Thursday, March 11, 2010

To Break A Wall

So what do you do when you hit a raid wall? Make an MS paint of the strat, of course! Who doesn't love terribad MS paints?  Plus, firming up the strat with a cooky visual may be just what the doctor ordered.  At the very least, you hope looking at things from a different angle may help promote new ideas or understanding.

Like I'd mentioned before, we've been stuck on Rotface.  Taking my own advice, I drew something up:

Once you get past the obvious awfulness of my MS Paint skillz, you may notice the strange google-poached clip art. I shall expand now upon my symbol usage.

The tank is pretty obvious, but I broke the boss up into two key components: the hoof and the not hoof.  In this case, the hoof is represented by a... well... hoof, and the not hoof by a bird foot.  If you actually look at the ugly boss, you'll notice he has both a hoof and a three toed ugly-ass foot.  This will come into play in just a moment, but if I remember right the hoof represents his left foot and the not hoof his right.  Thus the boss should be facing the tank in the diagram I've created.

Charlie Brown running with a kite is, you guessed it, the kite tank!  This individual needs to run like hell along roughly along the red "kite path" that I've drawn.  You'll notice green ovals depicting each of the four "goo zones".  We want to stay out of the goo zones, obviously.  In this diagram, I've placed a picture of spilled goo in the currently active goo zone (where the goo "is") and drawn a green arrow to represent how the zones will travel around the room.  I've also placed a goo nozzle in each zone.  The nozzle will serve as your quick forewarning of any goo zone.  When the Wizard of Goo (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain) emotes about fixing his damn pipes (why couldn't the good news be like we all turned into Ninja Turtles, that goo is way better than this goo), you'll see some liquid come out of the nozzles very briefly before the huge goo zone actually shows up.  The kite tank should pay attention to this and use it to figure out the direction and location of the first few goo zones (before and during kiting).

The kite tank should keep things simple.  Use the entire two "safe zones" for a kite path (staying one zone ahead of the ooze, the other should clear so there is never more than two goo zones), stay ahead of King Goomba, and keep aggro on the filthy bastard.  That's it.  The kite tank should focus on staying out of the goo and keeping the king pissed.

The remainder of the part should be split in between parties 1 and 2.  Group 1 is denoted by the group of drunk looking stick figures and Group 2 is denoted by the rather more elegant Group Sitting At Table During Party clip art.  Party choice is really up to you, just try to spread it evenly.  You leave one party deserted and then the cops will show up and hit you with fire code infraction on the other (aka Rotface will spit on you and cause healers undue amounts of stress).  Party 1 occurs at the bar called Hoof.  Party 2 is being held at it's less rambunctious competitor's Not Hoof.  Both parties should be loosely gathered.  Don't spread way out, but don't turn it into an orgy either.  Think casual conversation over the general din of the bar.

It is up to each individual party-goer to watch for the "I Drank Too Much And Need To Blow Goo" debuff.  DBM should warn you with a big, fat "hey, you really need to cut your friend off now" raid warning.  More on cleaning up after the mess in a moment, just know that you need to pay attention to your own debuff.  Once you identify that you need to find a safe goo-blowing venue, you should go find Charlie Brown who will lead you to the promised land.  Run out of your party and find the bald, perpetually prepubescent kiter as he/she attempts to avoid King Goomba.  If you are the cheap drunk (first with the debuff), you'll have to be patient until another drunk comes along.

This is where there is a bit of a choice.  You can either charge someone with being the Goo-Be-Gone, or you can set up the more automated Goo-Be-Gone Totem (available wherever fine shamanic goods are sold).  Manual Goo-Be-Gone may be more difficult on a healer (who might have his/her hands full), so you could pass it to, say, a Ret Pally instead.  This fight is NOT a DPS race, it's more about staying alive, so do what makes the most sense for your group.

