Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Workplace Firewall Strikes Again

They finally did it. The work nazis got to the blogspot blogs. Now I can't view my own blog from work.  Woe is me.  Fie to the fickle firewall fudgeruckers.  Some day, I will have my revenge.  *Raises Fist*.

(The good news is that I can still log into my google stuff and thereby make posts.  The bad news is I won't be able to catch any formatting errors or rearrange things on the blog proper.  Apologies in advance for anything that slips by, and feel free to bring it to my attention if I miss something big.  Also, this is going to severly cut back on my commenting some more, so for the cats I troll via blogger, I shall become scarce.  Apologies.  I'll try to do better at commenting from home, but that's game time.  Sad panda).

For now, I shall keep up my rebellion by continuing to post, unconcerned by your pitiful walls of fire.  Fire! Ha!  I was born in this. 

(I've also contacted a friend with some IT experience and urged him to find me a workaround.  I hope they find this post and call me into the dark, dank HR office for a nice little chat.  *Sharpens Soul Shard*)


  1. a good workaround is to use a circumvator. There is a site that was set up for other individuals in Iran and China to get on the net. Go to when your not at work and they will give you sites that you can use. I signed up for their mailing list and receive updates on new available sites as the firewall finds the old ones.

  2. Or just use a VPN client to get into your home system. Something like Logmein or Go2myPC. Logmein doesn't have a remote install, so it should go right through your firewalls.

  3. Yeah, so far I'm okay cuz I can still post, but if that changes... well, it may be better to just find a new job :-).