Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Do Your Job: Fulguralis' Thoughts with some Fuubaar Flare

It's official: we've hit a wall.  Rotface has stymied us for the time being.  Sometimes in the course of raiding, you hit that wall where you just don't feel like you're "getting it".  I'm not talking about when you feel like you're making headway.  I'm talking about when you feel like you're taking steps backwards.  It happens even to the best raid groups and usually it's a direct function of frustration.

The above is actually the beginning of Fulguralis' thoughts before he emailed me.

"I have meetings sweety... finish my thoughts"

Continuing on from what he was trying to express was that yes, we've officially hit what is known as the proverbial wall in our raiding. What sucks is ... I'm the one kiting & I'm the one dying. I know how to kite properly, I know how to deal with Adds you aren’t suppose to touch. I also know that it's not just me who is at fault here regarding this Rotface matter.

This post is not at ALL about pointing fingers.

"It's the healers fault for not cleansing and keeping the raid topped off!"
"It's the Kiting tanks fault for failing to run the path of a Kidney Shape!"
"It's the DPSs fault for not merging the slimes together!"
"It's the Main Tanks Fault for looking so awesome while standing there in the middle!"

You see? Everyone's at fault if you look at it that way. Last night, we spanked Festergut with his own fart spores, walked down the hallway and watched our dreams of downing Rotface pass us by in the breeze...a smelly gaseous breeze. My kiting was horrible because I was paying attention to WAY too many things at once.

-Watch for Pipes bursting
-Watch for puddles on the floor
-Watch for where the infected person is
-See who the next infected person is and help cleanse if need be
-Keep Aggro on the Big slime
-Make sure the Slimes are Merging
-Make sure the big slime doesn't touch me

See there's nothing that I have to worry about during my kiting.... NOT!

Fulguralis and I discussed each time why I was dying and how could we stop that from happening again. Trouble shooting isn't the problem here. I just felt like I wasn't getting it long enough for me to actually get into a rhythm for the kiting. What we were realizing was that I was trying to do too much at once. Everyone was! Why? Why were we trying to make this fight so much harder than it really has to be?

"Do your job!"

Don't pay attention to what the healers are doing if you are a DPS... DPS!*

Don't pay attention to what the tank is doing if you are the Healer.... HEAL!*

Don't pay attention to what the stupid DPS are doing if you are the Tank... TANK THE DAMN THING!*

No matter how hard you stare at those bars as a DPS you aren't going to help the healers keep people up. I'm thinking that if I were to cut my To Do list of crap on that fight down, it would be much easier to execute what I actually need to do. So here's what I'm thinking that I need to do as a tank kiting those Slimes on Rotface:

- Wait until two people have the infection, and their slimes create one big Ooze
- Taunt the Ooze
- Watch out of Puddles on the floor
-Watch out for Burst pipes
- Keep aggro on Ooze
- Live

What changed is the person infected has now picked up the job of watching the Slimes merge not me. I'm not going to watch for the person who is infected anymore because wtf does that do? I could cleanse them but that is either the healer's job or the Cleansing totems. My job is to keep aggro on the big Ooze and make sure that it doesn't touch me.

It has now become Fuubaar Verse Ooze! Not Fuubaar verse observing everything going on in the raid plus Ooze.

That's not a fair fight.

Now I tell you this because I believe anyone who's ever raided before feels responsible for what happens. I'm not sure if it's purely a Tank or a healer feeling but when I tank a raid, I feel like if something messes up, it's my ass.

What a selfish way to look at it really. What about the 9 other people, is it not their responsibility to feel like that too? I have to have faith that my healers will do their best to keep me and the rest of the raid alive. I have to have faith that my DPS will pour their little hearts out to kill this thing.

It takes all of us to become victorious at the end, not just the tanks, not just the healers, not just the DPS.


Have faith in your fellow raiders that they will do their job so you can solely focus on doing yours.
<3 Fuu

PS: I hope this is where you were going with this honey ;)
PPS: So, I know you are waiting for the reason for the crazy Disco fella that has absoluely nothing to do with this post. Well, Google Image search strikes again. I searched for the word "Ooze" and I found this gentlemen. The caption was "This man Oozes Sex" and I about died laughing. So there you have it folks :)

* Unless you are told otherwise from your raid leader. The Bold and simplistic aspect of my statement is just that. It does not mean that if your raid leader tells you to stop DPSing and do something else to not listen to them. Please listen to your raid leader and take my bold statements to heart. Dear Lord, if I start receiving emails from your Raid leaders stating that you weren't listening to them and said that you were only suppose to DPS and nothing else. I reserve the right to tell you to stop being a mindless Zombie.

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