Once cleansed hath been the Goo, then shalt thou merge thy Goo.  If it was cleansed straight away, you should be on the run already (having already realized your status), so you merely need to find Charlie, cross his kite path and let your trailing Goo do the rest.  You must be smart about it, the Goo's have to be semi-close to merge, but there is no need to be perfect.  Any drunk could do it.  Should you miss on your first attempt, you could continue to weave behind the kiter, slowing only as much as you dare, until your Goo gets absorbed.  If there is somewhat of a delay to the Goo cleansing, you will still want to run as if it had been cleansed, but you may want to notify the cleaners when you are in position.  If you are hanging out waiting for your drunk friend (the first Goo'ed), then you will need to kite any Goo you spawned until said friend makes an appearance.

Finally, having donated your own personal Goo for the greater Goo'd (hyuck), return to your party purged and feeling your second wind.  Pick up where you left off.  It is important to note that the Goo Zones will revolve around the room in a predictable manner (much like a drunken room revolves around you on occasion) necessitating the shifting of the kite path as well.  Each individual should begin running immediately upon a feeling of Goo, and not stop until they have completed the entire Goo exchange.  Please do not stop and gawk at the Goo.  This is considered bad manners and will offend your Goo cleanser.  It also may result in getting "cut off" for good, and no one likes that guy.  After a certain amount of Goo has been accumulated within King Goomba, he will explode, and the process will begin anew.  

Like I mentioned, this fight is not a test of DPS, but rather a lesson in teamwork and coordination.  You must be in sync with each other and on the same page to survive this fight.  If you survive, you should win, as the boss himself goes down rather quickly.  Exchanges are key, communication is key, and situational awareness is key.  Each person must do their job and keep their cool.  Avoid the bad, exchange the Goo, party it up, and bring down that wall! 

Did I miss anything?  And yes, there is a lot of Goo.


  1. My goodness you make it so complicated!

    We just kite the ooze in a circle around the room. If you follow the path you drew, the raid will get smacked up by big ooze radiation, no?

    The tank can be healed through the ooze puddle so he/she can just run through it. People who want to merge their ooze can wait for the tank on the other side.

    We put a symbol on the ooze tank and have everyone zoom all the way out so we can see him/her at all times.

    We also have all the dps/healers in a single group behind the boss. When he turns to puke on us, we just run through him. (When I explain it to new raiders, I just tell them that they want to be staring at his badonkadok the whole time.)

  2. Seconded on the circular kite. I've been the kite tank for a fair few kills, now.

    Hand of Freedom, if available, gets you through the goo.

    If you need to land your own ooze in the goo, blow a damage reduction cooldown, and change kite direction, passing through the big ooze.

    Also, this fight *is* a DPS race. The ooze speeds up spawning, and our smoothest kills have been the ones where he was dead before the 15th spawned.

  3. Yes, that weird pattern will get people killed. Not only will your off tank take shots for getting too close, but your raid will take damage too. We've downed rotface, I was the kite tank, and i simply ran the outer cirlce on the ground the entire time. We did establish that I would be running in a particular direction (counter clockwise) every single time so that the DPS/heals knew they could run clockwise and would run straight into me and lose their little ooze.

  4. @ Everyone above

    Great tips guys & Gals (if there are any gals). I greatly appreciate them :)

    Now I just have to practice my Charlie Brown look.

    <3 Fuu

  5. Yes, thank you for the tips. We'll definitely have to try some of them out. So far, it has always seemed like braving the green floor meant instant death. Also, we haven't really survived long enough to find out there's a DPS component :-). Still, this is exactly the reason for hashing out even an ill-formed strategy: to flush out those small tips you're missing!

  6. Also, as a note, keep the dps in one glump. Tank will face Rot at the 2nd ooze pile and the dps will stare at his butt, when he spits, everybody runs through him to the other side and the tank/dps switch places.

    The ooze should definitely be kited around the room in a CCW circle pattern, at least in the area ahead of the ooze. The dps need to pull out and run CW to catch up to the offtank, unless they are just really near.

    That's worked for me since I started doing Rot.