  On an "alt" run, you'd probably die.  Such a huge change for what once might have been the toughest 10-man fight in the game (it's slightly more manageable for 25 man groups, IMO). 

Were you ever surprised to find the old "tried and true" not being the best option anymore?

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  1. Hehe, Ignis was our weekly last week and we had the exact same experience. Piece of cake on mains, 4 wipes on alts until we decided to do the "proper" way, and 2 more tries until we remember how it was done right. Not the most fun night, I'll admit.