Thursday, November 19, 2009

Console-ation Prize

I'm going to take a short side trip today away from the MMO world and make a quick post about some of the console gaming that I enjoy. Don't worry, I won't go all Massive Nerd on you and make it a recurring theme, complete with wonderfully personal reviews (<3 U Samo).  I just wanted to mention some of my thoughts and ask a burning question I have.  Also, you can kind of think of this as a celebration or acknowledgement of the holiday season and the veritable blizzard (small b, more winter-related) of games that get blown out around this time.

First, the thoughts.
Syrana had a great post today detailing her time spent in Dragon Age: Origins. Unless you've been neglecting your feed reader lately, you've undoubtedly heard the rumblings of this game as it's washed like a tidal wave across our gaming community.  And Syrana, while I definitely miss you in Aion, don't worry too much because I'm taking a mini-mmo-vacay as well (more on that in a moment).  You would be missing me I'm sure.  Additionally, I was not offered a review copy either, so don't get your nethers in a twist.  We're not all part of the cool kids crew. (Bah humbug).

Now, I know DA:O isn't technically a console game and I'm not technically playing yet, but it is on my list.  From all rights, it sounds qutie alluring to my gaming sensibilities and 'twould fill up some of that post-holiday emptiness when you've been forced to go back to work and all the gift giving is over.  Usually this leaves me with a couple hundred dollars of best buy gift cards.  What can I say, my family is honest and accepting of my obssessions.  I guess they figure: at least he's not an alcoholic.  Then again, they haven't raided with me (*evil grin*). 

So Dragon Age is on my wish lish.  So is the new Super Marios game for the Wii and the Resident Evil rail gun game (love rail shooters.  Time Crisis III was my beehatch back in the day.  WTB kick back on Wii-mote guns.  Yes, I know they sell the old school TC guns for playstation.  I want use those guns for every shooter.  Including the Zelda cross-bow shenanigans.  Why not?).  I'd also like to try the Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires game (love the series there too, plus I can get Fuu to co-op it with me) and I think I'd also like to pick up that Modern Warfare game to scratch the FPS itch and be able to play with my brothers online (they're FPS junkies, tho I think I've convinced one into Aion). 

The game that I absolutely could NOT wait a month for and that is the source of my minication... Assassins Creed 2.  I love the games (I went back and just roamed around the cities in the first one as sort of a "warm up" for the release on Tuesday).  They just appeal to me on so many levels.  I mean, there's gratuitious killing to appeal to my warlock side.  There's sneakiness and strategy involved when you want there to be.  There's impressive leaping and climbing and graphics in a beautifully rendered world. There's the fact that you get to explore cities that have been ressurrected from the past like some sort of crazy matrix-esque archaelogical dig.  Not to mention the inventive story lines for the roleplayer in me (it's like you're roleplaying a roleplayer or something).  In short, it's awesome.

I started it last night and played for about six hours straight before the wife coaxed me to bed.  By coaxed, I mean she was already in bed, asleep, and I felt increasing amounts of guilt at the thought of waking her up at some obscene hour because of my obsesssion.  That, and how much death I would have felt like today had I pulled an old school gaming all-nighter (I never quite did do the school kind... I think the gaming kind are far easier to stomach). 

Now, I plan to spend some more quality time in Aion tonight, and I've been raiding three days a week with three different groups which one change (and having a blast), but next week my work is forcing us to use our vacation to take the entire week off (not just the holiday days) as some sort of cash flow savings measure, so I'm totally gonna use that alone time to roam the Italian Renaissance as an assasin.  MMO time is together time for the wife and I, console games are for me.  Not to say she won't partake, just that she's often more content to sit back and watch me.  I'm thankful for that, because such an approach on my end would find me hurling things at the TV and possibly sleeping on the couch (and not because of an all-nighter either).

In any case, I just wanted to throw out there what I'm looking forward to and enjoy as a gamer since I'm guessing many of you, dear readers, share the same passions.  Perhaps a decent number of us "old school console" gamers got swallowed by the behemoth of MMO's, elyos-holed into one (or two) games a year.  That just won't do in my book.  While the majority of my time may be spent in the MMO realm, it's good to knock out a console game or two here and there.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's healthy for the gamer in you and could even improve your MMO skills, broadening your horizons and thought patterns. 

Finally, The Questions
I promised a "burning question" and deliver on that promise I shall.  I have more than one, but only one has caught flame.  That question stems from the following quandry.  My brothers recently informed me that they were going to pick up some of these new games using the credits from old games they had traded in at the local gamestop.  This is a common enough thing and I would venture that many a gamer has taken advantage of the clever system.  I am not one of those. 

