Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feeling Altruistic Lately and Raiding for the Cure

Now, I know it's not very warlock-like of me push for causes. Really, in my little over a year of blogging, you've rarely read about causes on this site. There are a few reasons for this. Mainly, I'm the type of person that gives anonymously. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with named donations (after all, who doesn't want a hospital wing named after them or something), but I'm just a bit uncomfortable with attention. Weird considering I carry on like this in public (but it's not like I have to face y'all, even though I definitely /blush when I get good comments).

In any case, my causes are my own and I don't want to push them on you guys.

Still, lately there have been a few things that I've felt compelled to pass along. Like the #iblamesyrana thing on twitter. I mean, the cause/giving part is really just the side note to me. Who doesn't like to blame, and I want to share fun stuff. (The blame-twits are going quite well mind you, but it doesn't hurt to add some more. Syr, what are we up to now? In fact, you could probably blame her for this post. I'd allow it).

Well, I'm sure most of you avid Azerothians have seen the news reported on several sites about the upcoming Raid for the Cure stuff. If not, the short story is that there will be a gathering of pink shirted individuals on some server somewhere (Kel'Thalas) and I'm sure hilarity will ensue. Similar to such events in the past, this is a good opportunity for you to roll a toon you don't intend to play on some backwoods server and chat with others in your gaming/blogging community. What's more, Fuu and I will be there.

I'll let you inside the RL house for a moment: Cancer is really a "hit home" issue with us, as I'm sure it is with a majority of humans nowadays. I mean, it seems like everyone and their brother has had a loved one hit by the disease. We're no different. In fact, our first date happened because of cancer.

Whaaaa?! How could cancer lead to a date?

Well, you see, Fuu's sister was diagnosed with cancer of the ovarian kind... while pregnant. As you can imagine, it was a trying time for her whole family. Having just met the lovely woman that was to become my wife, I wasn't exactly comfortable enough with her yet to ask her out on a date. Now, girls in general do not cast fear on me (unless I'm on a PvP server). Asking girls for a date wasn't something I was bad at. It's just that, I knew this girl was different from day one, not only because of the intangible, but also because of the obvious.

She was a friend of a friend. A guy friend. Which means it's sort of like dating an employee or something else that's sorta taboo but happens. I don't know about where you come from, but dating a girl that is a friend of one of your good guy friends is sort of like a mine field. Especially if, like me, you really prize your friendships. There's just so much that can blow up in your face.

So I was worried about asking her on a date... but I really wanted to. If you're a fan at all of the fantasy genre, you might be able to guess why. I wanted to be her knight in shining armor. Duh, right? So I asked her out for pizza and a beer. No strings attached. Simple enough to understand.

Pizza and a beer turned into Sushi and half-priced wine night at the local Korean restaurant, which quickly turned into tipsy yet ridiculously good conversation and companionship, which soon found us co-dependant. It wasn't like we hadn't hung out before (hell, I first started getting the idea when she invited me to ditch class and come play guitar hero... during which she commented that my playing was cute. Cute, not, you know, hardcore-death-shredder-awesome. Cute. Like a puppy. Not sure how you're supposed to feel about that, but I tried to make myself believe it meant she was not only a girl that enjoyed gaming (yahtzee!) but also a girl that found me attractive (jumanji?!)) . However, it was this night that took us to that next level of "oh yeah we're inseparable now".

My point here is just that, despite the sad and depressing disease, good things can come out of adversity. My marriage certainly did, and, on a smaller (or larger) scale, events like the Raid for a Cure come out of it.

If you're a cynic, you may look at the above story and think: he took advantage of the situation OR if they found a cure you wouldn't have a wife. And you would be right, but that's the way the world works. If you don't pull success from the jaws of defeat, you're missing out. Trust me.

Long story short: Say what you want about causes or this cause in particular, but there could be something in it for you, and you never know unless you go. Maybe it's just a fun day getting a chance to chat with your favorite bloggers. Maybe you really want to meet me. Maybe your brains have been addled by too much WoW. Stuff happens, right?

Might as well happen in a pink shirt.

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  1. Definitely seems like a good cause. I'd like to participate but it's during my work hours. I'm going to try my best to donate for some raffles for (of course) the cause and I want the Moonkin plushie!