Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Some Ramblings

For some odd reason, my place of employment observes veterans day today, so I'm at home catching up on blogs from this weekend, to be immediately followed by some bonus game time, and reviewing our first joint marital health care elections.  Is it bad that, as a gaming couple, we really want an addon to show us the + and - of each plan when we mouse of there where they've been lying on the desks for the last month?  Seriously, WTB pawn for RL.

Insurance sucks.  Apologies to any of you out there in the biz.  Just the fact of having to pay money in case something happens strikes me as somehow wrong.  I mean, I know it's great and all when you need it, and can be totally worth it.  It just bugs me.  There's gotta be a better system.  You know, like perhaps making all this crap affordable in the first place?  Then again, that's a whole 'nother bag of shards that I'm no where near quailified or smart enough to open.  (This is one of those complaints I hate: where you just want to complain but have aboslutely no suggestions on how to make it better.  /slapsself).

Okay, real blog is real boring.  On to moderately less boring things.

I'm going to be short today so as to return to my plethora of reading and personal enjoyment.  I wanted to put up two pictures for your enjoyment.  First off, we have my personal favorite from Raid for the Cure this weekend, hosted by the Sidhe Devils.  Great time, fun for all, which was the focus.  Got to see some of my favorite bloggers, and Jess.  (Ha ha, joking Jess, you know you're my fave).  Got to run around in pink.  Good stuff.  Several others (who I linked above, but also I know I'm probably missing quite a few so feel free to leave me some comment love and I'll hit you back with a link) have already done lengthy screenshot posts about the subject, so I won't wall-o-pic spam you... just this one. 


You can even see Jess struggling to catch up behind me on her short wittle dwarf legs.  This was also well before we joined up with the Horde contingent, where our numbers swelled considerably.  Check out those links if you want more pics, plus BBB has a linked a rather stellar list of participants in his article.  Yep, we're on there, which is kind of neat.  It's like being on the guest list to a really sexy party.  Or something.

Also, small side note tip to any dual wielders out there: make sure you put your highest damage slow weapon in your main hand.  Yeah, seems obvious (because you'll get the best numbers on your special attacks), but like, the fail DK in me had a brain fart.  Yes, this has nothing to do with anything, just wanted to write something useful.

My final picture is from the world of Atreia (Aion).  One of the things people have complained about is the pervasiveness of bots in the game.  Fuu and I just hit 31 (well she's a bar away) this weekend, and, really, up until now we hadn't a lot of bots.  Or rather, the bots we had seen haven't really bugged us.  We're not the type to go around looking at bots and then freaking out cuz they're like, doing things.  However, in the early Beluslan area, the bots were really prohibitive to questing.  They were everywhere.  I exhausted my auto-reports in like 5 minutes.

Then, just for grins, Fuu and I single a few out and chased them around for a while, stealing their kills or gathering nodes and just generally talking trash in /say.  Why? I don't know, it feels really fun for us to talk trash to a brainless bot.  We're weird like that.

And as we were doing this, we figured out why there were so many in this area.  You see, there was a weather glitch, whereby clouds are enticed to release bots instead of rain.  It was raining bots! (Sung to the tune of "It's raining men", which just makes it funnier, IMNO.  The N is for "nerdy").  Okay, the real story is we found this bot that had gotten stuck, and for some odd reason it made them drop from the sky every few seconds.  We, of course, found this hilarious, so I caught a screenie.


Fuu and I aren't really all the upset.  I mean we turned a frown upside down by being ridiculous, but I can totally see where people are coming from.  The whole bot presence in the area was ludicrous.  They even had a bot guild.  WTF is that?  Can I just report a whole fake guild?  I'm debating about finding some Elyos, opening a store to chat with them, and leading them to the promised land of bots for a culling.  As much as I dislike the pidgeons, it might have to happen.


  1. I'm liking the screenies of all the pink shirts. Looks like it was loads of fun and I'm sorry I missed it :(

  2. Yes, 'twas, and you were missed :-).

  3. Heh, I thought I saw your name at the race. I was totally in disguise. :)