You see, when I buy a game, play a game, and then beat the game, I like to keep the game.  I don't know why, but I find it hard to let go of old games, even if they don't have a high replay value.  I mean, I'll be honest, I don't go back and replay old games a lot.   I do on occassion when the mood strikes, but more often than not, my various titles are probably gathering dust in the DVD rack.  However, I like them there gathering dust.  Before the days of online profiles and digital "I participated" trophies, that stack of games was like my personal shrine.  People would come over and I was proud to say: "Yeah, I beat all those games."  It was a nerd-ego thing.

So, I guess my question is: What do you do?  Are you the type of gamer that likes to hold on to every game you've defeated as sort of a trophy, similar to how a hunter mounts the horns of an impressive buck on the walls?  Or are you a trader-upper?  Once you're done with a game do you want to upgrade it to a new game, thereby continuing the cycle of life like some sort of gaming hippie?  (Not that there's anything wrong with being a hippie, I mean going "green" is all the rage, right?)  I suppose some of it is dependent upon disposable income and the like, but I think even back when I was a poor, miller-high-life-drinking college kid... I just couldn't let go of my old games.  I would hold on to them until I bequeathed the entire system to a younger relative or someone who needed the gift of games, and, even then, it was hard for me to let go.  Perhaps that's why I purchased a skin for my Wii to dress it up like an old school NES.  Who knows?

That's the burning one:  Am I the oddball here?  There's gotta be other gamers with this compulsion, I'd think.  After all, any good gamer invests a lot of time and energy into which games to buy, which challenges to conquer, and how best to conquer them.  It makes a certain amount of sense that we'd take pride in our collection or gaming corpses, right? 

If that topic doesn't really interest you, I guesss my second, more vanilla question is: What games can't you wait for, and what's on your wish list?  For me, there are always two types... the games I need NAO and the games I want to play but will put on a mental queue to get in time.  Do you do the same thing?

I would love to hear some views on these things, though I know we're united here because of an MMO and not these "second place" games, these console-ation prizes (ha, the title, see what I did there?).  And if you're a blogger, feel free to make your own post and let me know and I can tie some links into here.  It might get quite lengthy and maybe, like me, people would be interested in the different viewpoints.


  1. This is going to sound weird but I don't view myself as a gamer. The only game I ever really got into was WoW, and I use to always lose against my brothers in all the other video games so I just hated playing them.

    So ya, I am weird and play only one game ever, maybe that is why I have so many toons and crap on this one game.

  2. I'm exactly the same way. I play way too many games, both console and PC. I tend to keep them even after I beat/play them. There are a few I've sold, such as the Madden games, since they're pretty useless after your done and you can usually still get a good price before the new one comes out.

  3. A corollary that I'm thinking about writing up maybe next week if I get good responses here is perhaps how this relates to WoW. For instance, if you're not a Gamer outside of WoW like Kayllnn, are you the kind of person in game who loves achievements and has to get them all? Or, if you're a more diverse gamer like myself and sideshow, are you the type of person in WoW who doesn't really care so much about the achievements? And if you don't care about achievements, what are you "trophies"?

    I think for me, I want to "beat" the end game just like I do for console games. Achievements seem to me like extra side quests in a console game... sometimes you want to get them all and that's certainly a different thing to e-peen about, but if you're a diverse gamer, it's more in the breadth. I don't know, the idea still needs some formulating based on feedback I get here to be coherent as a post, but it's interesting in a "gamer psychology" sort of way. We need to get Byaghro in on this...

  4. First, thankies for the link love. I tried very hard not to write any spoilers about Dragon Age and believe me, it's been tough to keep my mouth shut about it!

    I do like to keep games, same way I like to keep movies and books. I have a hard time letting them go because they are kind of like trophies I guess. For me it's more like "yeah, I play(ed) that" or "just in case I wanna do it again" or "someday I'll go back and finish it."

    And dammit, now I want to answer the additional questions in your comment, but maybe I should wait for the appropriate post? (Hint: I'm HUGE on sidequesting!) ;P

    Also, is it bad that I actually read "alcoholic" as "altoholic?" >.>

  5. I was unbelievably impressed by the first AC. Between Modern Warfare 2 and (soon) Dragon Age, I just don't have the TIME to play it, and it saddens me. Perhaps I can sneak it into my schedule between mass Effect 2 and FF XIII.

    I am thoroughly against trading in games. First of all, I despise GameStop, but that's a story in itself. Secondly, I just encourage people to buy new. The people who worked hard on these games don't see a penny from used games.

  6. lol, pick your dysfunction.

    You can answer those whenever you want and even make a post of your own sort of like a shared topic if you wish. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it, just ideas bouncing around in there.