Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Fall of the Wall

Ahh, the power of community. Thanks to everyone who made this possible:

For the record, we ended up having Fuu run in a big circle (CCW), and everyone else ran out and took a right (CW) to merge the ooze.  We used cleansing totems.  We ran through big puddles.  We stayed in one group behind the boss, running through him when he decided to pull a camel.  We wiped about a half dozen times before he went down.  There was much rejoicing.

So thanks for all the tips and tricks.  Nibs did a great write up and the comments on here were what got me going in the first place.  I think we would have spent another precious week working it out if not for the help of the community.

Also, obviously a great job by all my fellow raiders last night.  We pwned this dude's face and he totally had it coming.  Ugh, what a bastard.  Wheeeeeee!

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