Friday, March 12, 2010

A Wild Eagle Chase

The lush, green, rolling hills of the Arathi Highlands did little to ease Decedereful's racing heart as she stalked around Refuge Pointe.  What was she doing here?  With her brother and his wife off helping the assault in Icecrown, she had planned to continue her own smaller skirmishes around Northrend as the occasion warranted.  It seemed that the Citadel was getting all the attention, however, and so her and Abigora sat, tending house for the last several weeks.

The priestly bookworm was not good company.  She always looked down on things like torturing small animals and eating flesh flakes directly from the box.  It's not as if Dece liked it a whole lot either, but she was a Death Knight for lightssake.  Her dietary tract wasn't exactly what it once was.  Three squares a day didn't really apply to the undead.  Besides, it seemed that the priest could subside on written word alone.  That and maybe the occasional vegan salad eaten by devotional candlelight.  It didn't help that the willowy Elven woman was practically a rail.  It wasn't fair!  She didn't have to maintain the muscle to carry around heavy plate armor.  It was hard to look pretty in plate. 

At least her brother had visited, though he had not been in the best of spirits.  It seemed that they had hit a wall in their assault on the Citadel.  A very ugly wall.  He also seemed rather concerned about his wife, which was out of character for him.  Usually he thought only of himself, but he kept mentioning how odd she had been acting, clutching at some sort of medallion and jumping at shadows.  Dece was worried too.  If her brother had noticed something besides his own big ego, then it was obviously a cause for concern.

Oddly, Abigora had seemed to share the insight, tearing her eyes from her book long enough to stare worriedly at the Warlock.  Fulguralis had left again swiftly in a puff of a purple smoke, anxious to get back to the battle and leaving the two women once more to their own devices.  Abi had turned her big eyes towards the Death Knight and calmly, if cryptically, suggested that she go to the Highlands and ask around about "Bright Runes".  Dece had asked her why, but despite the pressure, the Night Elf would yield no more information.  Her bluish lips locked in a stern grimace, she would only repeat her advice to head to the Highlands before returning her attentions to her books.  It had seemed important at the time, and sitting at home was quite boring, but Dece was now having second thoughts about what was turning out to be a wild turkey chase.

That was why Decedereful found herself stalking around Refuge Pointe amongst the members of the League of Arathor.  She was friendly with the league, no small task for a Death Knight that every faction seemed to dislike on principle, but her initial questions hand yielded only blank stares and murmured apologies of ignorance.  She had helped in several skirmishes against the Horde forces in the Basin, yet no one there seemed to trust her enough for a conversation of any length.

As she paced uneasily, she felt eyes wandering over her body.  "What do you want, Nathane?"

The dark haired young man drifted into view.  "I just wondered what worried you, love," he said sulkily.  He was a good-looking man, if it a bit too tall for her tastes.  A fair hand with a sword too, Dece grudgingly admitted.  He oozed confidence out of every pore, and seemed to expect to have his way with Decedereful just like every other notch in his probably equally tall bedpost.

"I'm not your love," Dece snarled through gritted teeth.

"Whatever you say, dear girl.  I meant no offense.  Your happiness is of utmost importance to me," he said, bowing formally.

"Unless you know anything of runes, get away from me," Dece said.

"I can trace every rune in the Elvish alphabet... with my tongue," he purred, taking a step towards her.  In a flash, Decedereful brought one of her two swords up, level with his throat.  The other was held threateningly around his nether regions.  The man's cool exterior cracked, and he swallowed heavily.  "Well, I suppose I should leave you to your stalking then," he added with feigned indifference before swirling away and slinked back towards his tent.

The man was insufferable.  Between his insinuations and everyone else ignoring her, it was enough to drive her up a cliff and right over the side.  She glanced angrily at the banner flying above the tent Nathane had hidden in.  It was not an uncommon banner among the League, a white Arathian Eagle on red background, the standard of Stromgarde.  She hated that damn eagle.  Stupid man and his stupid League!

Decedereful spun around as a horn sounded from the direction of the Basin.  It seemed the Horde was about to make another push.  The Death Knight looked down at the two swords she still held unsheathed in her hands.  If she wasn't going to be getting anywhere with the questioning, then at least she could bang out her frustration on some stupid Horde.  She trotted anxiously towards where the battle group was forming.  Perhaps she would be able to earn enough respect on the battle field to coax out some answers.  At worst, it wouldn't hurt and she might feel less like ripping someone's arm off and beating them with it before feeding it to her ghoul.

As the gates opened and warriors poured into the Basin, Decedereful smiled.  This was going to be way better than playing detective.


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